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  1. There was soooo much licensed shovelware in the days of the NES when everyone played "nintendo" rather than videogames much like people play "playstation" (or possibly xbox?) these days. Anyway I'll never forgive the early 90s for Shaq Fu. Never!
  2. I try not to pigeonhole people if I can help it. I think some people are more persistent/enthusiastic in their pursuits than others. I like football and have my team but I couldn't honestly tell you every trophy and league they've won since 1909.
  3. Contra:Shattered Soldier, Guilty Gear X 2, Maximo, Mad Maestro, Castlevania Chronicles, Psyvariar, Gitaroo Man. Those are a couple of recent(ish) releases on Sony hardware. I guess it depends how you define 'hardcore'. I think the 'enthusiast' term has already been mooted and that seems to be the best all encompassing term. Anyway I find the games at the top of this post punishingly difficult (except maybe GGX 2 & Psyvariar) on their default setting. Anyone who persists in playing them after the first couple of bitterly unfair megadrive-style deaths is probably "hardcore"
  4. Played it for a weekend. Loved the TV series (except Galactica 80) & hated the game. It's impossible to see the objectives so you do tend to spend a lot of time flying aimlessly.
  5. Gotta agree with Auditor. I think the rarest games (in the low print run sense) are all on the PSOne. I guess one to watch will be Castlevania Chronicles as I think it'll be in demand in a few years time. I own Burning Rangers. It's OK but as Goaty said, it's aged terribly and it ain't that rare.
  6. Damage on Toca really pissed me off. Damage on Colin McRae didn't for some reason. I think I might find damage in GT a bit "Toca". I didn't really like the third installment & missed "Concept" totally but I'll probably end up shelling out for the fourth one.
  7. I was finding it a struggle to get through the library level. I didn't realise that relentless slaughter could be so dull. But there are many good bits. I still think DooM II is the most fun I've had with an FPS.
  8. Raiden is better than Ikaruga. Ikaruga is however, "alright"
  9. Mario Kart:DD and Maximo Can't wait for Army of Zin
  10. dunno what you mean by that really. ok, so it's not the best technically i suppose though i was amazed when i saw Prince of Persia, for example. but it's not really about hardware is it? i remember playing Ico and i was constantly reminded of the magic i used to get from playing Nintendo games. I mean the hardware is badly built. They keep breaking. I'm not paying for something like that. Y'see I don't understand this whole "breaking hardware" thing. I've had my PS2 since launch and I con't understand why people have problems with, well, consoles in general. Unless you move them around a lot or have kids I guess.
  11. Good fun certainly. So ... um ... yay Samba! :emoticon: But I curse the Dreamcast for fulling my house with so many useless peripherals.
  12. Until the weekend I thought Nintendo were (outside the handheld market) a bit toss. Monkeyball was the only thing that I wanted a cube for (and that was a Sega product rather than a Nintendo one). Anyway U got my hands on Mario Kart and I think the magic (for me) is still there. It's just not as in as much abundance as with prior consoles (again for me). However, I have just spent 2 hours swearing at Bowser (the shell chucking bastard) so I guess that can't be a bad thing.
  13. Apart from Metal Slug, I wouldn't say any of those titles are essential. However, as has been said already they are worth a look. It is definitely worth getting the following: Match of the Millenium Metal Slug 2nd Mission Puzzle Bobble Cotton Sonic I didn't get on with Faselei (though it is still sitting on my shelf). I don't think it's as good as the GBA realistically but it does have some nice titles. Those screenshots on special reserve are a bit misleading though. I'd give them a big wedgie for trying to pass off Neo Geo screenshots as NGPC - BOO!
  14. Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike could be one of the best fighters Capcom have done in years. Apart from the characters being a bit bland. The visuals are amazing. And you can tinker with the engine upon completion. Marvel vs Capcom 2 has a character buying system which doesn't work properly if you have the japanese version but you can put together some interesting teams & have a lot of fun. Garou is pretty good but personally leaves me a bit cold. Capcom vs SNK 2 I like but can't really explain why. Man, they must have cost you a bit of cash. Either that or you have broadband
  15. I only discovered the other day that if you both press the Z button simultaneously during a co op race you can switch positions. I thought it was a bit of a shite co op mode til I learned this. Yes I am a bit slow on the uptake. As to the game, the 50cc single player mode is pretty much dull but when I started playing the 100cc cup it got a bit more exciting. I just wish there were more subgames to mess with.
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