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  1. Probably by using a payment processor (e.g. Stripe) who handle the card details but give the merchant a unique token to request charges with.
  2. (Oops. Posted this in the Rift thread by accident) Based on all the good stuff you've all said here, I've bought in to Beat Sabre. I think I might need a few months before being comfortable sharing your scoreboards I noticed some Penn and Teller 'experience' has arrived in the store. I've watched the video and I'm not really the wiser. It looks like it's for pranking your friends with..? I like them a lot, but I don't think that's for me. If they demoed magic tricks I might be into it. Anyone tried it?
  3. Thanks For the benefit of those on mobile, the code is SAVE20. A Picade accidentally fell into my cart. The codes cover everything they sell, if you need some Pi bits.
  4. https://tiredoldhack.com/2019/01/02/bandersnatch-the-game-that-killed-a-company-and-inspired-a-black-mirror-episode/
  5. Seems legit. Interesting that the Assassin features in those and the Black Mirror choose-isode, so I'm sure the BM creatives will have seen them.
  6. I wouldn't expect much yet. There are a couple of demos. The LeapMotion feels simultaneously really exciting and a bit disappointing, so not sure how good this will be.
  7. Took me by surprise that devs had had it for a while. Also that it was pitched for release before the year end. But quite likely I haven't been paying much attention! I've ordered a LeapMotion headset mount. Dispatched, but not yet arrived. Has anyone else bitten on that?
  8. Word from the conference yesterday is that that's not as much of a problem as you might think. Bring on the phong!
  9. The Gear is fixed hardware, so easier to hit market with. There's a big danger of the Rift releasing too early and consumers being turned off because they expected it to just work on their machines. Sounds like the Samsung has been a very well kept secret. I heard that some devs have had it for three months. Smart move, IMO. VRTGO conference was well worth it. Lots of discussion of UI (it's a completely different beast to game UI). Many of the speakers urged people to just try stuff - things they thought would work didn't and vice versa. Got a chance to try Lucky's Tale [video] on the Oculus table. Really lovely. It restored my faith in the Rift - the dev evangelist had brought a real beefy desktop computer along, so it was super smooth. The game mechanics aren't too much to shout about - a fairly vanilla platformer, but it feels amazing to 'be' the camera, and be able to duck in to get a closer look. That's an example of a game you might think wouldn't work, but it played up to the immersion. Also loved the Pixel Rift demo - put together by an indie on a game developer degree. She was amazing - pretty much built everything herself. One to keep an eye on!
  10. Anyone going to the VRTGO conference in Gateshead tomorrow?
  11. A bit off-topic, but one of the hack guys near me made a USB Spectrum keyboard mod.
  12. Can we at least change the title to 'mother lode', please. *twitches*
  13. If you run the demo in the config panel, there's an option on the floating blue board that says 'show camera box' or something like that. I've been using that to help people in my office understand how it works - if you click it on, it projects some lines into the 3d scene; these show the midline of the camera and bounding box extents. What happens if you do that? That might help us work out if your camera is working or not.
  14. Thanks for that site. Nice to see some more stuff online - I'm getting a much better hit-rate for getting things working than last week. Ocean Rift was nice. Underwhelmed by Helix (I think my integrated gfx card doesn't do it any justice). Got a bit freaked out by CyberSpace - started to feel a bit queasy. Overall, I think I might be acclimatising a little. No-one picked up on my question about development earlier. Have you all just bought it for fun?
  15. I had a frustration getting things working (Windows 8), but some of the recompiled demos come with a 'launch on Rift' program, which made things a *lot* easier. I did get a glimpse of something great, but I was running on a low-power office PC, so most of the stuff crawled and tracking stuttered. There's also a bit of fringing (obvious on the card stack in the config demo), and occasionally it just goes nuts with random colour blocks skitting across the whole display. The Crystal Rift demo was low-power enough to work, and I was impressed how the scares affected me physiologically at a couple of points. The other one that worked ok was Proton Pulse. Quite trippy, but I don't think I dig the 'control the bat with your head' interface. I'm going to wait a little while for people to rebuild with the latest SDK, and think about a new computer or graphics card. I'm presuming some of you will be developing. What are you going for- Unreal, Unity, another...?
  16. What are the extra fees? I thought import tax was added into the cost and pre-paid by Oculus..? Just got my dispatch note. Ordered on release day 09:06AM. Rift just got real!
  17. I totally loved my Lynx. It wasn't the popular choice, and games were massively hit-or-miss, but it was an impressive machine- some very powerful sprite scaling and a cute sound chip. My Lynx was probably a bit of a rarity in that I'd found another Lynx owner and we'd connected them together. Todd's Adventures in Slime World and Xenephobe were favourites. I think the latter allowed player 2 to be the bad guys. I liked that they were experimental with the games - one of them (Klax? Chip's Challenge?) has a mandelbrot generator in it somewhere, and Gates of Zendocon had a couple of trippy hidden levels. Electrocop was excellently off-beat too. Plus, the first version came with California Games, which was a brilliantly upbeat knock-about collection. My first experience of playing one was when the Atari Train arrived in town. It parked up on one of the platforms in Victoria Station and was packed full of Lynxes, STs, TTs, and maybe the odd Falcon...? (oh, just noticed I posted about it five years back!) Oh, I'm getting emotional. Please excuse me while I *sniff* go throw six AAs into the bin
  18. Cute, though I thought the Spectrum had a horrible keyboard - sure I'm not alone in that? Wonder if they'll sell a limited edition version with Q,A,O,P,M keys pre-worn
  19. These mixes are, without exaggeration, my most listened to music. I have them on all my computers and find them perfect for coding to. Absolutely enchanting soundscapes. Thanks Todos, and get a move on with XI
  20. I remember one of the magazines (probably Your Sinclair) noting that in Z80 assembler, the C5 opcode stood for "PUSH BC", which looks a bit like "Push Bike". Is there any reference in the book to the origin story for the name? I don't think it was ever officially referenced, but I could believe Sir Clive might have that kind of sense of humour...
  21. Your profile is protected, so I can't RT you without mangling your words
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