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  1. Live isn't a consideration for me. PES is still the best there is, and PES4 on the Xbox will surely be the best. The increase in control (including analogue movement, which they'd be crazy to leave out), possibility for PC-style modding and more makes it a simple choice.

    i've never understood te obesseion with analogue movement, i use the dpad and i'm the best there is!

  2. You losers, I flew a Whisperjet from manchester airport to London city last night, on a REAL pilots training simulator complete with hydraulics and wicked graphics, real controls etc.

    fan bloody tastic!

  3. This is the one with the illegal underground tournament, yeah?

    Best Van Damme film by a mile.

    nah kickboxer was better, as was universal soldier.

    I seem to remember cyborg being ace, i daren't watch it again as all these dan damme fils are utter tripe when you watch them now.

  4. Was Descent also on the Playstation? I seem to recall a demo of it that made me want to throw up. It was probably that.

    similar, it was called something else though, began with F

  5. series highlights: ISS Pro, ISS Pro Evolution (PSone), WE6FE (GC).

    PES3 is pish. the game mechanic has remained the same and just been broken in various places and tweaked in others.

    and, as I said, NONE of the major flaws in the series has been addressed in any way whatsoever, short of analog running on the GC version.

    In my opinion PES3 is the best version.

    What major flaws do you mean?

    I think that the PES series has been great it takes absolutly ages to master and you can play it (especially pes3) for long periods and still learn new things and improve the way you play. Playing it is a real skill, and for me there's never been a game like it.

  6. PES (apart from a fleeting glimpse of analog control on the GC version) hasn't improved much, if at all, in 7 years.

    the main problems ISS Pro had are ALL still present.

    the point is to give them a kick up the arse.

    iss98 and pes3 are worlds apart, you must be crazy!

  7. it just needs a good game that puts it to good use.

    Has anyone played the Konami shooting game where they have a kind of bullet time thing and you can move out of the way of the bullets etc. there's a movement senser on the arcade cab.

  8. Matt Dillon

    I remember him mostly for his role in Somethign about Mary, which i thought was him playing the character as directed, then i saw him in Wild things and realised it was his acting, he's the same in all films.

  9. I loved the first one, i though the 2nd was shit, i had to fight to stay awake halfway through, and at the end i was hoping it would hurry up and end cos it was so dull.

    too much long dialogue, and its not even interesting dialogue

  10. So I have now ventured into the online PC gaming world by playing at a net cafe each week with Tssk and his friends

    Playing games like Battlefield (and it's hybrids like Vietnam and Desert Combat) and more recently UT2004 and something has started to annoy me.

    When did jumping about like a complete twat make good gaming.

    Everytime I got near someone to shoot them (when I play online, not with Josh and buddies) people start jumping like fucking kangaroos. I could follow their example and jump around like a loon to hit them but I don't want to because it seems wrong.

    It's just really annoying.

    I know that the majority of you online FPS types will probably call it the bread and butter of this type of game but I say no more jumping!!

    have u ever played a FPS online?

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