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  1. I thought they were all fresh out the slammer...how come they were allowed into the country? :D

    Or have I just believed the hype? :)

    They let criminals into our country, just not the other way round

  2. I went to see Babyshambles last night at Jabez Clegg, sneaked backstage, got chatting to doherty and then went to another secret gig with him, he's my new best mate!

  3. Sort of like a cross between SWAT: Global Strike Team and Police 24/7, you mean? I'd be embarassed to stand in front of my TV, holding a gun, shouting "ARMED POLICE! PUT THE WEAPON DOWN!" at the telly.

    I really want to play this game.

    Police 24/7 is cool, surely they could bring an eyetoy/lightgun version of that out

  4. Hmm, like siread I'm not convinced by the game either. The first few matches were fine, but after spending more time with it I'm finding the players are generally too clumsy and erratic when controlling the ball. A simple turn can often cost you possession and it doesn't always feel like it's your fault - I had to switch the game off last night in frustration.

    Maybe I just need to get used to this new control system. Need to give it more time.

    With every iteration I've felt this, but havng gotten used to it each time and then loved it.

  5. I must say that after a days gaming and a couple of 2 player matches that i am not totally convinced by this version. Ok there have been some serious improvements, tackling, refs, through balls, long X pass, strength and pace of players, the R2 stop etc, but i'm just not enjoying it... yet. As always the new versions take getting used to but the emphasis is back on pacey dribbling rather than passing (as in WE7I) and they've totally removed the L1 turn which i loved. Don't get me wrong i love the dribbling in this version, but everything feels a bit rushed. However, i must persavere.

    whats the L1 turn?

  6. Yeah.

    How on earth did a bunch of forensic detectives get permission to go tooled-up on an armed police raid?

    They'll be giving the psychologist an Uzi, next.

    yeah how daft was that, the programme is trying to be CSi, even as far as arming the foresic people.

    fucking daft.

  7. snow patrol's album is pretty good.

    They are now suffering from that syndrome where everyone hates you because you are on trhe radio. How funny we are as people.

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