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  1. I think he's fine. From a personal perspective, it's easier for us to let him go than Adam Webster who is more crucial to our defence insofar as we seemed rubbish when he was injured last season. We can live without Ben White and I assume the 50m is really for the inconvenience of having to find or develop another player rather than because he's worth it.
  2. I'm sure this comes up every year but the prices of the authentic kits are absolutely horrifying. You kind of expect it from the likes of Spurs, City and Liverpool but still, over £100 for a shirt. Madness.
  3. Like Brendan Rodgers, he’s too scary to be sacked.
  4. Normally I'd say your lack of positivity is misplaced because Palace are always OK and I guess they always finish above Brighton so that keeps the fans happy. New manager and half a new team needed though is a tall order. Well, it's not I guess, rather it's a multi-season project which fans and owners have to be patient with. And assuming you have tolerant owners with a long term plan it could work. TBH, I can see the Palace/Newcastle/Southampton/Brighton/Burnley occupying those places above the bottom three for a while yet. Unless one of us implodes or manages to work out a way to push on.
  5. Viera to Palace? May be a good move but I haven't really paid too much attention to his managerial career. At least he knows what he's in for here.
  6. F365 had an interesting take on how the balance of power is switching from clubs to head coaches citing the problems Palace, Spurs and Everton are having finding replacements although they do acknowledge that Everton were somewhat blindsided. I wonder if this will result in fewer mid-season sackings? Probably not.
  7. I was going to go to RT for drop 2 but your queuing story has made me think twice. I got the one I wanted from drop one and I'll keep an eye on the Wildhearts release in drop 2 although it is another live album so kind of unnecessary.
  8. FWIW, I forgot about the first RSD drop but there are quite a few of the releases on eBay at supposedly the RRP (or near to it) with free postage in case anyone wants to save themselves the queuing experience on the day. I've used Badlands UK a few times and they've always been reliable.
  9. Not a huge amount of experience but personally I don't worry about the weight (though a heavier record feels nicer in the hands), I look to see if a re-issue has been either remastered from the original analogue tapes or at least remastered by someone connected with the band for a long time.
  10. Just watched it (even though I own the DVD). That scene with the kid is still on of the most stark and brutal things committed to celluloid by Carpenter.
  11. For once we're not playing Watford on the opening day of the season. We're playing them for the second fixture. Man Utd/Spurs aside the last two months of the season is looking reasonably kind in our quest to retain glorious 16th place. Looks like we'll be losing White and Bissouma which I don't mind as we have replacements but I think we could do with keeping Gross and Lamptey because they would be a bit more of a miss (although TBF we played most of last season without Lamptey).
  12. With all the fawning over Jed Mercurio, it's easy to forget what stellar writing looks like. Or more to the point, feels like. I've seen episode 1 and whilst it was excellent, I'm not sure I can watch any of the rest. I realise it's realistic in an attempt to articulate what life in these places is like and fight against the right wing narrative that they're all holiday camps but christ it is hard going (obviously even moreso if you're actually an inmate). I should watch the rest, but really this should be driving a conversation about prison reform in the same way that Line of Duty should be driving a conversation about police corruption.
  13. I thought that it was a given that most head coaches would bring staff with them but I guess there's probably nothing governing how many there will be. From a personal perspective I know Graham Potter has his 2 assistant coaches and his Data Analytics guy which seems quite small. I imagine some of the more prominent managers have huge entourages.
  14. Sky reporting that Nuno / Palace talks have ended as a deal couldn't be reached. Maybe he is Everton-bound?
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