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  1. It's not been released in EU region for Android. You can install the US apk fairly easily though, I think there were links provided earlier in this thread.
  2. Only works if you only get hit once in a turn. If there is more than 1 monster attacking you on a turn or a monster multi-hits (basically every monster now) it won't work. Keeper of Rainbows and Hera Descended are about the only difficult dungeons I can think of that it's a useful tactic now.
  3. yup, just need Dark Knights Sword dungeon to come round for a dark mystic knight and you're all set.
  4. Yup, 4x monsters are strong and the Hero series are some of the easier to activate and you can control activation easily too when you need to stall (I mean you're unlikely to accidentally link 8 orbs of the same colour). Also dark monsters in general tend to be better, as xp is easiest to come by (metal dragons come round more often) and for whatever reason they just seem to drop more/have more dungeons etc. With plenty of orb changers and if you get some Enhanced Element Attack awakenings to go with it, you can really rack up the damage.
  5. Just watched the first episode too. Amazing.
  6. Certain evo materials you probably want to keep around regardless of how many you have because they're hard to come by and needed for lots: Dub-Mythlits, Rainbow Keepers, Mystic Masks and Dragon Fruit being the main culprits (maybe mythlits too). Everything else you should be able to get pretty easily at least once a week (or any day once you unlock later normal and technical dungeons) so no need to hang onto more than 1, maybe 2 at a time (Tuesday = Keepers, Wednesday = Masks, Thursday = Dragon Plants, Friday = Sprites) unless you know you're going to need them imminently. edit: as far as I know you can't feed more than once at a time on the REM unless it's different in the EU version. Regardless I'd be very surprised if it makes a difference. There are all kinds of myths and rumours about pull strategies and it's almost certainly all rubbish. Just like all the rumours about if you target a monster in a dungeon, it's more likely to drop. It's been proven that's not the case but people still continue it, it's just confirmation bias.
  7. Be careful what you feed them to. Currently they're really rare (unless you're playing the Japanese version where they give them out like candy) and you can awaken monsters by feeding the same monster to itself so if it's an easily farmable monster it's probably best not to waste a Tamadra on it. Regarding Firedragon Tyrannos, I'd wait. +stat awakenings are really not great. The skills I'd consider really good are Skill Boost and Enhanced Element Attack (the 1 that increases damage when you get a clear a full row of the same color). Enhanced Elements Orbs, Two Pronged Attack aren't bad. Auto Recover, Resistance-Bind, Resistance-Poison and Extend Time can also be situationally very useful. Everything else it pretty much junk.
  8. Not everyone gets these dungeons at the same time. Any dungeon that only lasts for an hour (metal/jewel/gold dragon dungeons and pengdra village) have different schedules depending on your user id. Sites like puzzledragonx.com will give you more information about what group you're in and when these dungeons are scheduled for you (the only way to find out is by move your device clock forward and it only works for about a day in advance). Also note that the Super metal/jewel/gold dragon dungeons aren't completely trivial with super gold and metal dragons hitting for 10k a pop and super jewels hitting for a bit less I think. They also have very high defense and too much health to whittle down so you either need a very strong spike damage leader or a monster with a poison or other ability that will break or ignore defense. If you can do them though they're by far the best source of experience. Yes, Graviton Earth Dragon is part of a series of dragons called Rippers that at one point were considered pretty good, mainly because they have decent stats at level 1 (but they barely improve as they level) but are now considered pretty worthless (although their active has recently been buffed with an orb change ability and they're got an ultimate evo so they might be marginally useful now). At some point you will come to a screeching halt except perhaps in the green dungeons where the 50% damage reduction will help a bit.
  9. Depends how bored you are. As non-gods go, Valkyrie is about as good as you can get and can get you through most of the game if you can get the other healers and that's not too hard given they're farmable from normal dungeons, PAL machine and quite a few of the bi-weekly dragon dungeons. Also before you get those you can use carbuncles.
  10. The F2P aspects become much more obvious later on when the dungeons become so hard you really need specific monsters which only come from REM to be able to make progress or spend stones restoring health/stamina.
  11. You need different teams for different dungeons. You'll often have different set teams for different week day evo material dungeons for example. Much easier to have multiple pre-set teams than having to change your team members all the time.
  12. If you're on US version, I've got a high level, fully awoken Green Odin amongst other strong monsters (see: http://www.padherder.com/user/csuzw/sets/) that you can use. Id is 313,944,201. Got a couple of friends slot open at the moment.
  13. There are a ridiculous amount of PAD clones out there. Tower of Saviours seemed the most successful last time I checked but I found it really flakey, as with every other clone I've tried. Probably not what you're after but the most interesting variation on the game that I enjoyed was Quiz RPG which is basically the same game but with the "puzzle" mechanic removed in place of time-limited trivia questions.
  14. In general the monsters you get out of the REM, especially if it comes out at level 30, will destroy all the normal levels up to at least Tower of Giants regardless of your subs/friends. After that it gets much more difficult and the Descends dungeons that appear every now and then often require very specific teams if want to have a chance at completing them without spending lots of stones. Echidna is 1 of the most useful subs around due to it's active skill but you can get it from fairly easy dungeons (abysmal drop rate though) and the PAL machine so isn't a particularly good REM roll.
  15. Another tip on levelling: Tower of Giants: Dragons of the Tower on 1/2 stamina (weekends) can be run constantly until around rank 100 without running out of stamina. It'll be boring but it's quick levelling.
  16. The links I posted earlier to puzzledragonx and pad.wikia should help. Don't worry too much about type. Enhance generally means it gives good xp, Evo generally means it's used for evolutions but that doesn't mean it's the only use. Also plenty of guides on the Puzzle & Dragons reddit and facebook pages and http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/ re: level 17 Vampire, I'd save the King Metal until after you've evolved it. King Metal will give 75k xp to the Vampire and it only takes ~30k xp to max it from where it is right now.
  17. Feed it, preferably to a dark monster. The only metal/gold/jewel dragons even possibly worth selling are gold and they're so rare, you're better off saving them to feed to light monsters.
  18. That's a nice haul. I got Archangel Metatron in this godfest too. There are quite a lot of non-gods worth holding onto especially early on when team cost is so restrictive. I'm rank 214 and still have teams I can't use due to team cost.
  19. Regions are entirely separate, have their own events and are usually on different versions. iOS and Android players can interact if in same region though. I have a US account 313,944,201 although not sure if I have any friend slots available at the moment. If you're wondering about monster abilities and dungeon difficulty then the following sites are useful: puzzledragonx.com pad.wikia.com The following can also be useful for keeping track of evo materials and experience required: padherder.com
  20. I'm 5 or 6 episodes into this and only persevering for Spader.
  21. I'd heard they were trying to copyright/trademark/whatever it's called Candy and Saga but I didn't think they'd actually be successful. Hope they lose terribly and get counter-sued for millions for being dicks. I guess this is similar to the Elder Scrolls/Scrolls thing, what was the eventual outcome of that?
  22. The more I play this, the more I like it. Initially not knowing what the result of actions was going to be and the unfamiliar combat threw me but I like it all now (even when I lose my best fighter by making the wrong decision!). Only niggles are with the conversation system. The way it seemingly random cuts between characters that don't necessarily correspond to who is talking. It would be really helpful if you could at least scroll back through conversations to check exactly who said what etc. Also the age old problem of confusing intent of some options. Several times I've selected options that I thought were curious/sympathetic only to have them come out as accusatory/threatening.
  23. I've got the same problem with combat. They way combat seems to work is opposite of almost every other game of this type I've played. Usually I'd focus fire and kill off the easier guys as quickly as possible but in this that just means the tougher guys get more turns attacking you. It seems best to knock all enemies down to low health/strength and then finish them at roughly the same time and if you have to kill any early, make it the tougher guys.
  24. It's Tab I think. Or Alt. It definitely exists anyway.
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