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  1. You need to go round to the other side of the city via main storyline quest place.
  2. There will almost certainly be a console command to do it but doing this will turn achievements off. However pretty much all the code/resources are easy to look at and edit due to it being Unity/.net so I imagine the save files won't be difficult to unravel either. I'll have a little look tonight.
  3. Finally stuck on a gun wielding human cipher with high int, perception and resolve. I was a little worried that the lack of might would mean my damage sucked but so far I'm doing the most damage in the group whilst also doing the most crowd control. I have Eder up front and 3 other characters with slow but high damage ranged weapons and pretty much every fight starts with me gibbing at least 1 enemy before they even reach me. I've just got my stronghold and it's all awesome so far!
  4. I think the best bit of advice you can be given at the start is that if you get to something and it's too hard, come back later with more party members/higher level. Some of the early encounters like the bear and the temple were almost certainly designed with that in mind. Or play on easy (and even then it's not a complete walk in the park)
  5. I need to turn off the visibility of the all the dialogue options I don't have the stats/class/race etc for as they just make me want to switch character to see how the options turn out even though I know they won't make a great deal of difference. I played a whole bunch of different characters in the beta and I've cleared up to and including the 1st village you reach with 2 different characters, a human cipher and a death godlike bleak walker paladin and I still can't decide what to stick with.
  6. I've put the guide book, cook book and almanac up on dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77349605/PoE.zip (still uploading, quite big so might take another 15-30 minutes).
  7. Been playing the beta quite a bit recently and if that's anything to go by it's going to be utterly amazing. They've captured the feel of the old IE games remarkably well, whilst also getting rid of all the features that were just annoying and rubbish. Problem as usual with this kind of thing is that I have no idea what character to pick, the character creation boss is always the hardest for me. I don't think I've managed to even narrow down my choice, I keep rolling characters, thinking I'm going to go with that, then half an hour later thinking of something else that might be cool.
  8. csuzw


    For anyone who liked SpaceChem, Infinifactory is being released today. It's by the same guy and looks like it's very similar to SpaceChem but this time with a Minecrafty/factory theme. Also sounds like it will be a bit more accessible than SpaceChem was. http://www.zachtronics.com/infinifactory/
  9. Must admit I've only tried wolves so far as fur seemed the most useful for me as a tailor. Guess I'll try some other mobs instead.
  10. I've found it ridiculously difficult to get them to 45-50% on my priest too. I get hit too hard to have any chance of outhealing the damage while still doing any dps. If I blow cooldowns and use a follower I can just about do it, it's just too much of a hassle to bother with especially if the chance of savage blood isn't guaranteed. Professions all seem a bit pointless now anyway.
  11. Heroic is probably easier than normal because generally people know what they're doing in heroics. I'm sure there are a considerable number of people running normals that are doing so because they've failed or haven't realised that they need to do silver proving grounds.
  12. The spirit/healer trinkets are just odd. The spirit they have on them seems to be completely independent of ilvl or possibly even inverse if the ones I have are anything to go by. Most, if not all, say chance on attack too but some do proc on heals.
  13. I played mage from beginning of vanilla to beginning of wrath, then played shaman from then until sometime in cataclysm. Since coming back I've changed my mind a lot over which character to play. I had intended to continue with shaman but I hate how totems have changed. Ended up playing priest instead and now I'm kind of stuck in that while I like healing, I really dislike shadow. If I'm going to dps I kind of want to play mage again but I can't be bothered levelling yet another character, professions, garrisons, dailies etc. I wish more things like rep, garrison and professions were account-wide.
  14. I think I could have solo healed it there was so little damage (I guess you might need a 2nd healer on Brackenspore if you ignore green mushrooms).
  15. An alternative to the lumber mill for GR is to get the inn and recruit followers with scavenger. I just got 390 GR from a single follower mission this evening due to that trait.
  16. Is LFR completely separate from Normal/Heroic etc in terms of lockout and loot?
  17. I started playing WoW again recently and as no-one I used to play with seems to play I was considering transferring to Draenor and joining you guys if you'd have me? I'm playing a priest (just hit 100), still not sure what role/spec I prefer though (have previously raided as a resto shaman and mage). I'm mostly interested in the PvE side of the game and raiding but I'd rarely be able to make Thursday which seems to be 1 of your raid days. Would I still be able to find a place on other days (assuming I keep up-to-date on gear etc and don't play like a total moron)?
  18. Right to the end I thought the Chargers were going to contrive to lose the game, so glad they managed to close it out. Same with the Broncos game, they looked so strong early on and then again seemed to stop playing in the 2nd half to the point I was surprised they held on for the win.
  19. I went to see Steelers/Vikings at Wembley last year and have had GamePass for the last year or so and I still can't pick a team. Currently I like the Bengals, Falcons (Hard Knocks), Jaguars (terrible, but young and going in the right direction), and the Chargers (key to may fantasy teams success last year, Weddle's beard and goofy Rivers) but it seems changes on a regular basis.
  20. I don't think it's strictly necessary to have read the first trilogy before Prince of Fools but they're set in the same world at the same time and there is a point they clearly cross over so you will lose a little context by not doing so. I wasn't sure about Prince of Thorns originally but I thought the series got better and better. Not sure where I'd rank Prince of Fools against the originals but I did enjoy it.
  21. Patch today. On the 1 hand I now have the advanced riding skill I paid for (although can't actually notice any difference in speed), on the other hand it's no longer possible to repair anything!
  22. I thought the 5th episode was excellent but the latest 1 might have been even better. Eva Green is amazing in this.
  23. I'd forgotten about that bug. I got it too but haven't bothered with the driver rollback as it hasn't annoyed me too much yet (although it came close in the initial Malgrave bit).
  24. re: Scolari kicking Alves: everyone kicking Neymar: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27862008
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