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  1. If Starfleet assigned me to the USS Teacup, I would probably resign my commission.
  2. One of my favourite bits of TOTDY outside of the electric car madness is dancing to the ten commandments.
  3. I didn't pay for the game but it felt like another case of "How have we failed to win that?" again. We have a fair amount of forwards but Maupay and Connolly seem to lack the cutting edge, Welbeck lacks match fitness and Zequiri was playing Swiss postmen last season.
  4. Look, you haven't seen 2016 Blackburn Rovers Shane Duffy when he scored 2 own goals and got a red card in the game against Cardiff. Celtic are lucky they don't have that Shane Duffy (yet). I'm beginning to see why Potter wouldn't let him near the first team unless our need was dire.
  5. Yes! We're playing Spurs with no strikers, 4 centre-backs and a goal keeper who was playing for Rochdale last season. Mourhino won't have planned for this! *90 minutes later* Tottenham 7 Brighton 0
  6. I followed suit and donated my PPV money to a food bank in line with some of the of fans of other PPV affected clubs. I have a feeling that paying £15 to watch Brighton West Brom will result in a 1-0 victory for the Baggies so whilst my stance is mostly ideological, I will admit to at least 15% of the decision being driven by superstition. There was a rumour that less than 1000 paid for West Brom v Burnley. Wonder how true that is.
  7. There was just an article in the Brighton Argus about him having a tough time impressing right now. I thought it was Internet hyperbole but apparently not.
  8. Yeah there was a sequence of 70s motel rooms something in S1 which was apparently all CG. I remember thinking at the time that it was way more impressive than whatever came out of a Marvel or Star Wars film because it felt real.
  9. They could have got around the tech stagnation thing by saying that ships are designed to last several hundred years as they are in the Warhammer universe.
  10. Shane Duffy Defence Force activate! I think there was a time when we had him in the Championship and our first season in the Prem, when he was partnered with Lewis Dunk and Hughton's cautious game planning that all those things came together worked elevating him somewhat. But without all of that yeah you have to maybe have to ask questions of his performances. Weird that between him, Goldson and Balogun, there's quite a selection of Brighton alumni up at Celtic and Rangers.
  11. Onto S5 and the shift in how stories individually are told is driving towards an ending which is probably the right thing to do but I don't want it to end. Just watched "Shennanigans" (S5 E7 I think) and I loved the idea of them both trying to act like grown ups culminating with Abbi upside down in a ventilation shaft and Ilana sporting an "Adult Lady" T-Shirt at the end. I don't know why those two things worked for me but they were both amazing.
  12. Six months later and it's dead It had to be a money laundering op or pyramid scheme.
  13. Well that was exhausting but I felt we at least deserved the point. Really need to work on the finishing though
  14. We've just signed Danny Welbeck. Not sure how I feel about that. We needed another striker but I can't see hime being more than a bench option and mentor to the kids. He's probably blown our claim to having the youngest squad in the division though.
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