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  1. They’re random lengths but the first one is close to an hour. I think they average out at around 40 mins an episode which is still double the length of the original
  2. Discussing this with @X_2_0 who made the astute point that it feels like they’re acting out the anime rather than acting the parts. Good bits - the ships and planets are well realised. Bad bits - Episode 1 in particular takes an hour to tell the same story that episode 1 of the anime did in 20 minutes. Have done 5 episodes now and I’m still not 100% sure what to make of it. I think it has something to keep me coming back but if I were advising someone totally new to it which to watch I’d say the anime. Also cels from the show have predictably sky rocketed in price. Although I appreciate that not many people buy them.
  3. I say this about twice a season but I wish we had Benteke.
  4. I assume this is why Netflix’s ultimate aim is to mostly produce their own programming because whilst distribution has moved on, licensing hasn’t. One of those things keeping piracy alive I guess.
  5. Looking at the lineup, Paramount have NCIS, Rugrats, Beavis and Butthead, Clarissa Explains it All and Daria so if you’re in your late 30s, this 90s nostalgia service is for you! As others have pointed out they also have Lower Decks which could be a huge problem.
  6. Metallica vinyl club 2 is live. It is significantly more expensive than year 1 (about 3 times the price in fact) but might be worth it as an investment. Year one was a disaster in many ways mostly with late or incorrect shipments but I'm going to persist with it for another year at last.
  7. I can't believe we turned around what could have been a 5-0 thrashing at the hands of a very in-form Liverpool only to be upstaged by Palace.
  8. Watched it last night and that was my initial take on it aswell. However, my other half's take was ...
  9. I know the chat is a few days old, but signing up directly to Shudder and signing up to Shudder through Prime are 2 different services so your credentials aren't transferrable. I thought V/H/S 1 was decent in places, the second one was absolute garbage but 94 was actually pretty decent all round. Not a must see but has a load of gruesome practical effects which would have made it a video nasty in the 80s.
  10. More relevant here than the vinyl thread I think, but Nuclear Blast have a bunch of stuff either on sale now or available for pre-order which might be of interest to anyone who likes old Thrash: The first 4 Slayer albums on crazy coloured vinyl "Blind" by Corrosion of Conformity which appears to have been rare and expensive up until this point. "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" (Exodus) - Ditto Usually it's a load of Helloween and not much else but they seem to have a lot more stuff all of a sudden. The 10 Euro shipping fee is steep but a casual glance at the same titles on eBay/Discogs throws up similar (or more expensive) prices and you get tracked relatively quick shipping for that.
  11. Not done this in a while as I’ve been listening but trying not to buy. That said there have been a lot of 20th and 30th anniversary reissues of things I used to listen to coming out. Frustrating that you have to be well on top of a release calendar to stand a chance of getting some of this stuff. Anyway - State of Euphoria. One of my favourites from Anthrax
  12. Yeah bad times. I suspect that like Mendy and Sigurdsson he'll not be at the club for much longer if it turns out to be true. He was on the rise and allegedly off to a Champions League side in January and now he's ruined it all. But of course if this is true then it’s really all about getting the victim they help they need not him.
  13. We’re up there because of Lewis Dunk and Yves Bissouma predominately. Dunk is the king of the self-own and Bissouma is partial to 2 yellows in the same match.
  14. I should imagine Watford would be targeting Southampton and maybe Leicester if they’re still off the boil out of that lot. That is a tough run.
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