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  1. I really liked the ending, it was kind of fitting. Can't think of any other conclusion that wouldn't have ruined the stark premise. Glad I saw it on the big screen too.
  2. Just the three people in the late screening. Such a strange film. Slow and dreamy and tense and funny and full of fear. All to the soundtrack of Fez. Really good all the way through. It felt all out of time, modern but grindhousey. Starts well and finishes boldly - recommended!
  3. Off to see the midnight showing of this after a meal in Manchester. Really looking forward to it!
  4. Took the last one. Thanks!
  5. I was thinking "this is going to be just too short" and then it wasn't. And then I did the extra challenges. And then they gave me times to beat. It's not too short.
  6. Mordor is £25 on Amazon.
  7. Some good bargains to be had! http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/11/27/irresistible-black-friday-discounts-hit-playstation-store/
  8. You can sell them when you've collected more than ten of that type.
  9. Alan Moore is writing a Crossed mini series for December, set 100 years after the outbreak. Exciting! Two of my favourite things become one
  10. Rainbow Islands SWIV Turrican Harlequin Speedball 2 The first five I remember (slight lie as Shadow Warriors is always the first, but definitely not the best), so they must be my favourite.
  11. They should extend the X-ray sequences to show the effects on the target's family and friends, a sort of slow motion montage of tearful moments, fond memories and then scenes of them moving on with their lives. There could be special events whereby the target's offspring vow revenge, and you get a sneak preview of an enemy you'll face in the next game.
  12. bobin

    Mario Kart 8

    It's great seeing the same faces at the same time every night. I'm recognising more and more miis. So much fun, even though I'm pummelled pretty much every race.
  13. bobin

    Mario Kart 8

    Enjoyed Joe's room tonight - thanks every one!
  14. There's a lack of choice where I live, and I had a game to trade in plus some store credit. While Mario Kart should have been £50, I got it for £25 with the starter kit and a (quite decent) remote wheel thrown in. The sales guy was friendly and not pushy. I'm glad we still have Game - supermarkets seem to have gotten worse lately with poorer choice and steeper prices.
  15. "...a bum ticker..." makes me chortle every time.
  16. I'm up for joining an alliance - I still play a few games every night.
  17. The movie game looked really weird to begin with, like it was from an earlier generation. I then realised that everything, and I mean everything, is created from Lego elements, and declared it to be awesome.
  18. I much prefer the hub level in the Lego Movie game to the one on this game. There's too many collectibles in this. Plus it crashed so often that I've abandoned it completely - the movie game seems much more resilient.
  19. bobin

    Nintendo 3DS

    Maybe that is how he looks in the game? Mind blown.gif
  20. Me, please!
  21. Is this about a guy liking a girl called Stella, so he builds a rocket to impress her? (He's into Stella)
  22. bobin

    Nintendo 3DS

    Damn tooting. I lurve the 3D effect, and can't understand why so many people don't use it.
  23. What if the new Mario has really good online, Broker?
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