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  1. http://www.ew.com/article/2016/09/06/george-rr-martin-winds-winter-date-rumor?xid=entertainment-weekly_socialflow_twitter It's already been denied by the publisher.
  2. Everyone should read 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank. It's brilliant based off the first issue. I've heard similar things about We Can Never Go Home, which shares some of the creative team I think, but have yet to read it.
  3. Image doesn't work like that on creator-owned books such as Rat Queens. They leave those decisions up to the creative team so it'll be all Wiebe and Upchurch (who is credited as co-creator). I'm guessing the balance of power lies with Wiebe though.
  4. It'll tell you on the product listing page. e.g. https://www.comixology.co.uk/Saga-33/digital-comic/332460 That's the listing page for Saga #33. Those four grey and white icons you see just above the user ratings bit explain some of the properties of the comic. The icon on the right, the one with the arrow pointing down, is what comixology uses to signify a DRM-free backup. If you mouse-over it it'll tell you what each icon represents as well. I know Marvel and DC don't do them at all. It's mostly the smaller publishers like Image that do. Obviously though it's best to work on a case by case basis and go by what the product listing says.
  5. Caught up on the first North/Henderson Squirrel Girl series. Absolutely fantastic, some brilliant moments littered throughout that short run. I can see myself revisiting it when in need of a pick-me-up..
  6. I think Abraham would be fine. At the very least we wouldn't have endless chapters of Tyrion on a boat. He's perfectly happy to skip some of the excruciating details where necessary. Not that it's ever going to happen. I wonder if he'd even accept it knowing what he knows about GRRM's intentions.
  7. I'm currently reading Hitman by Garth Ennis and John McCrea. It's brilliant. On the final trade collection now. My anticipation for the upcoming Section Eight miniseries has increased massively based off this read through.
  8. He's also had a wonderful run on the main Adventure Time series just come to a close. Well worth checking that out. Enjoyed the first issue of Squirrel Girl. Got exactly what I was expecting. Antman #1 was also good. Pretty much a continuation of Superior Foes-stlye Nick Spencer. The only Nick Spencer I've liked so far.
  9. That's pretty much how I felt about it on reflection, but I figured it was worth trying out because it fits what Wiper wants and I wouldn't call it bad enough to write off the recommendation altogether.
  10. There's loads of urban fantasy that have female leads. The one I've read, Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, is quite popular. I remember it being decent but not much more. Might be worth exploring that subgenre. I recently got back to the Spiritwalker books by Kate Elliott (starting with Cold Magic) which I really enjoyed. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin had more mixed reviews but I thought that was worth a try as well. Would also recommend the Dagger and the Coin but that's more female characters part of a cast of rotating POVs (only a small number of them though so it's not too sprawling). I've heard good things about Lois Bujold's fantasy series (the Sharing Knife for example) as well though haven't read them, but just based on some of her other writing that I have read (early Vorkosigan books) I'd recommend trying some out.
  11. Jump straight in with #1. Only go back if you want to fill in some of the details for yourself. There are some good issues in that stretch but nothing essential for Superior Spider-man. #698-700 are scene-setting for Superior as well but again the only thing you need to know is there's been a body swap.
  12. If you're looking for some recent-ish X-men comics I'd recommned X-Men Legacy by Simon Spurrier. Only downside has been the interior artwork (the cover work however by Del Mundo is incredible). If you like that, then there's also the new X-Force series he's writing which I've heard good things about but have yet to start on. And his Six-Gun Gorilla mini-series for a bonus unrelated but still totally good thing to read all in one neat little 6 issue trade.
  13. I'd recommend Spider-man and the Human Torch by Dan Slott and Ty Templeton. Also Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee. edit: The Marvel Adventures line might be what you're looking for as well. Here's the wiki page for Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_Adventures_Spider-Man#Marvel_Digests Can't speak to the quality of the stories though. I've never read the Adventures line.
  14. In this video the guy says it is infinite and that you can fly endlessly: http://www.gamespot.com/videos/e3-2014-no-man-s-sky-stage-demo/2300-6419415/ (there's a bit about it at 9:00 and then he specifically says it's infinite around 13:40) I'm confused
  15. Have a look at the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne or the Alex Verus books by Benedict Jacka. Also the Matthew Swift books by Kate Griffin
  16. Saw this mentioned elsewhere. Check out speedyhen for some amazingly low prices on DC hardcovers and omniboo e.g Planetary omnibus for £23.42, various deluxe edition hardcovers for Fables/Y/Invisibles at £10.80 (6 or 7 quid cheaper than amazon). It's on pre-orders too.
  17. Also check out Black Science and Deadly Class, his recent creator-owned work at Image. Heard good things about his Uncanny Avengers as well which seems like it's continuing some storylines from Uncanny X-Force.
  18. Let us know when that TPB for Laptop Guy is due. That sounds like something I'd want to check out.
  19. The main sites I use are comicbookresources, newsarama, comicsbeat, comicsalliance and multiversity comics. There's others like iFanboy and comicvine as well. Pretty big crossover between most of them so you'll probably find some are redundant. I mostly visit comicsalliance and multiversity for their other articles and opinion pieces rather than news. Oh and I guess bleedingcool for some of those dirty rumours.. Yeah. If a run is particularly successful or critically acclaimed they'll give it the oversized hardcover treatment (see Mark Waid's Daredevil run) but they don't normally transfer those into paperback form. I guess an equivalent paperback would be the ultimate collections but they aren't oversized. Also they normally come after an omnibus release of a particular run e.g. Bendis and Brubaker daredevil ultimate collections. Sometimes there might not even be an omnibus and they just choose to collect it in that format e.g. Exiles ultimate collections and possibly stuff like the JIM and She-hulk ones that have been put out recently. I'd guess they might give us a Hawkeye ominbus once the run is complete and then possibly we'd be looking at some ultimate collections a year or two later. Keep your eyes peeled for the solicitations and amazon fish on places like the marvel masterworks forums for more advanced word on what their trade collection plans might be.
  20. I liked Manapul's artwork on The Flash a lot. Interesting layouts. Bright and colourful. Pretty different to the majority of the new 52 books. Unfortuantely the rest of the book wasn't up to snuff. I'd be interested to see what he does in Detetcive Comics if I wasn't already sick of so many Batman books. But, yeah, boring stories have kept me away from the rest of the line for a while. Even the stuff I did like at the beginning got way too drawn out (like Animal Man with the Rotworld story). The newer series never really caught on with me either. Dial H was the main one and that's probably my favourite of everything I read from the new 52. As far as Vertigo goes I'm actually enjoying FBP and Dead Boy Detectives. Heard good things about Coffin Hill, the new Astro City and Hinterkind too. Nowehere near the volume of quality titles like Image though.
  21. I was talking more recently there. Stuff like Song of Ice and Fire sprawled as they were written. I don't know many that say from the start this will be 10 books long like Sanderson has. I guess publishers don't want to commit to more than three with their initial contracts unless they know an author has that sales track record.
  22. Yeah. There should be a summary of the previous books included. It would make things so much easier. On the other hand I don't think there'd be many series that would reach this number of books without gaining obsessive fans. Most of them are now trilogies. The only other one I can think of is Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt. Things weren't too bad there because of the condensed release schedule of the books.
  23. No. That's written by Matt Fraction. Superior Foes is written by Nick Spencer.
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