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  1. I love HK:US the way that its edited for Utimate drama
  2. I really haven't heard anything decent produced by Docherty since the Libertines.
  3. God you cunts i have just fuckling listened ot this shite wondering when it might get good.
  4. I've got a nasty feeling that the only thing that will seperate them is that Hatton will cut easier than Mayweather, by which I mean will get cut easier
  5. Something like a chablis or Mildly oaked chardonnay for white I'd go for something like a not too powerful fruity and spicy Shiraz, that should go nicely with your cranberry sauce.
  6. I agree with you here and also all restaurants are going to have a spike in bookings when they find out Ramsey has been there, I'd suspect that most of them go back to their old problems as soon as Ramsey has left.
  7. never been to rhubarb, whats that like?
  8. I watched this last night, again I wasn't expecting much, but I laughed quite a lot.
  9. double the quantities of everything else thats in it, if it needs thickening do add some butter ( monte au buerre ) or add some flour and butter ( buerre manier )
  10. Personally I love it, I synch my Ipod every monday morning so the journey to work on that day is always great, i really look forward to it.
  11. I thought Bales character was a bit odd, didn't know whether he was suposed to be wierd or whether Bale was playing him wierd. Still, I really enjoyed this.
  12. I got the Mario Bros 2 NES Pack, got the original mario shortly after. Mario world was the best one for me, loved that game.
  13. The main issue I have with Mark Thomas is that he peddles his wares as a comedian, and its just not comedy. I
  14. I'm starting series 2 again, having rewatched the first. Best show ever.
  15. I'm only on 15 stars or so but I can definitely say this is an "Edge 10". It seems to add another dimension to the 3D platformer.
  16. I am happily playing HL2 and I've just noticed my gun has dissapeared, i can't see the gun in front of me, just the crosshair. Have i pressed some button to make it dissapear?
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