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  1. I'm struggling to see the benefit of this if it's AMD only, they're just trying to fragment everything all over again. Maybe DirectX/OpenGL aren't perfect but at least it means you don't have to spend all your time catering for every different bit of hardware. Also the last AMD card I used, I ditched despite it being current and working perfectly because the drivers were such a fucking pain. They knew about the problem but release after release continued to have the same issue. Never had a problem with Nvidia.
  2. I played this a bit in beta but it quite quickly reached a point where I needed to grind to level up so that I could make any progress (or possibly spend lots of money). Is it still like this?
  3. Plans for Sunday in London fell through so decided to pick up tickets for the game at Wembley. Only had premium seats left so it wasn't cheap either. Both teams are playing terribly and I have no particular affinity for either anyway so hopefully it's all worth it. Maybe AD will explode and rush for 1000 yards or something! Anyone else going?
  4. Just realised that I'm going to be in London next weekend and I'm mostly free on Sunday so thinking about getting tickets to Vikings v Steelers (I expected them to be sold out by now but apparently not). Wish a team was playing that I actually cared about though.
  5. I backed Clang almost entirely because of Neal Stephenson and then immediately regretted it. I just wanted another Die by the Sword game. I got a Hydra on special offer and tried the demo out with it but it didn't control well at all. I couldn't tell if the demo was just rubbish or if it was the Hydra. Still I'm not that unhappy, I knew the risks when I backed and overall I feel like most of the games I've backed are on track to be pretty good. So far of 9 games backed, 2 are released (FTL, Shadowrun), 1 seems to have failed (CLANG), 3 are running late but seem very likely to get released (Double Fine, Banner Saga, Unwritten) and 2 are looking good but not exactly sure about status (Wasteland 2, Project Eternity) and 1 it is too early to tell (Torment).
  6. I'm trying to decide on this. Zach's previous game SpaceChem might be my favourite game ever. This however just seems to be another computer card game with tactical bits that seem oddly popular at the moment.
  7. Seriously happy about this AH change, just wish it was happening sooner. If they remove the online thing so lag is never a problem I don't think I'd ever stop playing it.
  8. I hope Denver can keep up this form, it's doing wonders for my fantasy team. Overall I have an awful team but last week Manning and Welker (and V Davis for SF) won it for me. This week Manning, Welker and Moreno are keeping me in it. If AJ Green doesn't beat Gio Bernard by almost 10 points this week (which is likely but not entirely certain) then I'll get another win this week.
  9. I still think I prefer Rome 2 to Shogun 2. Shogun 2 was superficially more polished than most TW games at release but it still had it's fair share of problems. Realm divide was a terrible mechanic and the AI producing monster stacks out of thin air to make up for it being rubbish was infuriating. The only 2 problems I've encountered in Rome 2 that have really annoyed me are the time it takes for turns (and admittedly this is right up there with any S2 issue for putting me off playing right now) and a passive AI which is almost certainly going to be fixed to some extent shortly.
  10. Every release CA talk about how the AI is going to be the best ever and how much effort they're putting into it and every time it's worse than the previous game. Especially for the battle AI it makes no sense as that area of the game hardly changes in each iteration.
  11. For periods of time while I played WoW I think I averaged about 8 hours a day (and I had full time job, it could have been even worse). Basically ever waking hour I wasn't sleeping or working. I ate and drank at the PC and didn't get nearly enough sleep. I even enjoyed it sometimes. Overall I don't think I played it quite as much as PC Master Race played FFXI though but I can't have been far off. It's scary (and sad) to think I might have spent a whole year of my life playing it. Even then I know people who probably played at least twice as much as me overall.
  12. I prefer this to Shogun 2 but that's mostly down to the setting. Also probably prefer it to Empire because I encountered loads of bugs at launch with that, where as I've not encountered anything other than poor AI (which has plagued the series forever) in Rome 2.
  13. Ha! I have the worst team by far in my fantasy league (combination of not having a clue what I was doing and missing the live draft) but this week I might actually do OK. I have Manning and Welker. If Seahawks also have a good game it might make up for the fact my running backs suck. Also Danny Trevathan is an idiot. I just don't understand why players start showboating to the point they drop the ball before they even enter the end zone. Surely it's happened enough times now that people would make sure before celebrating.
  14. Started playing as Pontus on Hard after deciding Iceni on Normal was too little challenge even for me. So far I've fought 2 battles, both sieges, in which I've killed ~3000 men, lost 0 men, and taken the victory points in the cities without having to engage the enemy troops at all. So far I'm not really seeing the difficulty increase. I'm not sure the AI is always bad, but it's definitely very inconsistent, especially in siege battles (and there weren't even walls to confuse it in these battles)
  15. World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. They've cost more than many games but I've put way more hours into them than anything else. SpaceChem is probably up there too, got it in Steam sale and I keep coming back to it.
  16. I've been playing it a bit and as with every TW game at release there are some good/interesting new features but also various technical issues. A few new features I like: Limit on number of armies you can field based on the size of your empire. At first I hated this but then I realised that I no longer needed to worry about garrisoning towns with any units as they are provided automatically based on how big your town is and what you've built in it. Provinces. Basically a small group of regions that if you control them all, gives you extra bonuses. Also public order and other metrics are province wide not region wide so for example having troops stationed in 1 region of a province affects the whole province not just that region. Moving across seas is easy. I couldn't work out at first because I was expecting to have to load them onto ships but you just move them into the sea and they automatically pile into their own boats. It makes it really easy. On the other hand diplomacy (can't even get trade agreements with others without also providing massive gold incentive) and battle AI are as shonky as they ever were. Personally I haven't had issues with the graphics or art style but I know plenty of other have. The UI doesn't seemed that well designed overall though. The thing that annoys me most though is the time taken between turns. I understand that there is a lot of simulation and AI work to do but when it takes longer to get to your next turn than actually play your turn then it's not that fun. I'm playing as the Iceni and have now conquered all Britain and Ireland and taken my 1st province in France. The Irish region actually agreed to become join my confederation purely because I declared war on them even though they were almost as strong as me militarily, my closest ally on the otherhand (who wouldn't even join an alliance with me despite gifts of gold and generally being nice to them) ended up have to be brutally subjugated instead of peacefully joining me. So far it's not been too complicated as everyone is Celtic so no cultural issues but that's going to change when I start making inroads into the mainland.
  17. I recently bought GamePass and having getting into American Football a lot so have been thinking about getting a recent Madden game. At the same time despite knowing the rules I'm utterly hopeless at whichever Madden game I have at the moment (probably 07-09 - latest I could find pre-owned in my town a while back). I cannot defend to save my life so I basically concede a TD every time opposition gets possession. Also what's the difference between Madden 13 and Madden 25 (or it is the same as 14?)? I kind of want 25 just because it has Barry on the cover.
  18. csuzw

    Android Games

    I just discovered a game called "Quiz RPG" (stupid name). It's basically Puzzle & Dragons but instead of a match 3 mini game for battles, it gives you multiple choice trivia questions. Finding it strangely addictive so far even with the wildly varying question difficulty.
  19. I started playing this again over the weekend. For some reason I still enjoy this much more than Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile despite the infuriating lag spikes/rubber banding, horrible loot and lack of randomness. It seems to have got a bit easier as I've been going through Act 1 and 2 of Inferno quite comfortably on my Barbarian without really upgrading anything when I'm sure I was struggling to make any progress when I last played him. Anyone know if this is due to the monster power addition or am I imagining this? Also still don't know how people make money in this game, I struggle to sell items for a few thousand whilst there are items going for billions and despite spending very little money and having 2 60s, vendor recipes like Hellfire ring and Archon Armour cost almost as much as I have.
  20. Is the Crusader a new class or a new companion?
  21. I decided to try out gamepass and it looks pretty good, think I'm going to be sticking with it for the season. I especially like the option to watch condensed games which cuts out all the breaks. Also entered the fantasy football on nfl website. Had no idea what I was doing, made a half hearted stab at draft rankings, missed the live draft because it was at 4am or something horrible like that and woke up to find that I'd got my priorities all wrong and that I should have been focusing on running backs instead of quarter backs. Don't think I'm going to be doing very well.
  22. I've read his 1st series of 6 books (Riyria Revelations). The only bit that really stood out for me was the ending which I thought was excellent but the rest wasn't anything special (certainly not bad though either). He posts quite a lot on the Fantasy subreddit and seems like a decent bloke, also has an excellent moustache.
  23. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get various Ultima games (mostly 7) to run on my PC but never managed it. So many boot disks re-arranging memory and still never quite had enough of the various types it required. I guess if I had got any of them running they may well have featured on my list.
  24. I'm pretty sure I posted my top 10 correctly (http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/272770-the-greatest-pc-games-of-all-time/page-6#entry9409154) and yet SpaceChem is ranked 278th, 1 vote, 10th place when I actually ranked it 1st on my list. This actually might move Alpha Protocol up as well as I ranked that 2nd.
  25. re: Sanderson: I didn't get on with the Mistborn books but I enjoyed The Way of Kings and am looking forward to the next in the series. Just finished Emperor of Thorns and I thought it was excellent. It's a series that has got better and better as it's gone on. I wasn't actually that impressed with Prince of Thorns but I'm glad I kept on with it and the rest of the series. Jorg might be my favourite character in any fantasy series. Finally an anti/dark hero type that doesn't get emo/angsty every time he does something bad (if he did the series would probably challenge Wheel of Time in lengh!).
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