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  1. Probs need to rewatch. Maybe I gave them too much credit. If that's the case then I agree it was a strange conversation. Given the vast differences in time between now and a thousand years in the future, it would be like watching a contemporary drama where a character struggles to admit they believe in a helo-centric view of life as apposed to the churches view that everything revolves around the earth.
  2. Re: The 'they/them' pronoun discussion - I don't believe Discovery was trying to shoe-horn a very contemporary situation into something far in the future in a very literal sense (because, of course, in the future identity will just be a non-issue). I took it to mean Adira wanted the pro-noun of 'they' because of being the sum total of multiple people. So credit for engineering/music skills etc. was being attributed to multiple people - not just Adira. Of course, it was a nod the situation 'now' - but it wasn't a blatant "I'm uncomfortable bringing up my gender identity,
  3. Just seen that 'The Biz' is in hospital - quite serious :-(
  4. Calligraphy would have been a good choice, but no Pierce :-( Still, cannot wait for this. I'm getting really strong movie vibes with the renewed interest in the show. Absolutely my favourite TV show of all time, there's something genuinely brilliant about it, absolute lightening in a bottle stuff.
  5. Yes, against all odds (and my cynicism about a second season) I really enjoyed that. I may even go as far as stating I thought it was better than the (excellent) first season.
  6. Just finished the latest season - absolute corker! Anyone else still watching? Proper essential TV. Bonzer!
  7. So, Bushwick Bill died last night. Was a huge fan of the Geto Boys back in the day. https://pitchfork.com/news/geto-boys-bushwick-bill-confirmed-dead-at-52/
  8. As far as Klingon design goes, that’s not really a 'canon' thing is it though? (I mean ridged foreheads aren't strictly canon aside from some weak retconning). Spocks story doesn't go against canon either, we've just had new details revealed to us.
  9. Moan, moan, moan. Yet you all will be back for season 3. It’s almost tragic that people will force themselves to watch something they hate, week after week. I absolutely adore Discovery, and I thought the finale was breathtaking.
  10. American Inspector Spacetime
  11. Sad tease. Hope they break all the grimey beats out the dungeon at some point.
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