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  1. “Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story” on Netflix is worth a watch.
  2. Did anyone really miss the grid walk?
  3. Oh cool, I missed this was out on mobile. I’ve been watching his gifs on Twitter through development.
  4. My titan project is done, with all the random bits I added cause they look cool it’s probably not game legal but that was never the point for me. I wanted to capture the look of titans which have been involved in battle - dirty, scared, and worn. And for the bases I wanted a grimy urban winter drawing inspiration from things like Stalingrad.
  5. it's more the subject matter & lyrical content that put me in mind of Tori, especially albums like Little Earthquakes.
  6. nice work, the red & black work so well. I’ve been finishing off my Legio Krytos one. Did the same as the Warmaster and scraped the details off the armour panels.
  7. Been painting a lot of yellow this weekend. Imperial Fist praetor, still glossed for oils. and started on Michael Kontraros’s Beauty and the Beast, using the Disney colour scheme:
  8. Trying to add some organisation to things, please ignore the other 150-200 paints, inks, & pigments not in the racks. I may have a problem.
  9. I do. From what I understand it should be 64 bit, but obviously not (thanks Unity) if it’s not running. I’ll talk to people about it, currently I’m on holiday.
  10. Plus you get to do an good impression of the dude from Toy Story 2, please excuse the lockdown hairs & beard - the photo’s from last year.
  11. I use these, they have swappable lenses for different magnifications: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AL2YAQ6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_l4ckXyUaUSL7B
  12. I only found out about this the other day when I final gave in and watched this video (well the start anyway) that YouTube has been recommending me for weeks: Never knowingly heard anything by Halsey before but I do like this album. It’s reminiscent of NIN and Tori Amos while being it’s own thing.
  13. I’d be tempted to at least try a contrasting colour, an orange or magenta given what’s in the colour shift.
  14. @Davros sock drawer you definitely need to use the gloss from what I’ve seen, I know a few people who use gloss varnish over a matte primer for it.
  15. Think mine may go on contrast paint, although the last time I tried to order paint directly from GW I had to cancel it after 6 weeks as one of the colours had gone out of stock & holding up the entire order. How are people finding Warhammer+ so far? I’m mainly there for the animations. I’ve been enjoying Angels of Death, I love the style of it, the colour palette. I like the representation of the marines with their mixed armour marks, elaborate filigree and names on their pauldrons. I’m interested to see where the story goes. Not a fan of the dialogue for the most part, the marines mostly feel like caricatures - it feels like the writers have a quota of brother and angel to hit each episode. I know they’re not going to be able to characterise them as well as the novels, but it feels like my first space marine dialogue, brother. I like the ship mistress, although that may be me projecting Lotara Sartin onto her, and the chaplain, mainly cause it’s really funny to have the dude in the skull mask talking about friendship & brotherhood. I haven’t watched the new set of Hammer & Bolters, but I enjoyed the first set well enough. I like that the don’t turn away from the nastiness of living in the imperium - especially the library episode. Lore Masters is good, although I think Wade should be stood further away from the backdrop/green screen so he’s not casting a shadow onto it. Citadel Masterclass has been fine, but so far nothing you can’t get elsewhere, I want to see Louise explore her style. Haven't watched any of the rest of it. And I wish they’d have credits on the animations.
  16. Doing the grisaille itself is a good exercise in volumes & values, if it looks good like that then it should look good once the colours go in. Speaking of contrast paints, what are go to colours if I wanted to try them? The impression I get is the act like thin inks with glaze medium in them. Seeing a Marco’s video last week with the skeletal knight has made me interested in trying the S75 alchemy paints too, which from what I gather are a lot thinner.
  17. I’ve had a go with glazes, I don’t actually have any contrast paints.
  18. That's a large part of the point of pre-shading, to use transparent paints over it so the shading comes through. There are people who do fantastic work like that. I often find things look a bit too desaturated when I try that so tend to use it more as a guide tbh, a cheaty way to see the volumes of the mini.
  19. For some reason I really like painting wood grain
  20. There are proper write ups and research these days I’m sure but basically it was found to be the minimal number of repetition prove the player really knew how to do something. Once you might do it accidentally, twice good but what I’d that first one was accidental, three times good you’ve probably got it. More than three and it’s going to get pretty annoying.
  21. I picked up a Monument Hobby’s Artillery brush to try a decent quality synthetic, they do better ones but they only had these in stock. So far I’m really impressed with it, much better than the crappy synthetics I picked up for oils & enamels. I don’t think I’ll be replacing all my sables yet but I’ll definitely pick up some more.
  22. I’m similar, I quite enjoyed the story but I found the play forming very clunky and hated the combat - I used the accessibility options to make the combat quick & easy, it’s was still annoying just less frustrating. As you say much of its design feels old fashioned. It’s a shame as I love the original, and that’s what pulled me through this to see where the story went. What makes it one of the best for you? It looks cool but what your doing in it isn’t any different to 90% of the other levels. Learn to interact/use thing, now do it three times (because that’s the magic design number). I don’t think any of the levels in this live up to the inventiveness of the levels in the first.
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