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  1. The more I think about this the harder it is to decide. There are only 3 games I'm definite on, for the rest I could easily pick a different 7 every day depending on my mood.
  2. You're right it doesn't have the grand strategy bit but that has existed in various forms for a long time anyway. It was the 1:1 real time battles that I was thinking of (it wasn't actually 1:1 in FoG but it is the 1st game I remember even making a stab at that kind of thing). 7 years, 10 years, it's all the same
  3. SpaceChem: No game has felt as satisfying to complete as this. Alpha Protocol: Unfinished, contains some really odd design decisions and it still sticks out to me as 1 of the most ambitious games ever attempted. I want more games like this. World of Warcraft: Not so much the game itself but the people I played with. Played way more than any other game and still some great memories (also lots of bad!). Just got back from an amazing holiday in Yukon and Alaska that wouldn't have happened without this game. Baldur's Gate + TotSC Homeworld: Most beautiful looking and sounding game ever made. UFO: Enemy Unknown Quake 2: First FPS I played multi-player as well as single player. Probably not actually the best but it's the 1 I'm fondest of. Sensible Soccer The Settlers: Hours of dual screen, dual mouse fun with 1 of my best friends. Usually degenerated to physical violence. Fields of Glory: Basically a Total War game but pre-dates them by about 10 years. Happens to cover my favourite time period and has loads of historical data in it too. If I could have 11 I'd add Hardwar in too.
  4. Just got into the Card Hunter beta. It's another tactical card based game like Scrolls and a few other games that are out or on the horizon. Not quite sure why it's suddenly become such a popular genre but I quite like it. Not a fan of the fact it's browser based and free to play but otherwise it seems excellent. The art style is lovely and the game is fun to play.
  5. Release date has now been set as July 25th. Not sure why I kickstarted this but from everything I've seen it's shaping up excellently. I hadn't even realised that a full campaign editor was being released and I love the fact they're actually releasing the main campaign in an editable format.
  6. Just finished watching the most recent Game of Thrones series. Renewed my Netflix subscription for Arrested Development and ended up watching all of Justified and House of Cards (US series) too, both of which I really enjoyed. Checked out Lie to Me but barely managed 1 episode and now watching White Collar which is rubbish but for some reason I can't stop watching it.
  7. For the US APK: http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/showthread.php?tid=8624 . It won't overwrite your data (or at least it's never done it for me). Also despite being in the UK with a UK phone I can upgrade via the US Play store, but that might be due to rooting and/or using Titanium backup. Regarding magic stones: a new event starts tomorrow so that'll probably be another 7 free stones. Unless you get really lucky with monsters out of the REM you very quickly reach a point where the only stones you can get are the free ones from playing for a certain length of time or event daily stones.
  8. I personally think Speakers for the Dead and Xenocide are at least as good as Ender's Game. That said they're quite a bit more philosophical in nature so the style is different. They're also only direct sequels by publication date, in the universe chronology there are a few books in between.
  9. csuzw


    I've heard the initial price is going to double on release too. Generally I like what I've seen so far. Most of the problems I've encountered have been minor usability issues. I think my biggest gripe is that you're made to choose a starter deck before you've even had a chance to play the game. There are various videos and posts around that try to explain what the differences are but I don't feel they're that helpful without having some 1st hand knowledge of the game and the decks. You can buy the other starter decks but I'm not too convinced that it's worth it.
  10. csuzw


    Got it and quite like it. Only played 1 multi-player game so far and got berated for being slow despite turns being time limited to about 90 seconds. Won comfortably so guess thinking about what you're doing does help.
  11. csuzw


    Some guy is running a SpaceChem tournament on the Steam forums. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3131162 . Run by a guy who came 2nd in this tournament last year: http://lparchive.org/SpaceChem-2012-Tournament/
  12. The stamina issue gets easier. I currently have 91 stamina (rank 149) and I still level up every other day or so even though I don't tend to do the best xp/sta dungeons. Tomorrow you should probably run Poring Tower every chance you get instead of that level up dungeon though. I doubt it's going to come around that often and almost everything that drops is going to be useful for levelling skills.
  13. The possible options for power-up fusion are Good, Great (1.5x) and Super (2x) and it's random. Evolve fusions are fixed and just depend on having the right materials. There is however an extra hidden type of evolution that happens through power-up fusion (for some reason it's often referred to as Busty Evolution which I assume is a bad translation of something). If you feed exactly the right evolution material to certain monsters the power-up button will flash differently and you'll be given the option to evolve them - most dual coloured monsters are obtained this way. You'll need to look up a site like puzzledragonx.com to find the right combinations though.
  14. The later normal and technical dungeons aren't easy and nothing particularly special drops (except for maybe the last normal which costs 99 stamina to even run!) so you're mostly doing them for the free stones. That said there are a few that useful evolution material drop in that are worth unlocking, for Normal: Ocean of Heaven (for Mystic Masks) and for Technicals: Temple of Trailokya (for Mystic Masks) and Hill of Iris's Rainbow (for Dub-Mythlits). Even reaching these isn't necessarily easy, a lot depends on how much luck you had with REM. I got lucky (once) and got Isis and if I hadn't got that I'd have probably stopped playing the game because progress would have been either impossible or at least not fun.
  15. Siri: Looks like you've got the makings of a decent dark team, but you really need an orb changer or 2 so keep going for the Mystic Dark Knight today. Next week Ancient Dark Dragon should open so I'd do that as much as possible for Dark Moltdra (bit like Pengdra but twice as much XP) and a Succubus (solves darks RCV problem and provides poison). I'd also try to get a Vampire from Castle of Satan but that will require a lot of luck so might be better ways to spend your time and there is a Vampire specific dungeon that occasionally appears in events. Argh: In Technical dungeons all the monsters you face have abilities they can use instead of just attacking - mostly I find them really annoying unless you have damage multiplier leaders that allow you to 1 shot every round. There aren't invisible dungeons, you just need to complete dungeons to unlock the next tier.
  16. Goes nicely with the Vampire Lord. I can save you some time. If you've not got the latest flavour of the month monster (Archangel Lucifer or Horus spring to mind) then you'll be told to re-roll. This is obviously terrible advice.
  17. Yes but I'm not sure it's worth it. The only thing you can get from presents is 1 of the starter dragons but the only 2 of those that are hard to get (light/dark). They're all available from ancient/legendary/mech/etc dragon special dungeons that they cycle through anyway. Once fully evolved they make decent mono-colour leaders but their stats aren't great so you're unlikely to rely on them forever.
  18. I believe the godfest is still on as they extended it so it's not a bad time to roll but always depends on what you already have and what you want. The Greek gods are all excellent and Archangel Lucifer currently FOTM but I'm not sure about the other angels.
  19. Pretty much the same for me. I also wasted my present on some random person on my friends list. I got Mermaid, Mystic Dark Knight and Basilisk in this godfest, all of which I've already got and they didn't even provide skill ups. Needless to say wasn't impressed. On the other hand I've just max skilled my Chaos Dragon Knight. Not that I have a decent leader to use him with.
  20. There were meant to be 2 different special events happening in game today and both messed up in different ways. The sheer amount of anguish on the forums and Facebook page is incredible. You'd think it was the end of the world. Everyone is foaming at the mouth expecting instant fixes and out of proportion compensation. This is despite the fact that last time GungHo messed up they provided ridiculous compensation so fast half the people didn't even know anything had gone wrong. Having played various other online games I should be used to it by now but the Puzzle & Dragons fan-base does seem to be particularly unbalanced. I'm not sure whether to find it funny or sad.
  21. I'd heard some it may be due to licensing issues as some of the monsters are from Final Fantasy and I think they're adding a load of Evangelion related content soon. That said it feels more like markets other than Japan are a complete after thought. The non-Japanese version are always behind the Japanese version, and while the gap has closed recently there are still far more events and more content in Japan.
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if you did get slightly better drops on the 1st roll but you can definitely get some rubbish too. The chance of getting a god isn't that low though, the problem is most people want specific gods and the chance of getting the specific 1 you need, even when there is an event on that boosts the chance, is very slim. Unfortunately I wouldn't say Thor is 1 of the better gods to start with but getting him in 6 star rather than 5 star form will save you a fair amount of time and effort assuming you do stick with him.
  23. Some links in this thread: http://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/showthread.php?tid=6667 I'm not sure the Warhammer comparison is very useful. With Warhammer there is resale value (even profit to be made if you can paint well), and you know what you're getting when you spend the money. With Puzzle and Dragons you generally don't know what you're getting with money. Also until recently, if your phone messed up and you lost game data then you lost everything. I think there may be ways to retrieve saves now if your local copy gets messed up but I'm not sure how well they work.
  24. I've been playing Puzzle & Dragons for a while and following some of the forums/facebook pages and the amount some people spend on it is staggering. Regularly see people talking about how skint they are and then in the next breath talking about how they've dropped $100 on the game (which will mostly get them junk due to the slot machine thing that gives you monsters being horrible). I've yet to purchase anything though but the way the game is designed makes it very tempting. Oddly despite installing the game manually via the .apk file and the game not being available in the UK, whenever an update comes out (happened a lot recently) I can do it through the Play store.
  25. Picked up a book called The Heresy Within by Rob J Hayes for 77p from Amazon earlier. Wasn't expecting much but proved to be excellent. Very reminiscent of Joe Abercrombie and I've already picked up the other 2 books in the trilogy. Hopefully they prove to be just as good.
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