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  1. Thanks, that's nice to hear. It benefits from the way Twitter works, but if you'd like to keep posting them here, that's groovy. It's really pleasing to see we have a group of people who are regulars already, and ever sweeter to see them publicly appreciating each other. A couple of little story gems posted too. I'd like more people to try it, but it's early days.
  2. Something I've been playing with for a couple of days. I wondered if anyone here might be interested? It's a daily challenge to write a short story (max 130 characters) based upon a seed word. New challenge at 1:30pm weekdays [*], stories accepted any time: 130story Rules in full: http://pastebin.com/Z70yddtw Examples: https://twitter.com/130story/favorites Feel welcome to join in today's. The seed word is 'TEAR'- you can interpret that however you like! [*] This may change.
  3. Skykid


    I managed 10 minutes-worth. I've seen Pappy's live, and thought they were pretty good. Dunno what about this didn't work- either that the jokes were a bit too light or contrived, or that it lacked *any* sliver of authenticity. I'm pretty hard to please with TV comedy. I ditched most of the BBC Comedy Feeds (currently on iPlayer) part way in, but Cariad Show and the Committee Meeting both have something going for them.
  4. Ah! I didn't know John was a member here. For those who didn't see it, he talked to a few of us Net Yaroze folk for this wonderful article. He was a complete pro with interviews and rigorous with research- that article was brilliant. I'm sure he'll do a stunningly good job if this gets Kickstarted, so I've backed a gold book. Good luck, Sketch!
  5. Point Blank, Time Crisis, Duck Hunt, Police 24/7, Terminator 2
  6. Skykid


    Not really my thing either, but I think it would have been better without the text.
  7. Tempest (arcade) for the beautiful analogue controller. I played it in an arcade expo after many years of gaming. It was a revelation. Saint Dragon had an interesting mechanic where your ship also functioned as your shield. not sure if it was the first to do this. X-Multiply did similar. I've played this loads but neve got very far. Beautiful aesthetic. SkyKid (of course). Unique features: Pick-up and bomb; rescue your ship from death.
  8. I've only skimmed it, but probably worth watching for Heather Knight
  9. Game Closure looks pretty damn sweet. 2D game engine, compiles to HTML5, Android and iPhone. Liberal license for commercial use. I /think/ it's just touches and swipes, so it's not suitable for building a lot of browser games, but I'd expect it's possible to mix keyboard events and the like in (..?) Anyone been on the beta for it?
  10. This definitely *isn't* the solution to your proposal, but I thought you might want to check it out. It's a tutorial for building an online collaborative drawing tool- introducing some very nice modern web tech (primarily Node.js, canvas and socket.io), but in a very accessible way. I had a hand in editing it, and reckon it will be educational to people of a range of abilities. Might be worth a look for the basis of another project? http://www.12devsofxmas.co.uk/post/2012-12-28-day-3-realtime-collaborative-drawing-with-nodejs Good luck with this one. Keep trucking- It's great so see people doing interesting stuff!
  11. Paging Joyrex to the thread. Paging Joyrex to the thread.
  12. I like this Atari Lynx ad, mostly for the shot when he pulls it out of his pocket to show how portable it is: Also. It's Spiderman, before he got bitten! I didn't know that before today
  13. Only when I searched just now did I discover Nashwan was a racehorse. Which, to be fair, is the icon for the powerup (always thought it was like a distorted map of Australia or something... which doesn't make much sense). On topic: Doom Berserk!
  14. Love mine. I only run it occasionally, but made some lovely stuff over the years. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
  15. It's an odd show for me. I spent a fair bit of time with Jason a while back- met his mam a few times (she genuinely is a bit nutty in an brilliant way), and his dad briefly too. It's sort of a cartoon version of his life, and I find it really hard to separate out the sitcom bit objectively. I haven't had many proper laughs with it (I rarely do with TV comedy), but I've definitely enjoyed it and looked forward to the episodes. I don't think he's been very consistent with the Ramsay character he plays - he's bounced too far towards clown for a character that's sometimes very emotionally sharp. Actually, I feel that's true for the script all over. Loving Gina McKee, Lisa McGrillis plays well and Jim Moir ticks through. The ex-girlfriend is very good too. Really pleased he's had the chance to put it together, and I hope he gets to do more, because I think he'll become fantastic rather quickly - I think that's how he develops. Take the chance to see him live if you can- he's developed a really potent balance of personality and comedy. Pretty much guaranteed fun.
  16. It was also used on the GameHorizon conference brochure a couple of years back. Lovely artwork.
  17. After Stolichnaya vodka? My nearest Waitrose had it reduced by a fiver to £13.50.
  18. Thanks for the response. Will keep an eye on the event and see whether any folk are interested.
  19. Pleased to see you're running another one. Is it mandatory that people use The Giving Lab API?
  20. Separate issue, but you probably want to put an event.preventDefault() in the keyup and keydown handlers to stop cursor keys and spacebar from making the browser window jump around.
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