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  1. Chelsea fans on Potter's back already seems a bit harsh. He's only lost 2 games I think. It took over 2 years for his process to bear any sort of consistency in terms of results. Appreciate Chelsea have better players than Brighton with maybe one or two exceptions but the process will be long. 

  2. I'm fine with a point and Trossard's hat trick. It's a minor shame we let go of a 2 goal lead but it was at Anfield and Liverpool were always going to pile on the pressure. 

  3. 23 hours ago, neoELITE said:



    TBF given that I'm not a fan of domestic Ukrainian football or the Italian leagues, I wasn't aware of his work. To their credit, Tifo have done 2 short videos on his tactics over the last 2 years which helps and it sounds like he has a similar approach to Potter although it remains to be seen if he's similarly adaptable. I guess we'll see. At least we didn't need to nab him from Shaktar Donetsk.

  4. We've been without a manager for the same amount of time as the queen has been dead and I'm already sick of the speculation which is purely based on betting markets. If a thousand people have a £1 punt on OGS being Brighton's next manager then of course his odds will shorten but it doesn't mean he's under consideration. So many links to Euro managers - I just want it done.


    Just not "done" in the sense that we get Steve Bruce or someone in a panic like when your freezer breaks and you just buy the first thing that seems ok. 

  5. On 09/09/2022 at 18:20, Gabe said:

    Realistically, what could Potter achieve by staying at Brighton? I don't think a top-six slot was likely without a serious amount of investment, so regular top-10 placings would probably be the limit. If he believes in himself, why wouldn't he want to swap that for competing for the top-4, CL football, the ability to bring in established stars etc.

    Progress is incremental. The club's current vision is to finish regularly in the top ten but on our current trajectory we may have managed Europa conference League and then built on that from there. It isn't comparable to Chelsea but at least with us he had the excuse of funding constraints. 


    No one is interested in his replacements but FWIW it seems that Kjetil Knutsen sounds like he might be in a similar mould and Roberto de Zerbi is also in the running. I know little about either but trust the club to make the right decision.

  6. 1 hour ago, Fry Crayola said:


    Duffy's spell was before Postecoglou took charge. But I doubt he'll leave Celtic just yet, not when they're just starting a CL campaign. And I think it'd be a good idea for any club to leave him to that campaign and see how they fare. He's a decorated manager, but untried at the highest club level.

    Celtic will never forget the curse of Shane Duffy

  7. Probably yes if Chelsea fans and board remain impatient for instant results but if they can stick with him for 2 or 3 years then it’s possible that he could transform the way Chelsea play.

  8. 7 hours ago, The Fox said:

    Wonder who Brighton will get in to replace Potter? Pretty shitty time to have to replace him, but presumably they have had some sort of contingency plan in mind for a while as his profile has grown.

    I was accepting that Potter would take the 3 people he came with but to take our goalkeeping coach and Bruno is annoying to say the least.


    The favourite is apparently some Norwegian Black Metal guy I've never heard of and has coached in Norway only although he beat Roma 6-1 once. There's the Australian at Celtic who by all accounts is great but I don't see why he'd leave Celtic for us particularly after we punished them with Shane Duffy for a season.


    Names linked who I don't want - Brendan Rogers, Steve Cooper & eternal victim, Scott Parker.

  9. Leave Gary Porter alone! 🤬


    FWIW he did say it was Tony Bloom and the vision of the board which attracted him to Brighton in the first instance and I was kind of hoping that would keep him here. But being given permission to speak with Chelsea is a bad sign (this happened with Dan Ashworth and Newcastle too) so I'm prepared for the worst.


    We've done OK without Cucurella, Bissouma and Maupay over the first gameweeks of the season but losing Potter/Reid/Hamberg and probably Moises Caciedo in the next transfer window could likely sink us.

  10. I know it seems a bit rich having out 5 past Leicester but once again I watched Ihenacho and wondered why we weren't in for him during the transfer window. I accept that we are a team who don't necessarily have a focal point for goals but I assume he could do a job in our system even if it is only 6 - 8 goals a season.


    Leicester's goals were both very good and in all honesty after the first one I thought they were going to do us 3-1 or something.

  11. Good win for us today. I'm a bit more relaxed about losing Maupay given the squad we have but not sure why he might choose Fulham. He'll just be stuck behind Mitrovic in the same way as he'd be in constant rotation at Forest. 


    Leeds next week is looking like a scary prospect though.

  12. In general, I do wonder what the traditional big six recruitment process is. They seem keen on waiting how a player plays at another PL club then swooping in with a silly money deal.


    In the case of Marc Cucurella, surely Chelsea could have spent £15m on him last season rather than waiting for us to do it then paying four times that amount 12 months later. Even if he had been a flop, surely it would have been more financially prudent to take a punt at £15m rather than do it the way they've done it? Similarly, Liverpool could have had Nunez for around £20m when he went to Benfica but once again ended up paying four times that.


    I realise there's an element of milking big sides for cash so maybe it wouldn't have been so cheap for them and maybe they're more risk averse or possibly it is a timing thing with people leaving the squad but I would have thought they should be scouting better to spend their money more effectively rather than paying these absurd sums and not getting done for FFP for some reason.

  13. If I was a Forest fan the signings would be exciting but getting them to play together effectively will take time which they may not have. How can they afford to spend £44.5 m on Morgan Gibbs White alongside all the other signings? It feels like a huge gamble 

  14. I forgot to say how good Kaoru Mitoma looked for us in the 15 minutes he was playing on Saturday. I was going to ask that bloke on here who supports individual Japanese players rather than teams what he thought of him when he played for Kawasaki Frontale but I can’t remember who it is.

  15. We do have Julio Enciso but he's only 18 although he is a full Paraguay international. Having seen him in an U23 match the other week it looks like he is capable of filling Maupay's proper dickhead role.

  16. Hmm ... Maupay to Forest seems like a done deal. Not sure how I feel about that. He was our joint top scorer last season although he wasn't really used at the end of last season and that trend seems to be continuing. We supposedly have a replacement in Undav but he has the "German forward in the PL" risk.


    If Forest get him for £15m then that's good business for them.

  17. Pleased with a first win away at Old Trafford today. Thought we'd miss Bissouma and Cucurella but I should put my faith in Potterball. Doesn't always work (we'll undoubtedly lose 1-0 at home to one of the bottom 3 in January) but when it works, it is effective.


    I wasn't sure why United had signed Eriksen when they have Fernandes but he was by far the most composed player out there for Man U.

  18. Like Ben White last year he is young had 4 years left on his contract and we didn’t need to sell. The club doesn’t stand in the way of players who want CL football (for example) assuming the timing and price is right.

    I’d rather have Cucurella as it took us about 3 years to find him and we’re back to square one with no LWB and Levi Colwill on loan for some reason. But you have to work with what you’ve got.


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