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  1. GPD Win 3 looks like it'd easily handle any retro stuff you'd like to play [Indiegogo preview link] - [campaign link, live Jan 15th 2am (UK time... I think)] for a HEFTY price ($899 - $949 ex tax). Anyone that keen? I got the WIN Max, which is neat... though I haven't pushed it much yet.
  2. Tough question. Does Smash TV -> Total Carnage count? I don't remember the latter referencing the former, though maybe it's a spiritual successor?
  3. I haven't played for a while, and everyone will get different unlocks, but I think one of the best for beating bosses is the Black Hole Gun - you can use that to suck up all the bullets on screen while switching to something else to do damage. Au gun is great for pummelling bosses, despite limited ammo and slowish-reload. Favourite to play with is the Unicorn Horn, just for the tune! I always end up looking for things on the EtG wiki - it's great if you're not bothered about spoilers or are far enough through that the only spoiled stuff will be the things that you'd never find on your own. It shows how much love went into the game, e.g. all the synergies.
  4. I can't remember when I first escaped - mid 20s-30s, I think. Don't sweat it, I think powers open up in a way that makes the seemingly unobtainable become typical. I just did my first run without taking any damage in the final battle (though not the Extreme Measures version). I've played 90-odd times. No special badge for that, unfortunately
  5. On fishing... not too spoilery, but I'll hide anyway:
  6. I spent ages wanting a companion. Then ages hoping for the next and then they all came quickly. First I got was from... and I think it's the best overall, because it so is perfect for
  7. Anyone had some of the UI float off the screen? It's happened twice for me in Zagreus' bedroom. I think both times after I've twanged the Lyre... the gemstone counter on the right of the screen slowly slides North West. I thought it was some meta gag and one of the gods was going to snatch it off the overlay, but it just popped back to normal when I went through a door... unless I missed something?
  8. A most excellent game. The way it tells a long-form story at the same time as having a stab at narrative chapters (i.e. each run) is compelling - it manages not to feel too repetitive. Roguelikes are about making choices and developing your character along paths, and this does that very well too. If I can make one criticism - I can't read the word 'boon' without thinking of Michael Elphick.
  9. Looks good in action
  10. Ah, I didn't realise that. I'd assumed it had taken you to the new location and I've been hunting around in the dark for the spot where I know the teleporter is - that would explain why I never found it! You seem to have some good texture there, so if you feel like filing a report, the form's here: https://www.team17.com/support/ It might help them get the fixes in by the next patch, and certainly made me feel better to do so =D
  11. I filed a bug report. They responded, which was nice, though Not sure they've nailed the cause - I'm pretty sure I didn't pause the game during teleport (do you remember doing this?) Hopefully patched in the next update... I had two in a row and ditched the game until it's fixed =)
  12. Three annoying runs in a row: 1 - teleported to the secret room and the screen went black. The game was still playing - I could hear myself running around, but it wouldn't even show the pause menu. 2 - crashed out as it was loading a level - no progress saved. 3 - picked up a 'random chance to fire a rocket' pickup and destroyed myself in a boss fight. I hope the Switch gets a patch soon! Gungeon had a lot of stability issues when it first came out too.
  13. The no-glove hand tracking is now enabled experimentally in the Oculus Browser!
  14. I think my biggest beef is the missed opportunity for strategy. Role playing should be about the decisions you make on your journey - playing this mostly feels like tooling up with as much as possible and unleashing that in each room / on each boss to get through. Biggest example of this is the shops. Gungeon makes the value of items very clear by putting appropriate prices on them. In Neon Abyss, I save for the $70 gun, give it a quick try and then chuck it and go back to my old one - making items desirable by price would add *a lot*. It'd also be good if you could do more with the environment, e.g. shift barrels around to add a bit of puzzling to the brick breaking. I do like: I polished off Zeus on Normal, so I feel like I'm ploughing through. Getting through the bosses feels like it's largely about being lucky with synergising pickups. It's fun, and I'd recommend it, but - for me - it's not in the same amazing league as Gungeon.
  15. ^ That's encouraging. Also, one thing I do love is that you get a seed for your run - so you can play it again, or share it. Not sure how that works if you've got different stuff unlocked to the person who supplied the seed?
  16. This is very good but hasn't quite clicked with me. My benchmark is Enter the Gungeon. I love that game - I'm sure I've put hundreds of hours into it. I've only played a couple of hours of this. I just got round to whacking Argus. The level layouts feel repetitive and bad guys are a bit boring compared to EnterTG - particularly the bosses... none so far have been inspiring. I kinda like the eggs, but it also feels much more random than strategic. Some variety in the guns, but not as playful as EnterTG. I'd like to know what I'm buying in the shop before I pay. I'm missing the dodge roll as a game mechanic! Having said that, I like it better than Exit the Gungeon- that game was too hard and ditched the exploration/strategy bit - this has the structure I was hoping ExitTG would have. If it had all the Enter guns, lore and pickups then that'd be perfect. The permanent progression thing is cute. I like that, and it looks like there's a good cast of playable characters. I'm very willing to put more time in, and I hope it reveals itself more. I also appreciate that EnterTG has had quite a few big updates, so maybe they'll do that too
  17. [Hmm. Surprised I can't find a topic about this. Have I missed it?] This launched as a Kickstarter project in April 19. Delivery was due in September 19, but - as these things almost always are - it has been delayed. Apparently in manufacture now, and just opened to preorders yesterday on Indiegogo. The guy who is building it seems very passionate and smart - as far as I can tell, he's designed the hardware and has written code to use it with emulators himself. It's a lightgun for modern TVs and projectors. Each gun has a camera that watches a thin white border around the edge of the image to calculate your aim and potentially your position - for exploration by new games (opens up gameplay like Police 911 / Police 24/7?) The border is added either by a modern Windows/Linux compatible game, or by OSSC / RetroPie - plenty of videos of it in action under the Indiegogo link. I love lightgun games, and the possibility of having Point Blank working on a projector is enough for me to punt - though it says somewhere that you should be 1.5x the screen width away from the screen for it to work properly. I presume it connects by USB, but haven't seen any info on that, or cable length. There's a regular and recoil version. The recoil version is a chunk more expensive and I haven't seen any videos of that working, but he's on record for saying you can upgrade the non-recoil one at a later date, so I'm in for a couple of the regular ones. Anyone bought into this already?
  18. I've been lusting over this - for the cuteness and ease of use, but decided I can wait based on this: What will probably flip me to buy it - they're teasing a lightgun, based on the Sinden. If I can pop in Time Crisis, Virtua Cop or Point Blank and play those on a projector screen then I'll be game heaven! I'd LOVE to play House of the Dead, and all my other Dreamcast games. They've been cagey about DC emulation - not sure if that's because that's a license or a hardware grunt thing. Anyone have an idea if the hardware could handle it?
  19. PICO-8 simulates CPU caps. Not sure whether everything runs on Pocket Chip, but the people making stuff like Virtua Racing on it are absolute wizards.
  20. This got updated with a dungeon crawler mode (more like Crypt of the Necrodancer) and Octavo's story mode. Octavo has a very powerful weapon, so once I got a couple of extra hearts I felt invincible... until Hyrule Castle. It changes the character of the game a bit. I quite enjoyed bouncing around mopping up the monsters without having to think too much. Anyway, go try the new free update folks
  21. I've taken a punt on Vegas Slot Machine 1973 card game. Scoring looks like it might be a bit of a faff, but I like how it looks simple but has quite a bit of depth - e.g. as a memory game.
  22. This is now on sale but there's been no discussion. Did anyone get one, or did everyone decide it was a duck?
  23. My best Forks score so far has been somewhere around 35-39... Three good/lucky embezzlements and only backed one bad horse. Mint Cooperative is a shoe-in for me. The first in the series, Mint Works, was super cute - I'm a sucker for tiny games and that packed a lot into the mint tin, including a few different kinds of solo play. I also backed Mint Delivery but not got round to playing that much, probably because it requires a bit more setup. Both are nicely put together and delivered professional campaigns. If you haven't got those other two Mint games, you can bump up your pledge to get the set [add Mint Works for sure ]. I got an auto-recommendation after backing it, which looks like a nice solitaire game - and cheap enough for a punt - Orchard. It's well rated on BGG, and seems there's a print-and-play version available if you're into that kind of thing.
  24. Stripe gives the merchant the card brand and last 4 digits for registered cards - I expect it's that or similar. (This is a boring line of discussion, but I wanted to temper the "Antstream are doing something they shouldn't" suspicion here)
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