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  1. Truly, one of the worst songs in living memory.
  2. I've attempted to read up on how this witchcraft works, but ended up in endless homebrew forums discussing code that didn't make much sense to me. I believe it's quite CPU intensive (and involves writing to the screen multiple times) so I don't know if it could handle any kind of game. http://irrlichtproject.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/bye-bye-8x8-color-grid-nirvana-engine.html ...and found this: Despite what's been said above though, there is an a scrolling game that utilises the engine(see below) , so who knows what can be done with more optimisation:
  3. Wow. I was about to post how I felt the capabilities of modified Spectrums didn't impress. But nope, this is a bog standard speccy using the Nirvana engine. Can't get my head around the fact that it took 30+ years to figure out you could do multi-coloured sprites on the platform. Incredible.
  4. Always loved the school intro in Donnie Darko:
  5. So, they decided to release RTJ3 today. Their server appears to have crashed, but it's available. Merry Christmas!
  6. New hip hop series on Netflix presented by Shad: https://www.netflix.com/title/80141782?s=i
  7. Just finished the second season (yes, it's on Amazon with no publicity). Charming as always, and quite touching in parts. Can't help feeling Amazon have sent it to die.
  8. What was the Slick Rick issue? Nearly went myself, but felt it might just be the 'Children's Story' show.
  9. C'mon son, the dude sounds like he's doing a bad Funkdoobiest impression, and at least they had DJ Muggs supplying the beats. The bruv ruins every track he guest vocals on. He's the worst thing on the last EL-P album.
  10. Yeah - its absolutely wonderful. 3 x dope, glorious. More than makes up for my disappointment at De La's new joint. Really wasn't feeling it.
  11. New Jewels homies, come grab a slice: Dope
  12. For me it was pretty much a direct remake of Community's 'Meow Meow Beenz' episode. Loved it though. Bryce Dallas was incredible.
  13. Loving some Yorkshire rap (being a Yorkshireman myself). Maybe not for the heads here, but I think they pull it off without it sounding like some kind of novelty/comedy rap skit. The guy in red doubles down on the accent and delivers.
  14. The film analogy is particularly apt I think. If I'd been drip fed trailers of 'Gods of Egypt' which showed scenes with Sam Rockwell teaming up with Paddy Considine against robotic ninja cheerleaders, and featured an incredible scene depicting the destruction of Milton Keynes I'd be pretty hyped. If the time I found out this wasn't the case was after I've paid to see the movie and was walking out of the cinema then I'd rightfully be pissed and feel ripped off. E3 demos and trailers are simply marketing tools, with the sole purpose of trying to get you to spend your money on the promise of what you've been shown and told. Of course there's going to be subtle differences (as there is with trailers to finished movies) - but the video game industry has an appalling track record. The number of games I've seen 'demo'd at E3 that ended up looking nothing like what was shown has just turned me off believing anything I see. It's pretty criminal all told, and a cynical way to get people to part with their cash. I'm kind of glad there appears to be a bit of scrutiny now (Eurogamer never call developers out for this, and there's been little legal action around the practice), but its focus on No Man's Sky seems a bit misguided when there's much worse examples out there.
  15. You sell it well Calash. Another "my field trip to planet 9" eh? I'll be on this later.
  16. http://m.charlestoncitypaper.com/charleston/as-charlestons-tent-cities-grow-other-communities-find-tangible-solutions/Content?oid=5623972
  17. I also got a bit obsessed with Das Racist a few years back: https://dasracist.bandcamp.com/album/shut-up-dude
  18. Oofff. You're in for a shock. Negativity aside, RTJ is a good shout, as is anything E-lp. Edan's Beauty and the Beat is considered a post- golden era classic - and it is. Stone cold.
  19. "Great fucking music" Definately Hip Hop.
  20. Apparently anything can be hip hop so long as someone says it is. Blow a whistle whilst slapping a cabbage, call it hip hop and it is!
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