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  1. A couple of bugs people that I've come across and people should know about: Advanced Riding skill at 40: I think Carbine have said they'd fixed this bug at least twice now and it's still broken. Trying to view it on vendor causes the default Vendor addon to break and if you do buy it, you lose 50g and gain no skill (or the speed difference is so minimal it's not worth i Conscript-Issue Steel Armorer schematics from PVP vendor: Bought these, was charged 800 Prestige, they appeared in my inventory but when I learnt them they didn't unlock (and the schematics disappeared). Conscript-Issue Titanium schematics worked fine though. Not sure if this a general issue but have seen other posts about other PVP tradeskill schematics so it's worth thinking twice before purchasing these at the moment. New Report Spam button on Mails seems broken (possibly intermittent). When I tried it, it froze my game for at least 10s and then the Mail addon decided to stop working. Also seemed to lose all addon settings at this point, I'm not sure if it was related or not though. Send mail button never becomes enabled. Even with the simplest mail with no attachments button wouldn't enabled. Only thing I found to fix it was to quit and re-enter the game. Enemy at the Gates quest in Wilderrun. It's an annoying zone (thankfully the last couple of quest lines and Malgrave seem to be an improvement) to start with but this quest effectively stops all progress through the zone if it's bugged. Another 1 that Carbine keep saying they've fixed but haven't really. Flag and Deathbringer with un-interact-able with on Saturday for me but it had reset on Sunday. Guess it's worth checking it every now and then if you do find it bugged but I don't think the reset time it particularly quick. I've encountered quite a few more but those are the most major. Although none are particularly big or unfixable, the sheer number of bugs and the fact some fixes have had seemingly no testing done on them before being dropped on us is getting a bit annoying. Stability has been pretty good though, I've had a couple of crashes and DCs but always been able to get straight back in. The biggest problem with them is that they seem to kill all user settings every time they happen even if they weren't changed in the most recent session which seems to be a pretty glaring bug. Tried some PvP as it provided decent experience when Wilderrun didn't. Seem like utter chaos with everyone strafe-circle-bouncing everywhere and given I seemed to do as well as anyone on kills/assists etc there didn't seem to be much skill involved. I guess at 50 that'll change a bit though. 1 odd thing that I quite like is that levelling speed for me seems to have been constant (or near enough) from about level 5 onwards. Early on it felt really slow but now at 43 in Malgrave it feels relatively fast. Wilderrun was a bit of an exception due to bugs and not having enough quests. 1 thing that's helping too is that I'm a level 30 scientist now (29.98 on Wilderrun completion, 1st completed Malgrave mission tipped me over) so all path missions give normal experience instead, usually 0.5-1 bubble at go.
  2. I'm ~5 episodes into the 2nd season now and really enjoying it. I'm really liking how they're fleshing out a lot of the minor characters and providing back story to who they were and how they got where they are now.
  3. Is there anyone here playing Engineer who knows how to make the bots behave properly? My bots seem to ignore the stance I put them in, regularly running off to start fights with mobs even when set to passive and then never disengaging even when I'm on the other side of the map (it took me a while to work out you could manually dismiss them). It's got to the point I only summon them as I engage in a tough fight and then dismiss them immediately afterwards which is a bit annoying.
  4. I've just reached level 10 and unlocked tradeskills and I've chosen Miner/Armorer. All the Armorer recipes seem to require One-Nine Fine Carbon. This is available from the tradeskill vendors but I was wondering if anyone knows if it's also gatherable too? Also it's really annoying how the power cores that are required for every recipe don't count as tradeskill items (do they have any other use?) so take up inventory space and also can't be used from your bank. Also is there any account level bank or do you have to send items/gold between characters by mail? For all the polish that seems to have been lavished on the game in some areas, there are some design decisions and missing features that baffle me.
  5. I'm terrible at pretty much every game but I was quite proud of completing all SpaceChem + expansion levels and achievements. Speaks more to perseverance than anything else though.
  6. Still only available in North America, and Japan for Android I think. It's quite easy to find the US apk and the only real downside is that the time specific dungeons/events are sometimes at awkward times.
  7. Finally caught up on the last few episodes tonight. Had been going off it but that was an amazing end to the series. Roll on the next 1.
  8. I've tried to read the series several times. It gets so slow in the middle that it basically grinds to a halt. A year or 2 ago I saw the whole series on sale in a 2nd hand book shop and bought the lot in the hope I could get through but gave up around book 6. The furthest I've got is maybe book 8, I seem to recall some POV character spending the whole book in the same bath - not sure if this actually happened or it was so dull it broke my brain.
  9. Almost all his books have some very minor connections because they're all part of the same universe (called the Cosmere) and there are certain characters that cross between the various worlds in it. However there really isn't enough connection between them to justify reading them for that reason. Personally I didn't particularly like the Mistborn books but everything I've read by him as been at least passable. I really like Way of Kings but I found Words of Radiance quite annoying. I've also read Steelheart and The Rithmatist which I think were aimed at a younger audience but were fairly enjoyable anyway.
  10. Does anyone have a definitive answer for how weapon damage/skill damage type works? For example, my weapon deals fire damage, my skill is physical and I have +15% physical damage on items. I assume my damage would be increased by 15% because skill is physical (and the description for that stat is Physical skills deal X% more damage) but will the damage type actually caused be physical or fire. If physical, then what is the point of weapons have elemental types outside of the visual element? Also Crusaders get an ability called Holy Cause. The description on this says: The amount of holy damage caused by your weapon is increased by 10%. Is this the equivalent of "Holy skills deal 10% more damage" item or does this work in a different way. If different, does it mean your weapon has to be holy and then it applies to all attacks or does it just apply an extra 10% holy damage to all your attacks or does it have some other meaning?
  11. Max skilled Pierdra can be very useful so getting more than 1 isn't that terrible (unless yours is already max skilled).
  12. Had a load of stones saved up. Got 6 gold eggs off 9 rolls but unfortunately they were mostly rubbish. Artemis (2), CDK, Susano, Leilan, Odin. Already got all of them except Artemis and Susano but neither are much use for me. Was after any of Hanzo, Yomi, blue/red Odin or any of the Sonias. Kirin is great because you can use pretty much anything as a sub and still be effective and because it's 1 of the top tier gods at the moment you won't struggle to find people using it that you can add as friends. Can be difficult to activate reliably though but if you've got that down she's probably in the top 2 or 3 leaders in the game right now and when her ultimate comes out, she'll almost certainly be the best.
  13. Eventually you'll probably be overflowing in rift fragments so it won't matter so much. I'm at ~150 fragments now. Bounties just seem like a more effective use of time. I only run rifts every now and then for a break as the rewards just don't seem that good to me (unless you get lucky and end up in an area saturated with elites/treasure goblins). I think I've spent ~500 blood shards and not got a single legendary or useable item.
  14. It's really annoying that it's not on Kindle, I've been hoping it would be added for ages as I've misplaced my copy of the book. It looks like there is an ePub version of the book available on some US sites but not they probably require a US address to purchase them.
  15. The Golden Key by Rawn, Roberson and Elliott. No dragons, a little bit of magic, lots of politics and intrigue.
  16. If Blizzard listened to feedback back then, Diablo 3 would have been Diablo 2 with better graphics, and probably more options to cater to the hardcore. I wouldn't even be surprised if the most vocal people were in fact in favour of an AH given the amount of item trading and selling went on in D2.
  17. For me, Diablo 3 is (and was even at launch, excluding the lag issues) the most satisfying ARPG in terms of combat and that's really the most important thing. Even with the terrible loot and detestable AH meta-game, I still feel like I got more than my moneys worth from the game originally. I got into PoE beta early on and owned Torchlight 2, and yet D3 was always the game I went back to of the 3. The fact that Blizzard seem to have listened and fixed pretty much all my complaints (proper offline mode is really the only thing I'd like to see now) is just icing on the cake.
  18. I quite like the look of this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/arcadia-quest . I'm not even sure why, I don't play board games nearly enough to warrant getting it.
  19. Are you sure it's out? Play and Amazon both still have it as pre-order for 6th of March.
  20. I didn't pay much attention to the figure skating as the voting seems farcical every time I see it but from what I did see this time, without having a clue who was meant to best etc, I thought the Russian who won was best. I just find it funny that the 1 time I think they got the result right, there's a whole bunch of controversy over it.
  21. I didn't think the women's tournament was that interesting. The disparity between Canada and USA to the rest of the teams is too big. The only reason Canada and USA didn't get double digits in most of their games was the opposition goaltenders playing amazing. On the other hand I thought the men's competition was made more interesting by the bigger teams not really showing up. Some of the smaller teams like Latvia and Slovenia got further than expected. I just wish Finland could have won it. I think it would have been a real possibility if Rask had been in the semi (not the Lehtonen is a bad replacement). Still Selanne scored a few and got a medal so that was good.
  22. It wasn't trying to be Mass Effect at all and no game has come close to it in terms of how it handled choices and consequences. That said the Albatross and Sis faction/story is clearly incomplete - I wish Obsidian could get permission and funding to go back and sort it out.
  23. As long as your accounts can friend each other then yes you can swap presents with yourself. Just managed to get Satan which I'm quite happy about. Cost 5 stones (but got 1 back for completing it) which isn't so bad when you consider the boss has 6.67m health, hits for 65k every 3 turns (and 6k on all other turns) and is immune to all status effects. Better result than a roll on REM is likely to give anyway. edit: For anyone in the US region, Scarlet Snake Princess is on today and tomorrow. If you've not got a Naga/Echidna already then run it until you get 1 and if you've already got 1, if you've not got anything a lot better to do, keep running it for more of them. There is no more useful sub for almost any team than a max skilled Naga/Echidna. If you do try to get more for skill ups, don't feed them yet, wait for the next 2x skill up event.
  24. Android and iOS users can communicate, the problem is you can't communicate between regions. iOS users are almost certainly playing the EU version, but Android users are probably playing the US version as an EU version doesn't exist yet. If an iOS user was using the US version then it would communicate quite happily with an Android user also using the US version.
  25. No need for magic stones, just need to level, evolve and/or pick your team better. For example the toughest monsters/bosses are in Castle of Satan are dark so use dark resistance lead or friend and you're immediately cutting the incoming damage in half.
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