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  1. Not the most obvious of pairings, but there you go…
  2. The original Halo continued to blow me away for years with its little details. The shells rolling down the slopes after a firefight, the microscopic little creatures you could see in the water on the silent cartographer if you get the angle just right, the fact that snow flies off the trees if they get hit by Wraith fire. I recall being disappointed with subsequent games where they removed most of these details - even the remastered Halo 1 misses them out.
  3. Not a much as I'd have assumed for something that (from my perspective anyway) clearly pointed the way to that sound. 'Original Nuttah' seems to get the most nods from historians but that was 2 (3?) years later... Edit: That said, Rebel MC is sometimes credited as coming up with the term 'Jungle'.
  4. I always thought that Rebel MC's third album - 'Black meaning good' had a profound effect on the UK dance scene. Certainly more than it appears to have been given credit for. Proto drum and bass/jungle really.
  5. Really enjoying it. Anson is a stand out. Question for TOS era ethics folk - was it acceptable to plan to divert the comet? (Thinking about the non interference aspect of the Prime Directive). Not sure they would have done that in TNG era?
  6. Actually annoyed. Never my favourite Tribe track (by quite a long stretch), but I can't believe Q-Tip actually signed off on this nonsense. Take a leaf from MCA. "I might stick around or I might be a fad, but I'll never sell my songs for no TV ad". As if Hip Hop couldn't get any worse, they have to drag out the classics and ruin those as well.
  7. No matter what 'time of day' I set, I always (well, last night), seem to be flying at night. Nothing I do in the settings seems to make a difference. Anyone experienced this? (I'm going to assume I'm doing something wrong, but in case its a known bug or something...)
  8. Did you look at Jason Bateman during that piece of dialogue? That's the really baffling choice when it came to adding to the scene. I can think of 100 better ways they could have achieved the same result.
  9. Sticking a static JPEG image of Jason Bateman (with that expression) next to Laura Linney whilst she delivers the exposition is one of the oddest (and hilarious) production choices I've seen in a long time.
  10. Sorry if it's been pointed out already, but anyone notice the hilarious production error in s4 episode 1 (around 30m 47s in)? I'm sure trying to add some exposition in post-production caused this, but I can think over 100 better ways to edit round this than what they actually did.
  11. If you value framerate above all else, then no - you shouldn't be playing those games being recommended that have "bad frame rates". I guess the original point was dismissing a recommended game purely because it doesn't run at 60FPS means you may be missing out, but if framerate trumps all then you should avoid them.
  12. No real issue, but I do think some of the compromises made to achieve this have negatively impacted particular games (for me). I also think in certain cases (and appreciate I'm alone in this), it can have a negative effect on the experience. I recall that 'Bioshock' was a wonderful 'cinematic' and dreamy experience - and had a real sense of 'place' as you walked through Rapture, and incredibly crafted environment that felt like it truly existed and had been built. When the frame rate was un-capped it just turned into a series of polygons with JPEG images pasted onto the surfaces.
  13. Yeah, I mean aside from the astonishing imagination that has gone into it, the graphics are jaw dropping at times - the incredible reflections, the lighting, the backgrounds - I'm not sure I've seen anything that looks like this before. Definitely enjoying it, and it deserves all the praise, I wish in parts the actual game elements were fleshed out a little more - perhaps a bit more of a 'Limbo-esque' puzzler, but with these aesthetics. Still, a massively enjoyable surprise.
  14. Damn. Avoid the reddit thread on the trailer as someone posted quite a plausible spoiler which would have been nice to experience 'in the moment'.
  15. Probs need to rewatch. Maybe I gave them too much credit. If that's the case then I agree it was a strange conversation. Given the vast differences in time between now and a thousand years in the future, it would be like watching a contemporary drama where a character struggles to admit they believe in a helo-centric view of life as apposed to the churches view that everything revolves around the earth.
  16. Re: The 'they/them' pronoun discussion - I don't believe Discovery was trying to shoe-horn a very contemporary situation into something far in the future in a very literal sense (because, of course, in the future identity will just be a non-issue). I took it to mean Adira wanted the pro-noun of 'they' because of being the sum total of multiple people. So credit for engineering/music skills etc. was being attributed to multiple people - not just Adira. Of course, it was a nod the situation 'now' - but it wasn't a blatant "I'm uncomfortable bringing up my gender identity, but here it is".
  17. Just seen that 'The Biz' is in hospital - quite serious :-(
  18. Calligraphy would have been a good choice, but no Pierce :-( Still, cannot wait for this. I'm getting really strong movie vibes with the renewed interest in the show. Absolutely my favourite TV show of all time, there's something genuinely brilliant about it, absolute lightening in a bottle stuff.
  19. Yes, against all odds (and my cynicism about a second season) I really enjoyed that. I may even go as far as stating I thought it was better than the (excellent) first season.
  20. Just finished the latest season - absolute corker! Anyone else still watching? Proper essential TV. Bonzer!
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