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  1. All depends on the size of your wallet and your reason for buying. To me, that looks like quality work by a loving craftsman- if I had the cash to spare and a sweet flat to put it in, I'd go for boyo's. If I had the time to build one I'd also be taking his offer of advice like a shot.
  2. I'd like to add my support to this and see how it goes. I do: Web (standard sites, PHP, MySQL, custom CMS, social network/application development, Flash programming, javascript, hosting etc.) Branding (logo, graphics, stationery, promotional print) Other (games, C++, basic-level photography and making nice cups of tea) Will PM.
  3. Could well be Golden Axe. One level was on the back of a turtle. Otherwise: Knights of the Round? King of Dragons? (at a push) Magic Sword? Check them out anyway even if they aren't what you're looking for
  4. Ah, ok, you're continuing development of the source code from the half-finished one? I misunderstood... carry on.
  5. That hits the T-shirt event horizon!
  6. Hmm, can't seem to embed the following image... A Day in the Life: ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclai...yInTheLifeA.gif
  7. Seems to work in IE but a blank screen in Firefox 3... I hope the web developers get a good slapping for that!
  8. Sure. Your client gives you your brief and you should stick with that. I was giving general advice because I thought that was part of what you were asking: Irrespective, I stand by doing solid research yourself in case there's any negative connotations you could accidentally step in. Yes and no. I don't think a logo is 'strong enough' only if it has a pure black and white equivalent- though that certainly makes it more versatile. There are a few big names here that would have to be shades [or have outlines introduced] in monochrome: However, ensuring your logo works in black and white is likely also to ensure that it's clear. I'd definitely not suggest JUST changing the colour of the 'S' to differentiate it. Personally, I'd thicken it, separate it AND have it a strong colour for impact.
  9. First thing I'd have done is lots of research on this for inspiration. That said, I like the idea - and the form is elegant and uncomplicated. I'd suggest highlighting the 'S' for clarity- either by making its lines a bit fatter, with colour or [as rylee said] by slightly disconnecting it from the rest of the shape (but retaining the alignment)
  10. I've seen the game before (and am sure it was posted here). Hadn't seen the though. How many games can you namecheck?
  11. Here's some of my picks: Got to love the lights. The singalong ruins the music later Rob Douban - Furious Angels... Clubbed To Death has a great intro too- but heard it too much! Hendrix - Foxy Lady... the definitive spine-tingling guitar Corduroy - Chowdown (can only find an inferior cover version on YouTube) KLF - What Time is Love and What Time is Love (America)... cheesy (taking the piss, I expect) but epic! Bomb the Bass - Megablast (bonus intro points for the album version of the track here!) The Prodigy - Narayan
  12. Good choice- that was my pick of the bunch. Subtle and smart.
  13. Looks good. What's your plan for stopping the car from intersecting the ground?
  14. I'm gobsmacked that in the entire (searchable) history of this forum, nobody's coined snear.gif!
  15. Oh. You moved the deadline! Well, here's a rough-cut anyway... you can see where it's headed.
  16. Phew. Just got some. 500, 300, 100 point cards available.
  17. What didn't get revisited was the comment Nick made about the upmarket dresses, "This is Birmingham, not Knightsbridge"... or something like that. Then the losing team got a kicking from Sir Alan for not going for the expensive stock.
  18. A little drizzle of honey or maple syrup is good for broadening the flavour- with oil, herbs, salt and pepper.
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