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  1. thinking of buying this for a 6 year old, is it any good?
  2. Those free radical dudes are very fond of those screens hanging from the ceiling aren't they !
  3. where do i get a pal players choice animal crossing?
  4. what's this players choice thing?
  5. what's funny about jesus's partner being called liam? am i missing something?
  6. i have just bought beach spikers for £8 and REmake for £10 on cube. good purchases or ripped off?
  7. did it get a uk release, or am i being thick?
  8. i'm pretty sure that they don't consider it "supporting them" for you to buy games.
  9. i had bushido blade 2, it was class, they should make another one !
  10. one of my fondest vid game moments!
  11. all the things that FPS's have already tried are what we want, we just want them all together and put together well. Things such as diffrent effects depending on where you get shot ordering your team about realism freedom KILLING!
  12. i first played this last week, it's pretty coooL!
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