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  1. Do a nice saffron risotto with some roast chicken
  2. I'm a big fan of haggis, if there's any left over from burns night i'll give this a go
  3. He's a master at playing the fool, making sure he's as non-threatening as they come.
  4. get lumps of chicken and dip them in a spicy batter.
  5. it really depends on what you're cooking, for a stir fry do it on a high heat. If you're making something with a sauce do it at a lower heat.
  6. I liked it, but i'd watch maggie gylenhaal in just about anything
  7. i'm drinking the macallan now, yumsy.
  8. Wrong, he does a dirty job but he does it well
  9. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? My Stones list 1) Gimme Shelter 2) Rip This Joint 3) Torn and Frayed 4) Dead Flowers 5) Wild Horses 6) Monkey Man 7) Rocks Off I can't get no satisfaction 9) Brown Sugar 10) Sympathy for the devil 11) Memo from Turner 12) Shine a light
  10. William, it was really nothing Sheila take a bow
  11. quality looks pretty poor on the ones that I have, I am gonna wait till is airs proper.
  12. I write left handed but do everything else right handed. My handwriting is awful as well, odd.
  13. i was thnking beef wellingtons but was going to make individual ones. I quite like the herb salt crust though and i'll probably do carpaccio as well, I have a bacon slicer so I can get it pretty thin.
  14. OK so i present you with an ingredient ( in this case I have beef filet in the fridge) and you give me the best recipe and I will (might) make it for my new years day dinner. So over to you, give me your best recipe involving beef fillet.
  15. He's inconsistent with blistering performances i'll agree. But when he's on the pitch he's a menace, he's always a threat and he works his socks off. What that means is that even when he's having a quiet game he still needs a defender, maybe two, keeping a close eye on him. When he left the pitch we lost that and WH were able to make better use of their players.
  16. we were totally piss poor as soon as tevez left the field.
  17. I've never got on with Extra's really. The only remarkable thing about it was that they managed to get A list celebs in it and they could mess around with their public persona's. The actual plot of Andy trying to make it in the world and then making his sitcom etc. etc. was a poor backbone.
  18. Pork belly. shoulder of lamb, beef skirt. All the offal is cheap as chips
  19. Was really looking forward to this and i read your reviews but wouldn't let it dent my enthusiasm. But then i watched it.... totally into it until the ending which came from nowhere and the film was over within 5 minutes, totally bizzarre way to end what was a decent flick up until that point.
  20. i got this on the wii, is ace. Never fancied GH before but i played it the other night round at a mates house pissed up. Brill. Is the wii version still mono?
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