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  1. The program is becoming so formulaic these days, particularly the American incarnation.

    Invariably, the American version follows this pattern -

    - Turn up, taste food, declare it shit

    - Argue with chefs and owner and call them names

    - Turn up early the next day and declare the kitchen unclean

    - Clean kitchen

    - Renovate restaurant overnight

    - Introduce new menu, without any consultation with chef or owner

    - Re-launch night, starts well, struggle in the middle, finish well

    - End.

    I agree with you here and also all restaurants are going to have a spike in bookings when they find out Ramsey has been there, I'd suspect that most of them go back to their old problems as soon as Ramsey has left.

  2. West Didsbury generally has some pretty nice places.

    The Lime Tree and rhubarb are pretty decent. The Gurkha grill is a nice Indian (up there with the third eye in didsbury or burnage) and there's a nice place which does great mezze and homemade cake which I can't remember the name of.

    never been to rhubarb, whats that like?

  3. Thanks guys but it was a bit disappointing for me as I can usually do better. What would be the best way to rescue a sauce like this if it ends up being too sweet? I added a lot of wine vinegar but it didn't seem to have much effect and I didn't want to add too much as I don't really like the taste of vinegar itself.

    double the quantities of everything else thats in it, if it needs thickening do add some butter ( monte au buerre ) or add some flour and butter ( buerre manier )

  4. No crashes here and I've played it all day. Fantastic looking game and really like the concept of it, only flaws for me are the lack of gameplay options in the world. In Acre, Damascus etc, it boils down to roughing people up, saving people from being roughed up and pickpocketing and sitting on benches. With such a well realised world all it needed was a few more ingenious gameplay segments to really expand the gameplay options. The climbing also needs a bit more challenge, I don't know how but it needs some challenge inherent in the climb. Also the animus sections seem even more limted when you get to them basically pressing one button!! Still really enjoying the fluidity of the character and the richness of the world which is worth admittance on its own. So close to greatness UBi

    this is exactly why i'll leave it this time and wait for the inevitable sequel. By which time they'll be able to realise their true vision as well as taken on board a whole lot of feedback.

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