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  1. Thanks. Yeah it is for use with the Sonos 5 (and 2 Play 1s but they're part of a group and the 5 handles the line in obv). I hadn't considered that with regard to the Sonos and switching the preamp off so thanks for the heads up. The NAD is the same price as the Pro-Ject so will definitely consider! Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that. As the Sonos 5 is active, I assume the amp is built in and as such somewhere in the middle sonically. That's why I wasn't looking to spend more than about £100 but will consider the mani too. I did have the Musichall mini on my shortlist but two pretty underwhelming YT reviews put me off. So it's the Pro-Ject or maybe the mani.
  3. How much of an upgrade is a cheap-ish phono pre-amp over one built into the turntable? I was considering getting a Pro-Ject phono box as something which might improve the sound a bit without being too expensive if the difference isn't noticeable. I have and Audio Technica LP120XUSB plugged into a Sonos 5 so I've currently removed the separate preamp and amp from the chain of 4 things you need as I wanted simplicity but am considering complicating things now. What has your experience been with the cheaper end of the preamp market? I appreciate that a lot of the very chea
  4. In general, I'm not a huge fan of "Best Of's" with the exception of The Sisters of Mercy, the Misfits Collection and the Pixies below as, for me, all three have a lot of the decent tunes on them.
  5. Scant comfort for anyone other than me but at least it was Moder scoring for Poland which will hopefully translate into a few club level goals. Probably not though.
  6. I’ve seen three episodes now. It is nonsense and I’m outraged they’ve wholesale ripped off the Pennyworth title sequence (and pinched two of the actors) but I’m interested in how they’ve positioned Holmes and Watson. if you’re looking for a Victorian show about magic set in a Sherlock Holmes universe then this is the show for you. Appreciate that pool of people is vanishingly small.
  7. Well we put six past them this season. We have a weirdly amazing record against West Ham who have never beaten us in the 4 seasons we've ben in the PL. Was a decent game for us and all three goals were well worked. Gutted for Isaac Hayden and hope he pulls through.
  8. It is my favourite although Witchcult Today and Black Masses are also pretty decent. Rise Above are still selling the latter in various colours at a sane price.
  9. Faux 70s Hammer Horror wizard nonsense all the way from Devon.
  10. We didn't throw away a game in the last 5 minutes! Pleased to see Lallana get another full 90 in and Zequiri looks like he might be useful. Decent game management. On to Newcastle next.
  11. Did anyone mention Bob's Burgers for all the excellent shop/exterminator gags yet? If not - Bob's Burgers.
  12. You've just reminded me of something else I meant to mention in this thread. tl;dr - I don't mind re-issues assuming they're done right but they could be missing stuff. *adopts Abe Simpson voice* When I got into this the other month, I wanted to resurrect some of my old vinyl and buy a few of my favourite albums that I'd had on cassette/CD/MD/Digital for a number of decades. I've been looking for records which claim they are re-issues from the original analogue masters because I genuinely believe they sound good (or I've just drunk the Discogs Kool Aid) but the one thin
  13. Miraculously found on eBay for £20. I’ve had a couple of misses of late paying out for something and then finding it £5 cheaper somewhere else a few days later., but this one felt like a bit more of a win. Not a bargain, but an OK price.
  14. At least Benteke doesn't just turn us over.
  15. Anyone bought from Hotstuff? I've generally found buying from Europe not too terrible post-Brexit but was wondering how legit these guys were.
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