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  1. well that changes everything. Pumpkin soup is really good, I normally chop up the pumpin and roast it in the oven for 45 mins. then i scoop out the flesh, add some stock and then normally as some spices. Nutmeg, cumin, - stuff to give it a nice warm sweet flavour. Add a dash or cream et voila. You can make a decent Thai curry with pumpkin also, boil off some chunks of pumpkin, potato, and sweet potato until "al dente" then fry them in a little olive oil to give colour, add Red Curry paste and some coconut milk. I also make pumpkin ravioli or a pumpkin risotto, and even pumkin lasagne, pumpkin and feta cheese tart, pumkin and sausage casserole.
  2. It really does look good, shame its shit
  3. as Rebs says, if its one of those "halloween systle" pumpkins then there's not much point in doing any but sticking a candle in it.
  4. everything is default on the online. which does make sense to be honest. But its why i am not buying it, I am refuse to be MAN RED ! Its no worse than the previous version.
  5. Impressions of the 360 version. Pro's Shooting is fixed Less slowdown during actual play. Con's - Awful, shudder. Its not shudder, i can't decribe it but it looks fucked on replays. - Less licensed teams. Basically for me, it has very little improvement, but a major one is the fact that the shooting is fixed. And whatever is going on in the replays I can't describe it just looks gash, like frames are missing or something but its not slow. anyway without being too dramtic, I am not buying it now. There's too many good games around for me to waste my money on a mediocre one.
  6. I find i prefer it without water, it has a certain sweetness that is drowned out by adding water the macallan!
  7. Someone has broken the embargo, its on the shelves in Manchester
  8. Porkinsons are lovely, available in most supermarkets these days
  9. Better than the last version, still dissapointing in many ways
  10. THe flesh can be slightly pink as long as the juices run clear.
  11. Its a totally different beast. Its beef that been salted and then you boil it like ham until its tender, the result is not unlike ham or gammon but like beef if you try to imagine it. When it comes in a tin i believe its pureed and set in fat
  12. Yeah I love corned beef hash, its even better if you can actually get real corned beef.
  13. Watched the first 2 of these last night, absolutely amazing. But the cynic in me felt it was all a bit set up.
  14. what happened to the street fighter hd remake thingy?
  15. The whole Nigella prgramme portrays her as a total fruit bat, and the crying mate bit was OTT even for her. She should neck some fucking sleeping pills so that she doesn't wake up every night craving chocolate. Whats more insulting is that she implies she makes a lot of the recipes from whatever she finds in the fridge, which is clearly bollocks, but if you took her at her word why the fuck would you want to watch ( a read the accompanying book) her put together make shift recipes from shit she's found in her fridge. Why not just watch someone who actually buys the correct ingredients.
  16. That sounds like a really good system, how plausible would it be to get your game on PSN or XBLA?
  17. I went on saturday night, he does a long talk about his experiences with some photo's. Basically like a university lecture or something, but he's quite charismatic and the topic is interesting so it all good. He even throws in the odd joke. It lasts almost three hours. I thought he could have broken it up with some video etc cos there was only photographs
  18. It would work if you allowed it to have the regular control scheme and then had the wii pointer controls replacing the manual pass. You could use the Wii motion controls for aftertouch in order to curl the ball.
  19. Odd that, i had the same one last week, I thought it was rank - Like a fizzy stout!
  20. Home made burgers and oven baked potato wedges there's a thread on each in here somewheres.
  21. Yeah but "shake the controller to shoot!!?" Wtf
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