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  1. this is exactly why i'll leave it this time and wait for the inevitable sequel. By which time they'll be able to realise their true vision as well as taken on board a whole lot of feedback.
  2. Just a note on the psuedo 2 player option. It's absolutely perfect for me and my daughter. i get to hog the game, she gets to watch, but she has a job to do, we love it.
  3. any info on the sales figures this year, compared to last?
  4. I noticed that pretty quickly as well, odd. I just got the 3 stars on the first galaxy, I'm loving it. It still has the soul of Mario 64 but seems quite different.
  5. i had a huuuge bowl of porrdige. I love porridge but for some reason i can't drink coffee when i've had it. which is annoying cos i love a coffee in the morning,
  6. Connective tissue, made up of collegen, breaks down into gelatin and makes the meat soft, it also makes it contract and dry out. However there's a magic point at which the meat begins to relax as most of the collegen turns into gelatin and then starts to absorb the liquid in the pot.
  7. what this guy says, it shouldn't NEED three hours but it won't do any harm.
  8. Not at all, can't really notice the smell. I tried to make another batch on Sunday but for some reason the Curds didn't firm up properly, so it went down the sink!
  9. Just another mention for Petra in Manchester. Went there on Sat night, took our own wine, ate like kings and the bill was £12.50 each!
  10. Halo 3 - though if you'd asked me at the start of the year I wouldn't have guessed.
  11. Downloaded the whole series of Rick Stein's Mediterranean escapes, great stuff.
  12. Not seen the Alex James book, I've read his articles in the Observer. I got the recipe from this guy here.
  13. gonna do some more this weekend soi 'll get the pics going.
  14. I've done quite a lot of processing of foods in my time - Curing, Smoking etc but until recently I'd never gotten round to making cheese, though I've wanted to for a long time. I'll admit that it was that cunt Alex James harping on about cheese making that finally made me get round to buying some rennet tablets off of the internet. So first things first, and easiest of course, is Chevre or ,for us heathens, Goats cheese. I bought two litres of Goats milk from tesco's, wacked it in an enamelled pot, brought it up to room temperature, added some butter milk ( you can use live yoghurt) added the rennet and then i'm supposed to wait 24 hours. I return to it the next day to see what looks like a large circular bar of soap in my pot ad the curds have seperated from the whey. I'm then supposed to drain this off, so i line a colander with some muslin and then pour the contents into the colander. I end up with a large mass of cheese and i suspend this in the air ( tied to a shelf in my fridge) and sit a bowl underneath it. and off I go to work ( this is at 7am monday morning - there's dedication for you ) On my return home from work i open up my muslin bag of cheese and not it definitely looks like goats cheese ( the unrinded stuff you get in pots from the supermarket) I have to add some salt, though in my opinion the recipe over does it somewhat. a little taste and it tastes exactly like the stuff you get in the supermarket, except now i have a large lump of it so its quite cost effective. Anyways that was the first step, i'll probably try it again with maybe some unpasturised goats milk, but then i've got to move on. Its on to mozzarella ! Though where I am going to get buffalo milk is anyones guess.
  15. I was pretty pissed off with the "stepping stones/antlions" bit, it wouldn't been so bad if my character didn't feel like he was on roller skates.
  16. cheers for that, I more or less got my Wii at launch so hopefully i'll be ok. Is there a reputable dealer for the Wiikey? and would a spacker like me be able to fit one?
  17. So I have a PAL, wii.. Whats my best option for modding, and what are the restrictions gonna be since my Wii is PAL?
  18. Fair enough, but it was against spurs
  19. your taste buds do have to adapt before you can get those flavours, early on its just an assault of alcohol and burning.
  20. Thank fuck for that, I don't watch the guy week in week out but he's hardly world class, or am I missing something?
  21. This was my first thought as I was getting started on orange box last night. And after playing Halo the combat feels a bit weak
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