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  1. Thanks for reminding me about this show. I randomly caught an episode of this while on holiday a few years ago and immediately got a couple of series on DVD. As said above Spader and Shatner are incredible. I'd completely forgotten but will have to look up new series/episodes.
  2. I tried to get into RFC a few days ago and was killed by guards (they're level 75 now presumably in preparation for WotLK) on the way and then got ported back out to Durotar graveyard so I couldn't just corpse jump to the instance like normal. Not sure if this was a glitch or a new feature but I couldn't be bothered trying again. Getting the fishing bit done was easy though.
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    The only issue with WowMatrix that I'm aware of is that both WowInterface and Curse dislike it and would block it if they could (I'm not sure how actively they're working on this). 1 of the main concerns is that it is effectively circumventing all WI/Curse advertising revenue, which as much as you might hate it, does pay for all those servers and bandwidth that host and distribute the addons. The other issue is that some authors don't like it because they want to have control of distribution.
  4. I believe in WotLK, scribes can make epic offhands (they don't look very good though), shoulder enchants (no idea if they're BoP but either way it's good) and we possibly get an extra glyph slot.
  5. I've seen Manchester United 3 times at Old Trafford. 1. Wimbledon in early/mid 90s: 0-0 2. Arsenal, Battle of Old Trafford - right behind the goal where the penalty was missed :/ : 0-0 3. Manchester City a couple of years ago: 0-0 The 3rd match was actually entertaining but I'm seriously annoyed I've never seen a goal. I've got 1 friend who doesn't even support Utd and the 1 game he's been to that they played in was the 9-0 Ipswich win. I won't be at the QPR game so no need to worry about that
  6. A lot of quests can't be completed immediately or you'll need to do something else before you can. In this case when you accept another quest from someone else you'll get a key for the crypt. All the collect X body parts from Y monster are entirely optional and I've always been a little confused as to why they're in there. I can understand them in an MMO but they're a little out of place in this game.
  7. It's free if you own the original game or am I misunderstanding this comment?
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