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  1. I'd put everything within a fixed sized div- 1000px wide or whatever. That's an easy way to stop the site looking skewed, and make it easier for those of us with large screens to read wrapped paragraphs of text. You can either centre that container or leave it to the left. I think you'd be right to keep it basic- the images should be the focus.
  2. I was bored and had a bit of a go at trying this out in PHP (I guess I'm that Spectrum nut I mentioned!). It isn't authentic- bright and non-bright colours are mixed in the same square, which does not happen, but the palette's right and there's only 2 colours per 8x8. Mixed results. I think this is a good reflection of the fact that you have to start from first principles by hand. Anyhow: And for the Spectrum re-release:
  3. I'm surprised he's getting away with this, to be honest.
  4. They work fine if they're the last one in the playlist (although backwards doesn't go back through the track entries as it ought). Tim Follin - Bionic Commando
  5. Sounds authentic to me The interface struggles with multi-track entries. For example, 'Mark Cooksey - Ghosts N Goblins' has 10 tracks, but you can only select different ones if it's the last item in the playlist (?) Nice otherwise. EDIT: Would be nice to be able to search by tune as well as author. I've had one freeze so far, but it unfroze after about ten seconds.
  6. Interested to read that you were hired as a freelance artist. The C64 obviously had some big names producing music; were there a bunch of you doing the same sort of thing for graphics (albeit without the public recognition?) If so, who did you admire and have you got a favourite screen? ... Sorry for the derail! As for the original question- I'd be extremely surprised if some Spectrum nut hadn't written a converter to fake clash on an image... It wouldn't be a complex task. Not that I'd have a clue how to find such a program- perhaps post around the relevant boards? It's not going to give you an authentic result, for reasons explained by Ste above. Depends whether you're interested in replicating the process or the result.
  7. I think you can see that hard work if you try to analyse Ste's Glider Rider screen with the limitation in mind: It doesn't look like phenomenal art, but there's some spectacular avoidance of colour clash! (Sure he won't mind the hotlink - please delete if so!)
  8. Sounds like the nonstick coating was too good.
  9. Mash + corned beef would probably taste like a Cornish Pasty! The Hawaiian - cheese, ham and pineapple?
  10. Sell by date - you're fine. Use by date - you're probably still fine (these have a very generous allowance to cover the shops' backsides)
  11. Hmm, some good suggestions. I like the idea of bacon or olives in the crust... Intrigued about the falafel- I've only had balls I've made myself, which have been dry and stodgy. Is that how they're supposed to be? I'd like to get a chinese one pinned too- can't think how to do it... teriyaki or hoi-sin sauce topped with chicken/beef and sweet and sour onion in the crust?!... I think I'm creatively spent A possible problem with the mango chutney or cranberry sauce is that it could superheat (anyone who's burnt themselves on a jam pop-tart will know the risk!) Girlfriend is away at the moment, so I should get the chance to try one of these puppies out... yum!
  12. Spurred on by talk in the Pizza Hut thread, I bought some 'Pizza Mix' from Morrisons (rather than buy flour and yeast separately) and made some nice, square thin-crust pizzas. To prepare, you add water, kneed, leave somewhere warm - I used the oven on very low, rather than balancing it next to the central heating boiler - top with pizza sauce / cheese / goodies then oven-bake on high. Presumably I just fold something into the edges before I leave it for the first time to make a stuffed crust? Then I had my epiphany- that stuffed crust is under-used. How about: Indian~ Mix a bit of garlic/herbs in with the base. Wrap some mango chutney in the crust. Top with tikka sauce, chicken, (a bit of paneer?) Christmas~ Sage stuffing in the crust- turkey on top, cranberry/tomato sauce. Perhaps swap the cranberry and stuffing around? Are these going to work / not taste disgusting? Any more to try?
  13. My understanding is that is was an agreement between the magazines rather than anything enforced. http://www.gamasutra.com/newswire/eurospeak/19990122.htm
  14. Tetris is a rather unusual example- it was developed in the Soviet Union and disappeared into an intellectual property minefield. It's true that game mechanics are, in some instances, protected- Midway (or Atari, I'm not sure) had a US patent granted for 'ghost cars'... for racing against yourself [i don't know of any case where it's been enforced]. Practically, you should be fine, providing it isn't a straight rip and that you use no graphics or specific terminology from the original. There's plenty of examples of close 'homages' which seem to have survived- (like Advance Wars by Web, Zuma... and the like). I'm no lawyer, though
  15. The Fraud Squad. The Police Line-up. Every Breathalyzer You Take. Fun Lovin' Anti-Criminals. Stung. Stinger. Arrested Development. Busted.
  16. I got one cheapy-cheap (sub £15, I think) from ASDA. It's an ONN brand and works fine (though it seems to like the presets. I can't just whack something on high for an hour, it needs to be four hours plus?!). I'm sure you can find one with better bells and whistles if you need them. I like the taste of rabbit, but hate the masses of little bones- I had a rabbit tagine once in a restaurant. Very tasty but extremely hard work!
  17. Thanks for that. I'll give it a try. I'd also be interested in any 'named' curry recipies- Rogan Josh / Dopiaza and the like if anyone knows any. My Saturday curry worked well. All the chicken melted into strings, of course- but it's just made a lovely curry stew! I think it would also be a lot more economical because they're designed to keep the heat going- and, since the temperature's controlled, you get very minimal risk of running dry if you're doing a wet sauce. You can also, unlike a pan, cook dry in them if you want- though I haven't tried this.
  18. I hacked up a whole chicken this morning and it's been slow cooking with Patak's Tikka Masala sauce all day. Should be good! I my slow cooker. I've done bolognese before now- a bonus being that you can taste it every hour and add whatever's missing to the mix. Great for parties too- my cooker (I presume this is a standard feature) keeps the slop warm (but not cooking) as long as it's still plugged in, so it's great for the buffet table. If anybody has any proper slow-cook curry recipies I'd love to hear them!
  19. Skykid


    I head from the developer angle rather than the visual angle, so my typical workflow would be: - Define the target market for the site - Specify the functionality / visual style / technology (i.e. whether to include Flash / no JavaScript, etc) to suit the users - Assess existing assets (text content / images - will they stand or do they need further work?) - Plan the project (consider graphic design, copywriting, acquisition of licensed images and schedule for the client to provide content, payment milestones if appropriate) - Prototype the layout (if appropriate) - Formalise the project plan (site revenue, competition, possible future directions- does it all check out as sustainable?) (The above are done with the client if there is one - and they should give their approval at this point, or for myself if it's a self-initiated project) - Set up hosting for the site / MySQL database / initial email accounts (I have a meaty hosting account to cope with all the sites) - Block out the layout (for a single page) and basic site structure (how the pages are organised... considering SEO/accessibility/user interaction/project scalability) - Initiate asset gathering - Build functionality (this is typically the in-house project base plus specific extensions) - Tweak the prototype layout to fit the functionality - As the functionality is built, provide versions for the client to check things are heading in the right direction. - Collect all the assets - Build the final visual layout (usually a couple of versions for access / user preference). - Upload and make live - Fill with content This items in this last block may shuffle around per project, of course.
  20. Try shooting other stuff, specifically: Some of the alternate routes really bump your scores up... like the waterfall level. Enjoy!
  21. Skykid

    Illustration Club

    Dunno. Maybe try and make sure it's evenly lit from all angles so the contours don't shadow?
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