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  1. Don't mention the elephant! I feel like such a mug for buying a Vita, after all the hype, especially in here, there literally are no games for me. And DAT SCREEN seems no better than my iPhone screen. The touch screen gimmicks are just frustrating and the back touch keeps activating when I don't want it to. I even downloaded that game that lets you pirate PSP games but can't be bothered using it. I think this thread has been one of the biggest cases of emperors new clothes in rllmuk history. It's good tech, but a shit games machine.
  2. Definitely this. When Gandalf's pipe smoke turned out to be steam from a cup of tea, big grins were had. Like that.
  3. I'm sat waiting for my son to sleep before getting stuck into this, too. I've 100%-ed most of these games and hope to have done the same to this one before the Wii U is out. Otherwise there will be a brand new console sat in its box waiting...
  4. Probably not enough return on their money to warrant investing in making a better Vita version.
  5. bobin

    Nintendo Wii U

    Zombi U gets a 7 from Edge. The number is all that matters, right?
  6. Watched it tonight with my wife and couldn't help but hug her when she piped up "oh, this is the bit from the comic page I got you for your birthday". Top bird.
  7. I think they just missed out an episode because the plot was too ridiculous. Something about employees selling their rights to their employers for some shares. Fucking nonsense, I can only suspend disbelief so far!
  8. bobin

    Lego Batman 2

    yeah, that was the one. A reboot didn't help me so I commenced with the voodoo shit.
  9. bobin

    Lego Batman 2

    I hit a very annoying period of constant crashing at the end of one of the levels. If it happens to you, I resolved it by (and I kid you not) turning off the music, disabling motion blur and un-installing the game (360 version btw). YMMV. But this happens to lots of Lego games and my enjoyment has been barely affected. I concur with the bear.
  10. Does it put a penis in its mouth and suck it? Because that absolutely sucks cock.
  11. It seems to be having the opposite effect on some cases. One can imagine a similar response if they had announced there would not be a pro controller. You can't please all the people...
  12. What we need is three next-gen consoles with identical joypad-based control systems. That way, we can be sure of innovation and new game experiences, and a good reason to own all three.
  13. Yeah, I felt the same - was kind of hoping it would be like the Nightbreed Chronicles book which was supoib.
  14. I've not had mine. You are not alone.
  15. bobin

    Mario Kart 3DS

    Please add me too! Code is 3136-6557-5453 and I'm mostly playing mario kart and zen pinball I'm going through the many lists of codes that have appeared and am adding them as fast as I can...
  16. bobin

    Zen Pinball 3DS

    I've added everyone on the google doc list and will make my way through the rest of the posted codes over the next few days. Please add me too! Code is 3136-6557-5453
  17. bobin

    Mario Kart 3DS

    New lobby action available!
  18. bobin

    Mario Kart 3DS

    There's three of us in the lobby!
  19. bobin

    Mario Kart 3DS

    Someone appeared and then they left I was excited...
  20. bobin

    Mario Kart 3DS

    Anyone fancy joining me and b00dles in the rllmuk lobby?
  21. Me too. I know they aren't great games, but the sound of studs being collected is audio crack to me.
  22. They're showing Pearl Jam Twenty on Friday night, plus some jools holland thing.
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