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  1. ;) Sorry! It had the whole office swearing.

    What bit are you stuck on?

    i opened the red box, the dude does the shimmy, then............ i watch it v carefully but the supopsed clue is wank

  2. Is there any evidence to show that the 2nd hand market is smaller for cheaper games?

    Is Pillage less likely to be traded than FFX-2? If so why?

    Just being Devil's Advocate.

    because pillage was cheap in the first place you'd get a lot less for it compared to what you'd get when trading in FF-X, so most people would be less inclined to get rid if it.

  3. I bought it and found that the character models were missing from the game, just guns flaoting around. I checked the EA website and it's not compatible with my Graphics Card, so it went back.

  4. I meant to tell the lads at work about this today, to my shame, I forgot.

    It's the ultimate in non-caring comedy. I'm a caring kind of bloke, but I heartily laughed at this.

    what the fuck is "non caring comedy" when it's at home

  5. That's what appeals to me most :rolleyes:

    Just standing at the back witha few other defenders, seeing the action in the decent map and just having a chat. Running up for the occasional corner or just going a bit crazy and joining the attack.

    I'm a lazy gamer, the idea of taking part in a game and having time to just stop and chat whilst watch the game play on is appealing to me.

    i sometime splay as just one player on pes3 new, it's really good, ibviously though, i'm never the centre back :wacko:

  6. I can't recommend it, especially for a six-year old. It doesn't win any of my 'platform excellent' awards, and that's all you need to know.

    The main tune is dandy though.

    What would you reccomend, we have just finished starfox adventures

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