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  1. Zaha to Arsenal? I suppose they could afford whatever the asking price was but do they need him?
  2. A warning from history! Work permits are a huge problem in getting South American players over here. We bought Alexis MacAllister ages ago and have only just managed to get him here. There is also the problem of acclimatising them to the culture and game over here. But yes they are cheap.
  3. What is it with Twitter Leeds fans and Ben White? I don't recall Villa fans being this militant about losing Tammy Abraham at the end of a loan spell when he helped them get promoted and he was at least as popular with them as Ben White is with Leeds fans if not moreso. Leeds must have other good defenders surely? I guess it might be just Twitter bullshit rather than Leeds fans in general, but it's exhausting already and the season hasn't started. That said, with the signing of Lars Dendoncker albeit for the U23s, I don't really understand Brighton's obsession with centre backs particularly when it is well documented that we need a left wing back to complement Lamptey's pace and a Glenn Murray replacement although finding a reliable goal scorer for the PL is hard.
  4. I have slowly started on this (only just a few eps in) but there's a short sequence in S1 E3 where she goes to pick up a package for a neighbour and the 20 second story of her journey to the depot is perfect which is where it clicked for me. Garol was great.
  5. I'm more bullish about Brighton's upcoming season. We finished relatively strongly so I imagine that if we can get someone like Chris Wood (but not him) to replace Murray and link up with Lallana on the six games he plays for us then we can maybe challenge for 13th. Glorious mid table anonymity! Joining the illustrious ranks of Southampton, Everton and Newcastle! Finishing above 15th is my measure of success.
  6. Oh good it's that time just before the PL starts when the amateur pundits on Twitter lay into the promoted teams (minus Leeds), Burnley, Brighton and, new for 2020/21 Villa as relegation candidates. The only prediction I'll tentatively make is that Everton with be the first established PL team that Leeds will take 3 points from.
  7. Snowpiercer is back on Prime and I see Compliance has just appeared aswell.
  8. Why are Norwich defenders garnering international attention? I realise there are extenuating circumstances but they didn’t have the greatest season
  9. I think the plan with all of our loanees is to have them playing first team football for us. The faint hope for Leeds is because we have about 77 defensive players, buying Ben White is a possibility assuming someone comes along with an offer we can't refuse. I understand the only defensive player going nowhere is Adam Webster, but we'd at least have the conversation about any of the rest.
  10. Yes I think it's really important. And it can really help teams who may not have the financial muscle to compete. Sheffield United strike me as that sort of team as do Burnley. But I think in both cases, they have a strong system the players have been living with for a number of seasons which helps them to get the job done.
  11. Why is Etheridge on the bench? He was on of Cardiff's bright spots in the Premier League the other year. Injury or out of favour?
  12. It's amazing that they've done so well in the PL, basically not having to fight a relegation battle. I still think Joelinton was the result of some complex money laundering operation I don't really understand. but I don't know how sustainable it it. I wouldn't wish a shitty owner on any club, but there do seem to be a lot of them about.
  13. It'll be Shane Duffy and Martin Montoya at a guess. I should imagine White will be a feature for us next season albeit with a lot of rotation. The vitriol aimed at Ben White by some Leeds fans for betraying the club suggests that they maybe didn't understand the concept of a season long loan. The Newcastle takeover thing is a disaster really. I understand why it has fallen through partly because of the wide scale piracy of Premier League games in the Kingdom but mostly because they really are unsuitable owners. But it's also a huge loss for the local economy and the club who are still stuck with Mike Ashley. Can Steve Bruce keep working miracles with what he has?
  14. And is less exciting news Brighton sign another CB (Joel Veltman) to add to The 77 other defensive players we already have. I know we need some squad depth but to be able to field an entire team of defenders suggests we may have too many.
  15. Who is going to want to sign Fraser when he treated Bournemouth like that? Not really worth the hassle
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