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  1. One of the great things about Pico-8 is that there's a large library of things that people have made, and you can break in and tinker with the code, make small changes and see what they do. A great way to learn. There is (or at least there was when I was last involved) a nice supportive community forum too.
  2. Yep, looks fine to me. You only need to wrap the keys if they aren't straightforward, i.e. you should be able to just write: pizza1 = { type = "cheese", size = "large" } (unless type and size are keywords... it's been a while since I did this!) You can also do a lite version of OOP. I believe Pico-8's version of Lua is pretty vanilla, so generic docs will help you through.
  3. I enjoy making Tweetcarts this time of the year Tweetcarts are as they suggest - enough code to do something interesting in 140 (now 280) characters - a bit like the equivalent of the 1k/4k demo scene. Well worth a scan through on Twitter - people have done amazing things with them! Big caveat: It's a cute exercise, but I absolutely wouldn't want anyone to look at Tweetcart code and think Pico-8 is too complicated- these are technical exercises... creating something that looks good and then squashing it up in an unnatural way. General Pico-8 development is much more accessible, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun learning or playing with code. It's a *very* well designed little toy box.
  4. Ok, you can all willy-wave your kit... but if/when I have this thing in my hands, with GBA, Lynx and TG-16 all running from SD card, I'll be a very happy 12-year old FWIW, the Analogue store still has all Pocket items available to order, but I noticed they've switched everything to say fulfilled as 'Group C : 2023'.
  5. @FatOldGeek I expect you're right about the jailbreak. I figured if I'm Q1 next year then it'll be something to play with, and if I'm Q4 (and jailbreak is well established) then I might be able to cancel just the adapter. The dock is mainly for in the hope that 8/16-bit home console cores appear, which will be fun for big screen and multiplayer. Big respect for anybody who has enough personal restraint to drop their order
  6. Done by 4:05 for me. Also gone for white - I decided it looks nicer, and probably less in demand? Plus dock, screen protector, and GG adapter. I had to wait 2-3 minutes in the throttle queue for checkout, so who knows where I'll be.
  7. Re: Suspend - the Pocket site says so (under Sleep & Wake)
  8. Review embargo drops at 4pm today. Please post anything you find here (I'm sure you will!) - I'm keen to get hyped for this.
  9. "...but I am really scary" Niche.
  10. Skykid


    Not much more than I've said. Metal is dead easy to clean, won't ruin if it accidentally gets wet, doesn't tear (like has happened for you) and won't contain any bleaching agents (not that this is much of a problem). It just seems more convenient to me, but I wouldn't call myself a taste connoisseur, so I'm interested in if people think there's a difference there. For what it's worth, I regularly brew tea inverted in my Aeropress, and that works well with a metal filter too.
  11. Skykid


    I got a metal filter disc when I bought my Aeropress - partly because it's less messy and partly because I prefer it to the idea of bleached paper. I've been very happy with it, but does anyone who has tried both prefer paper?
  12. I hadn't realised how much fun the Daily Climb is. Today's is The Silent, but you get purple cards, so you can mix in Watcher stances. Damn yous for getting me into playing this again last week! My time has very much been eaten...
  13. I suspect only to get a feel for when they were more likely to be mean, to avoid them. Some folks used to sit near the machines, only having a go when they'd seen people pour money into them without payouts. Let someone else exhaust that 3%!
  14. Stu C campaigned on this. I shan't link directly, because I think - for mutually good reasons - he and RLLMUK are probably best kept apart... but it's easily discovered, and was called FairPlay. He documented it so you could follow along at home with emulator save states.
  15. Lax Rax - Board game shelves for Ikea units.
  16. I know they'll have rotted, but I'd be happy if I could read 30% of the disks I have, for nostalgia. AFAIK, it's the OS/software/firmware that won't read Amiga disks, rather than the drive hardware, so I thought it might be technically possible, though commercially very unlikely. Kinda interesting that they're marketing as A500, but it emulates 1200 too.
  17. I presume there's zero chance I'd be able to plug in a USB floppy drive and read old Amiga disks on this?
  18. Skykid

    Zool Remake

    There is no Dana. Zool... wasn't great. But the music was. I like the academy thing. It'll likely only appeal to nostalgia, but at least it's doing some good. Some flowers will grow from this exhumed corpse.
  19. Got it on Switch yesterday. Survival Mode is great fun. I'm really enjoying playing as Estel and Shiva. The upgrades are very good - though I think they could have stretched to brilliant if they'd have done more with them. The bad guys can be comically stupid - I got to that Level 16 mentioned above with Max and Shiva... both of them on the other side of a wall of lasers and keen to keep walking into it until they were finished - I'll put that down to a glitch in the Simulation. Good fun and well worth it, though. 16-bit visuals are a neat touch, and cute that you can bring pixelated weapons through the gate with you. Is the fat fish the most powerful weapon? It certainly gives them a good smack
  20. Skykid


    I'm biting my knuckles not to post the SNL More Cowbell sketch.
  21. Sounds like Resource Management / Strategy, where exploration is the player reward.
  22. This is not a great suggestion, but I thought of the start of Silent Hill 1, when you collect the radio.
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