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  1. Yeh i actually meant to post this in ask the forum!
  2. Hey what's the best mech game for the ps2!... I really enjoy customization and detail so the more of that aspect the better! Any ideas?
  3. why did he buy this /// http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=8156289704
  4. Well... As seen as the PSP isn't even properly built I would asume that I am right!
  5. Any one know any web sites for video;s of actual game play?... I watched all that kind man eggheads about 10000 times...
  6. Ta dood "mucho thankso" good that plasma init :S

    Need Some Help

    I want some new bands to listen too... I'm well into RADIOHEAD, PIXIES, SUEDE, BOB DYLAN, JEFF BUCKLEY... So can any one recomend any decent BANDS I might like...PLEASE ta I'm really liking bass'ey STUFF as late too :S
  8. Creep live - TEH HEEED Imortal technique - dance with the devil
  9. Isn't BIFFO just an advertisement for scrabble theese day's?...
  10. I read his book and really enjoyed it ... But I find his colums in EDGE so montomous compared with the others...He makes everthing seem like a science and takes the fun away... I'm sure there's a draw to some people . Maybe it's because i'm not interlectual enough to enjoy his work,what do you think?... STEVEN POOLE EDGE 108 eeeeek And while where on the subject they should blaytantly bring back KOJIMA SAN. He made me feel so warm and fuzzy .... Now i'd rather listen to him talk about playing final fantasy 11 under his office desk, than read about politics in gaming...MAYBE! it's just me?
  11. You'll be able to pick it up on the day i bet...Without pre order...

    The Ps2

    I've had 3 xbox's! the first one i had broke!!!!!!!!, the second one i sold and the 3rd one i;m in the process of selling now.... ...There just shit if you don;t have broad band....And if your pc's OK you can play most roms that you can on the xbox on that.... XBOX: I LOVED KOTOR PS2: I LOVED GTA 3 GC : I LOVED ANIMAL CROSSING loved them all equally SO IT'S PROBably wrong of me to state the xbox is shit... HALO : I found this overhyped and have played better fps on consoles...seemed like a 7/10 game to me tbh...Kinda left me feeling MEH... THAT SEEMS to some up my feelings on xbox's. Everthing seems so rigid and just seems to BORE me...I also happen to think the ps2 is the best looking console out of the 3....
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