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  1. Par boiled and twice fried? Is that necessary? I just fry twice, once at a low temperature to cook through, then higher to brown and crisp up.

    If I can't be bothered to do that, I find par boiling then putting in some hot oil in the oven with plenty of salt will give satisfactory results.

    Haven't cooked proper chips in ages, might do that one over Xmas.

    probably not but the results are impressive, i'm kind of glad it takes ages otherwise i'd eat chips all the time.

    has to be Maris Piper potatoes as well, i know purists will say King Edwards but for me its gotta be Maris Piper

  2. this is well healthy and i fucking love it

    Get some quality beef or chicken stock about a litre and stick it in a pan.

    then throw in any combination of the things below

    soy sauce

    nam pla sauce

    thinly sliced ginger

    thinly sliced garlic

    thinly sliced shallots


    bean sprouts

    sliced chillis

    stips of meat chicken , pork, or beef



    when its boiling stick in a packet of dried noodles until noodles are cooked

    noodle soup

    fuckin lovely !

  3. I went to Juniper last night, a restaurant in south manchester, the only Michelin Star restaurant in Manchester I think.

    Anyway, the chef as Juniper is famous for his wacky food, for my starter I had

    Layered Mallard, Haggis and chocolate gateaux, ( yes, chocolate) and the missus has scallops with "pea cream" and white chocolate shortbread.

    For my main I had, neck end of lamb with "3 carbs" and a sauce that tasted exactly like roast bef monster munch. She had Venison with white truffle cookie.

    The chef is e genius, the combination of flavours was amazing, but i wouldn't go back.

    Nice gimmick but i like proper food, anyway if you are in Manchester and want a very unique dining experience, i'd recommend Juniper.

  4. He isn't making it up actually, rice is dirty when you get it and it has spores in it that can give you food poisoning.

    and btw, the site you linked to is American, our rice isn't the same.

    tis true about getting food poisoning from rice, your supposed to wash it before you use it, but the stuff you get in supermarkets is pre washed.

  5. I never rinse my rice.

    I asked around the office and it was split 50/50 between people who do or don't.

    I don't see the point of it, my rice always turns out fine.

    yeah same here, but then i never faff about with making it in stock or sweating onions n stuff, rice is rice and your sauce is gonna flavour it innit

  6. Some top tips there, but this one is quite vital. Ever wonder why you get lumps in your sauce when you add flour? It's because you didn't mix it with some butter first.

    I'm thinking about casseroling some lamb shanks now...

    i think lamb shanks are my fave, lots of rosemary and pearl barley mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. My mum used to put thinly sliced potatoes in her sausage casserole. It was ace, like a sort of Dauphinoise, only in gravy instead of cream, and with the massive added benefit of sausages.

    But otherwise I agree. Mash must be present. Made with butter, hot milk, salt & Pepper, and dare I say, a blob of Dijon Mustard.

    Sliced potatoes on top ( and within) are the traditional way of making Lancashire hotpot.

    My tips for making casserole are:

    1) Make sure to brown the meat before you put any wet stuf near it or you get a Grey ( or pink if its red wine based) sauce.

    2) wack at least half a bottle of wine in, it will make it taste better.

    3) thrown some bones in or use meat on the bone, again it will taste lovely.

    4) and if your save needs thickening at the end mix some flour equal quantities with a fat ( butter or even oil) and throw it in towrds the end and let it simmer.

  8. Why thank you. Although I rank Lancashire B/Poppalarge as one rung up from me in terms of cookery knowledge.

    The boil in the bag method will also do the trick, so long as you want plain old rice.

    Why I've a tear in my eye!.


    I'm at home today, I didn't actually notice that I was using my old username till you pointed it out.

  9. And to be honest "easier to sharpen" isn't exactly the best criteria in the world for judging a knife - ?

    exactly, all the best knives are harder to sharpen as they then keep the sharpness better.

    And please anyone i implore you to not a "sharpener" get yourself a whetstone and do it that way, you'll never get a razore sharp knives with ine of these things you run your knife through.

  10. best kitchen gadget ever is the IKEA garlic press, it costs about £1 and its better than all garlic presses ever, because the pressy bit has little teeth that push the garlic all the way through instead of a flat bit trying to push it through the holes.

    I can't explain it but get one and you'll know what i mean.

    I have a million and one gadgets but those microplane graters are slick and a chinois for straining sauces is infinitly better than a seive (which i used to use)

    oh and one of those vacuum pumps for preserving opened bottles of wine.

  11. Cool.

    What's the point though? Why do you need to 'super cancel', why can't you just control your guy? To me (a PES layman) it's just added complication.

    Oh, and is this the case in PES2? Would explain a lot  :unsure: .

    well its to do with the AI, otherwise all the players would be running around like schoolboys, or liverpool

    Plus the beauty of PES to many people is that you can pick it up and play it, but you cen get complex learn to play it and its a real skill

  12. Can someone confirm what super cancel is/does? I gave up with PES ages ago cos the controls are way too fiddly IMO. Funnily enough though I dug out PES2 last night and quite enjoyed it and I'll be giving PES4 a go.

    if your player is about to receive the ball he will generall stand still or if its a through ball run along a set path toward where the ball is going.

    if you super cancel your player stops doing this and you can take full control of him.

    This is good for dummys and what not, and coming towards a slow ball instead of allowing it to be intercepted.

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