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  1. Happy 5k posts dearest alter-ego That gives us 9133 ! whoop
  2. Only 1 "cunt" in my friends list has been playing it.
  3. maybe the media side will have a bigger impact as it all ties up.
  4. As soon as Desmond started "leaping" I was dissapointed. Mainly due to the fact that its become totally clear that they had no idea where they were going with the story and this "new development" is totally tacked on. It's all bollocks.
  5. You could make a couple of courses from the basics list.
  6. I feel bad after watchiing each episode of series 5, simpy because its on episode closer the end. I have faint hopes of there being some kind of spin off.
  7. Frank Zappa, I like frank Zappa!, in the same way I quite liked DeerHoof. What I take issue with, and its not so much issue, more massive suprise combined with deep suspicion. Frank Zappa was cool, "best album" of his era,I doubt it. he's an aquired taste. I wouldn't think any less of anyone for enjoying Mr Zappa but if I'm watching c-list celebs talking about "top whataver" lists and Zappa is at number 1, along with Jethro Tull and The teardrop exploded, being the majority choices... I become suspicious, like i do now. Of what exactly I don't know, so I'll shut up for now.
  8. I'm ready to accept that music takes various forms and that we all have different tastes, but I feel I'm in the minority because I prefer music that actually sounds like music, rather than a one man band falling down the stairs, on a heart monitor, going into cardiac arrest, in a police car, under water.
  9. Anyone catch this? Documentary about some mad bloked in Bodmin. One eats roadkill and another is hunting the beast of bodmin moor, both are missing a screw. Check it out on Iplayer "I'm starting to think my wife is not going to come back" "how long has she been gone?" "6 years!"
  10. Is there a decent version out there without the promo gubbins on?
  11. They just flick through recipe books like everyone else.
  12. What he's saying is "how odd that the top ten albums of 2007 contain stuff that would barely be described as music to a large section of the population, and how similar that list is to what some wanky "trendy" website says is good."
  13. I must admit I have no issue with duck and plum sauce, but basil mash ( with anything ) sounds rank.
  14. I've no idea what pitchfork is but i gave all the albums in the 10 ten a good listen ( the ones i don't already own) I loved LCD sounds system but I can't get the list below, how they made it into a top 10 I can't understand. Says a lot really 7 - Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - 47 8 - Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity - 45 10 - Panda Bear - Person Pitch - 42 I'm really starting to feel old.
  15. MY other half is currently defending a 19 year old man (boy) for swapping peado images, he was caught by the American Feds
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