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  1. I recently imported Animal Crossing on the players choice thing...cost me about £18 !

    So I get i load it up and found myself hooked all last weekend, but I can`t work out why.

    Just what is it about this game that draws you in ?

    what's this players choice thing?

  2. Faced with some unscheduled free time this weekend, (due to my housemates going to Camden market and NOT EVEN TELLING ME ABOUT IT) I decided to go fishing for unplayed gems in the MAME romset. And I discovered one particular classic that I'd never heard of.

    It's Outfoxies, by Namco. I don't know if it's particularly well-known (I've certainly never heard of it), but it's completely bloody amazing. For those who don't know, it's basically a 2D version of Powerstone, where two international assassins are pitted against one another. Technically, it's pretty cool - the screen zooms in and out, so that both players are in view at any one time - and in terms of gameplay, it's full of brilliant touches.

    Like, you can fire rockets to destroy parts of the scenery, so that you can drop through into new parts of the level, or knock holes in the walls so that the level slowly fills with water. Which then overflows into shark or piranha tanks, meaning that you can knock people into pits of writhing piscine death. Or the way you can kick weapons out of people's hands, so that you can jump down from a higher level, disarm your opponent, grab their flame thrower, and send them to a burning death off the back of a moving train.

    It's brilliantly charming, too- the translation is hilariously poor, which combines with the eccentric character design (one of the assassins is a chimp, another is a pair of siamese twins) to make a totally unique game that has the vibe of a cross between 'Assassins' (the film) and 'Takeshi's Castle' (the bonkers Japanese game show). Plus, your score is measured in Swiss Francs for some mad reason, which just makes me love it even more.

    It's ace. You haven't lived until you've experienced a swordfight between a man in a wheelchair and a jewel thief assisted by a "highly trained lizard". On the top of a rapidly plummeting cargo plane. With guns to follow.

    Play it at first opportunity. I COMMAND YOU.

    i first played this last week, it's pretty coooL!

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