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  1. Yes, it's a bit salty, but I like this stuff. Also available in 12 cans bulk buy from Amazon for a bit cheaper if you're feeling brave - they've got a decent expiry date (probably 2024), and a can makes two decent-sized pizzas. They do Classic and Aromatic versions - the latter with basil and herbs.
  2. They did three major ones. The last one added a load of stuff, but my favourite is the synergies - so many delightful things from having one gun and then finding something else that interacts with it to create something new. There's so much love gone into this game.
  3. This is cute! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/06/game-boy-advance-game-gets-split-screen-multiplayer-through-new-fpga-core/
  4. That must be some kind of record, but all the sweeter for the wait. Congratulations and welcome to the...
  5. Looks nice, but why not the DX (colour) version of Link's Awakening?
  6. I'm only half-sold on having new characters, but I'm definitely going to get this DLC for some more amazing music and the survival mode... I expect the latter is going to be like a continuous dojo level that gets harder and harder in each room?
  7. It's a big difference between this and Pac-Man 99. As soon as Pac-Man finishes, I'm hitting the 'play again' button. As soon as I'm dead in Bomberman then I'm powering off the Switch. I do like the game, but those loading times absolutely kill the replay. On the positive, it feels a bit faster to load today than yesterday...?
  8. I've played a few rounds and mostly enjoyed them. Never made first, but I've hit the top four a couple of times. I think having a couple of life hearts is a good concession. I'm not keen on the different character abilities - I joined a game today that had a Pyramid Head in and he walloped me. I watched him for the rest of the game and he'd start each round chasing someone to stand on top of them and belt them straight away. I think he'd get some slow movement for a couple of seconds after his action, but it all felt very imbalanced and favourable to those who paid for the DLC. Still haven't figured out how it takes two minutes to load after the minute of matchmaking. It's a 2GB game, and the assets don't change
  9. Had a quick play on Switch but I got knocked out pretty quickly. I hope the loading is faster for subsequent games - it's a big buzzkill! EDIT: Nope. About three minutes to wait while it loads up a new round
  10. Yes! Whoops.... that should have been an Italian flag
  11. There are a few grunty handhelds which are shaped like fat Switches, like the GPD Win 3. Not cheap, mind!
  12. I did so very much want this to be Dynamite Dan (Dynamite Down) (wi-fi)
  13. Skykid


    Maybe something like this? https://ravecoffee.co.uk/products/hario-cold-brew-coffee-pot-1 Caveat: I rate Rave, and have some of this cold brew, but haven't tried it myself yet - so I don't know if it makes a good milky coffee.
  14. Skykid


    I did a spurt of dehydrating in my air fryer when I first got it. Chewy banana chunks were great. I think the recipe I used suggested a little salt, which makes them a little sweeter. Also did some apple slices. The trick for those is to briefly soak in lemony water and dry them, to stop them oxidising. I've been tempted to buy a rack for more dehydration space.
  15. Astonishing feat! Well done. How about Act 4? Is it impossible to get through with one card?
  16. I've taken a punt on the Kickstarter. I'm a little in two minds about it, so may cancel before it closes. My spidey sense is tingling a bit... I've seen quite a few tech crowdfunders go wrong, either going dead or dramatically missing the advertised spec. This is their second attempt at a campaign, and the funding bar each time has been very low (~£9k and now ~£3.5k). I reckon they need 20-100x that to set up tooling for an unusual product? There may well be funding coming from elsewhere, but it feels like a big concern. On the other hand, they do seem to have brought a couple of things to market. What do folks think?
  17. A couple of questions: Does it make any difference how many ghosts over a continuous power pill run you gobble? I think I got the counter to about 80 one time. Would it dispatch those 80 all at once to some hapless soul? Or do they go in batches and the 80 is just a vanity score? What are the up/down arrows that briefly flash up on the maze at about 40-50 players left?
  18. Very true. It'd have been a step up from the nasty tracing paper toilet roll we had in primary school, at least.
  19. Before lockdown, I never did food shopping online. It was just a wander to the supermarket and back every week or so, knowing that if I forgot anything that I could pop back. It's less than 10 minutes away and decent daily exercise. Now, I'm more conscientious, because I've largely avoided shops, and I like hitting the free delivery minimum spends I have a master list of things I usually buy - or at least would kick myself if I forgot. This has specifics and general categories, e.g. cooking oil, rice, flour, soup, toilet rolls, salad, meat, cat food. I also have a separate list that I keep between shops for things I realise I want, just ran out of, or need for a recipe. I alternate between Prime Now, which is served one of my two local Morrisons (both have different items) and Delifresh. I prefer the latter - better produce and more interesting - but they don't stock all the stuff I want (e.g. toilet cleaner, cat food). Biggest problem has been that fresh stuff has very variable best before dates, and Morrisons is terrible for delivering stuff with only a day or so on it. I got pretty good at planning, splitting, and freezing - which I'll do with anything from bread buns to Delifresh's twenty chicken breasts bumper pack. I highly recommend the green fresh fridge bags for vegetables (available from Lakeland and also cheaper places). I don't know what's special about them but, with a sheet of kitchen roll, lettuce stays good for a few weeks... which has been a revelation. I use Amazon Prime for 2.5kg tins of milk powder every couple of months, bulk cat litter, and the occasional box of snack bars. I've also bought a couple of times from Yankee Bundles, but I've tried to stop that since it's mostly junk snacks, and at some level I realise I don't *need* 150 creme eggs. Having said all that. I'm not an efficient online shopper. Despite having these lists, I still need to wander down every virtual aisle to see what I might be missing. I suppose it counts as entertainment for me nowadays. ... Speaking of over-engineering... my Dad wrote himself a program in Spectrum Basic, which he built up with a list of everything my parents bought on their weekly shop. He'd sit down with my mum for an hour poring over stuff to buy, then leave it for half an hour while it collated and indexed their choices. It would print out a shopping list on thermal paper, ordered by whichever shop sold things cheapest - I think this would usually have been the local supermarket, grocers and corner shop - each with a total expected spend. When he returned, he'd update the prices in the database according to his receipts, leaving it for half an hour to re-index and then save the data. It's only now that I type this out that I realise how ridiculous this all was, but it continued for a couple of years. In the wild-west of 80s home computing, he should probably have tried selling this program to other shopping-retentive weirdos. For someone who was a hobby programmer, it was pretty good, apart from whatever terrible sort algorithm he'd coded.
  20. Standard, Stronger, Train, and Speed explained here. I imagine there's a lot of power to be had by flicking to the right one at the right moment, but it does feel a bit faffy. I'm enjoying this - definitely has 'just one more go'. Remains to be seen how long that lasts with just the one maze.
  21. If you're tempted, but haven't yet bought, and you like having stuff you can touch, the Limited Edition (art book + downloadable soundtrack) comes out in a month. £27.85 at ShopTo just now.
  22. @disperse and recoagulateThanks for highlighting this. Mixed feelings. I'm impressed by how it works, but style is absolutely ALL over the place, it feels very unpolished (e.g. you're emailed a link to the list of games when you register - but it's to a 404) and it struggles a bit with video compression for me. The games roster isn't as exciting as I'd expected either. I think I'll try it on the Shield, but don't think I'll be sticking with it.
  23. I don't understand this from the terms: "7.2.2 the granting in signed writing to the Seller by the Buyer of The Licence on exclusive, worldwide, perpetual and royalty free basis as set out in Schedule X hereto (if any), immediately following the exchange of this Agreement and in all events within 3 days thereof" Either they have Seller and Buyer the wrong way round, or else you buy the IP and then 3 days later license it back to them exclusively everywhere, forever?
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