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  1. THIS IS A WISH! I want this version so bad Please make it nintendo!!! (its the same grey as the pokemon edition with recoloured buttons and sticks. omg drooolll (Parodius added for dramatic effect!)
  2. I don't know about a novel, but im REALLY in the mood to watch The Quick and the Dead now! PLUS This game man....
  3. here's my cowman and horse (his names tango and if anyone hurts him, i'll hogtie them and roll them off a mountain)
  4. Philly

    Xbox One X

    My xbox elite bumpers have fallen apart, i'm using the paddles as a replacement for the bumpers until the new elite comes out plus the grips on the back have just melted away and fell off it's not the most quality construction. The rest of the pad is amazing though (lol) roll on version 2 to fix all this.
  5. firstly, if I may, dude, let me say this, I have long thought this, and people out there may not like it, but I feel it has to be said, so stick around guys, because, as a long time self proclaimed lore master, I would like to note, on a purely subjective level, and with much gravitas, I would say this, byf is a bit of a nob.
  6. It's 12 now. 3.4 hours of cabal drop ships. CABAL..... AGAIN? My head!!
  7. i'm putting my non existent reputation on the line here. (I was right with xbox one x a few months before the name reveal) Guess based on this https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/06/18/microsoft_e2_edge_windows_10/
  8. What the hell are MS gonna call this thing? Xbox 2? Xbox Nexus? Xbox Mix? They've got a horrible naming history, they paint themselves into so many corners they dont have any corners left. the might do an Apple and just go with XBOX.
  9. and it's taken them 3 years to get it this "full" of content. Sea of Thieves first patch - summer 2019.
  10. He's right though...dead on. The game aesthetically and physically looked "finished" at E3 3 years ago, all they've added in 3 years are clothes and fetch quests? That seems an unbelievable waste of time and resources. WOW If that guy is genuine, it makes a lot of sense. Im SO glad I used my free gamepads trial for this. Rare are the real pirates charging £60 for this, holy shit. It's gone from system seller to joke in a few days, im gutted, I really wanted this to be a pirate mix or Forza horizon and Destiny, FFS. Probably worth sticking Rare on the Dev Deadpool.
  11. I think this game is the equivalent of going to the pub. If you go on your own likely you'll be bored shitless. The more the better, you don't really "do" anything, it's more about the laughs and day-after stories. I've got a feeling people will be bored within a few weeks though, just in time for the free trial gamepass to end. It's incredibly empty. Agree with a lot of people here, the base mechanics are fun, but there's no game in there. It'll like halo without the covenant put in the game, and you see another Spartan ever hour or so. Agree with Pickford, this could very well be Rares last game.
  12. I want all new things, I love my switch!!! BUT...... I do want a new Waverace and Mario Chase from Nintendoland. (done the way Pacman Vs is done) PLEAAASSSEEEEE
  13. The comment about friendship is the exploit so they're looking into nerfing friendship was my favourite Although they already nerfed friendship by not making patrols 6 player.
  14. my reddit post got deleted cause i asked for an up vote LOL i was on page one too.
  15. Took your advice and stuck it on Reddit, it's up to the first page haha. I think there's loads of people that would love mods to be the end game. If you could get a set of mods from the lost sector chests, I'd be chilling out doing that. Ah bungie, so close. Let's hope they have a plan.
  16. can you imagine if they had a set of these for Nightfall? or Specific Strikes? Put special sets in Lost Sectors and Adventures, give me a reason to be excited to go into a lost sectors (and the art design on some of those areas are incredible!!)
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