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  1. Just came across this Kickstarter which I thought looked interesting: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1599677835/unwritten-that-which-happened It looks like some kind of combination of King of Dragon Pass, Banner Saga, Civ and HoMM and has some really striking visuals.
  2. Just finished reading Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. It's the 1st book in a new series called Raven's Shadow and as far as I can tell it's self-published (on Kindle store). Usually I avoid self-published like the plague and if there was an option to hide all such efforts I would enable it, however in this case I'd seen a lot of good reviews from people that seemed to have similar likes/dislikes to me and there wasn't anything else that I was interested in so decided to give it a punt and I'm really glad I did. Well written, interesting enough character and world and I'll be looking forward to the next installments. If you are going to try it, it's worth picking up now before the price goes up as I believe he's been offered a publishing deal.
  3. For some reason I went to bed with Seahawks just about to get a touchdown and 30s left which assuming they'd win the game. Wake up the next morning to find they've somehow contrived to lose. I should start betting on NFL given every team I want to win loses. Not sure who I'll root for with Seahawks and PFM gone.
  4. I agree with you on this although I do think Erikson rushed the end a bit. I've not bothered with the WoT books for a long time, I could never get past those middle books and I can't bring myself to skip ahead. With GRRM I thought book 3 and 4 quality dropped dramatically and when I went back to read 1 again recently it wasn't close to as good as I remembered. On the other hand I really liked the latest book and don't tend to notice the GRRM fixations that annoy other people. I'm currently reading Daniel Abraham's Dagger and Coin books and I love them. Despite liking the Long Price quartet I put off reading the Dagger and Coin books because the reviews didn't seem as good. I much prefer the Dagger and Coin books. It's written with each chapter being told from the perspective of a different character (like the SoIaF books) which usually leaves me wanting to skip chunks so I can get to the characters I like but in this I don't find there is any character I like/dislike to the exclusion of others.
  5. I'm not sure if this should be it's own topic but are there any games like Pokemon with the whole collection/levelling thing (not the JRPG style battle thing) around? I'd like to like Pokemon but I've increasingly found the battle system tedious (unless it changed on 3DS versions) with all the extraneous dialogue and annoying "lag" in stepping through them making even the simplest battle take longer and more repetitive than necessary. I know of Puzzle and Dragons on iOS/Android which is excellent but I was wondering if there was more.
  6. In the RPS KOTOR II guide mentioned above they talk about something that might work for this: http://www.gamesave-...port&c=synclink . Not tried it myself though. edit: This method is more for if you want to do it regularly, otherwise just copy as stefcha said above.
  7. I'd like to see Broncos vs Seahawks in the SB but I think it'll be Patriots vs Packers.
  8. Are the Dorothy Dunnett books free? If so where? Only read the Lymond series and it was great.
  9. Every time I glance at this game a Corinthians player is rolling about as though they've been shot.
  10. ITS THE BEST GAME EVER! Despite hating it initially it's now my 1st or 2nd favourite game ever depending on my current feelings on chemistry themed programming puzzles.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely be checking out some cameras in store but I really think a DSLR will be so big and heavy I can't be bothered carrying it anywhere (not when I'm carrying a week or 2s camping gear and supplies too!). Regarding deals I noticed I can get a Samsung NX1000 with 20-50mm lens, 50-200mm lens for £500 (£600 with 16mm pancake - no idea if this is worth it) after cashback and get a free Galaxy Tab 2 (I've been thinking about getting a tablet so this kills 2 birds with 1 stone) with it if I buy in the next few weeks which seems kinda good?
  12. Currently I'm using my phone as a camera and while the quality is surprisingly good as phones go (Xperia Arc S) it's still slow, zoomless, not great in low light etc. Next year I'm hoping to be going on trekking/canoeing trip to Yukon and Alaska and I'd really like a camera that can do a bit more justice to the scenery and wildlife I hope to see there (and even if I don't go on this trip, any other holiday I do will be a similar kind of thing). So predominant use will be big open landscapes or wildlife shots, I rarely remember to take photos of people, and I don't care about video. Secondly I know very little about cameras and I don't want to carry anything too bulky/heavy so I'm not after some big complex DSLR. I'd like something with a decent zoom but as far as I can see you can't just go off 2x, 4x etc figures because it's also dependant on sensor size and things like that. Would 1 of the fairly compact non-fixed lens type cameras be worthwhile or is there going to be little point getting 1 over a standard compact camera? Is it even worth going for a fixed lens compact camera with large zoom or are the trade offs for that kind of thing too big? I'm not necessarily after exact model recommendations, more what makes/features/numbers should I be looking out for.
  13. Personally I enjoyed it. It's not going to win any awards for acting or story but it was fun and reminded me of old martial arts films.
  14. You don't actually need to go to the Mines. For Montaron and Xsar you just need to enter the Nashkel map and they'll stop bothering you. For Jaheira and Khalid you may also need to speak to the guy outside the Temple in Nashkel. On a related note, if you pick up Kagain in Beregost, go to the map immediately North and he'll immediately give up on his quest and join you permanently (assuming reputation stays low enough) - if he doesn't, you may need to go right a bit to uncover the destroyed caravans. I think Minsc and Edwin both have time limits on going to the Gnoll Stronghold.
  15. Jaheira and Khalid will leave your party just like Montaron and Xsar if you don't go to Nashkel quick enough. I think Montaron and Xsar will get fed up quicker though. In general there are no time limits on the main story. The NPC quests you get on picking them up often have a time limit and there are a handful of other side quests in the game that are also time limited. The game is terrible for letting you know about time limits and there are times when quests sound like they need to be rushed but don't.
  16. Gnoll Stronghold map, you shouldn't be able to miss them.
  17. At a certain point you might as well just cheat instead of repeatedly re-rolling, especially if you won't take less than 18/00. Just add "'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1'," to your ini file and then at the stats screen press Ctrl+8. Then rearrange points to your hearts content - remember you don't have to use all the points it gives you.
  18. I think class kits along with a few other things were stolen from 3e for BG2 (they didn't appear in original BG). I still wish BG:EE had use the IWD2 engine with it's 3e ruleset. It wasn't perfect but it had far fewer annoying restrictions and also sub races just to make character creation even more difficult! Regarding NPC choice, I generally end up with very similar groups based on NPCs found in that narrow path from FAI to Nashkel as my group is already set and levelling up by the time I meet any NPCs off that path. Evil NPCs also get ignored as playing evil is so rubbish in this. That said I am playing evil this time however I have an AI script that allows me to press a button to set my reputation to a certain value, so I don't have to put up with being attacked by guards all the time. I think there are also mods available that make finding NPCs later a bit less of a problem because they start on the same XP as you when they join but I'm not sure.
  19. Level cap in original game was 89000, level cap in ToSC was 161000. Fuck knows why I remember this stuff. Regarding creating characters. I always start with working out which NPCs I'm going to take and also tend to look ahead to BG2 far too much. This means I tend to end up with thief levels because BG2 hasn't got any good ones imo. That said I'd be very surprised if BG2:EE doesn't include a new (probably evil) thief. I usually end up multi-classing with mage or cleric as again good mages/clerics are rarer than good fighters and I don't want to dual because I don't have the patience for the period where you don't have access to your 1st class skills. And then I don't like my character because all I really want to do is crush enemy faces with a massive hammer or something.
  20. If someone is ready to level up, you'll see a little golden cross in the top right of their character portrait. Then you go to the character page and hit level up as daveodeth said. That said it's easily possible to reach the Mines at level 1 if you get a fully party quickly and don't explore much.
  21. There is (or was, a patch has been released that apparently changed it) a problem with monster spawning. I remember the Gnoll Stronghold overflowing with Gnolls where as there are only a handful now. In some ways I prefer it with fewer monsters but at the same time I'm sure I've gained much less xp at the point I'm at than in previous games. The xp cap is 161000 which is around 8-10 for most single class characters. Regarding tactics: if there is an enemy in a robe, or casting a spell, focus them first. You'll interrupt their spells and they're generally squishier. The quicker you get the spell casters out the way the better as they're what mess you up the most. The cleric spell Silence is great for any caster groups too. So far I haven't really had any problems with encounters in the main game other than those caused by narrow corridors and horrible pathfinding. On the other hand some of the Tales of the Sword Coast battles are ridiculous and I haven't even started Durlag's Tower. I resorted to the slightly cheesy tactic in a certain wrecked ship of sending my main fighter up stairs and then immediately returning to pull the enemies down in smaller groups focused on my tank as sending my whole group up was getting me slaughtered. The final battle in the ship also had me pulling my hair out for about an hour as I tried to work out what could actually damage the thing and then how to do damage quickly enough to overcome it's crazy regeneration. Thankfully I hoard potions so it wasn't completely impossible. Personally I think BG2 was more difficult. BG1 has the problem that at low levels you have little health and few abilities so bad luck with the dice or the wrong character being targetted often causes death which is annoying but I'm not sure it can really be counted as difficult. BG2 on the other hand has far more casters/difficult monsters that start battles almost completely immune to anything you can do and can cause havoc before you can strip their protection enough to get them under control. BG2 it always felt to me like you needed to be rested up and prepared more going into battles and sometimes very specifically prepared.
  22. Depends on the difficulty level and whether they got "chunked". If you're on Normal or below I don't think deaths can be permanent. Above that if they take enough damage that can die permanently. If they explode into chunks and their character portrait disappears then they're gone permanently, otherwise you can go to a priest and get them raised for a price or if you have a high enough level cleric then you can raise them yourself (I'm not sure you can reach this level in BG1 though). As to the difficulty, it gets worse
  23. I think there is quite a wide gap between Baldur's Gate and KOTOR even if the play style is somewhat similar. BG does a lot of things that even by the time KOTOR came out you wouldn't have been able to get away with. Permanent deaths, permanently alienating NPCs from the 1st conversation option, very little help with where to go, what to do or how to do it. The 2nd edition rules (or at least the IE implementation) are also very arcane at times.
  24. This seems to be out on the iPad now - it's up on the store anyway.
  25. If you have the original BG + BG2 you can get BG running in the BG2 engine, combined with various user fix/mod packs you basically get everything except the new Blackguard kit, a few voices, a few portraits and 3 NPCs (but there are plenty of decent mods that add these type of things in). The mods/fixes are generally not that painful to install as there are plenty of guides and install tools to help things. The advantage to this is if you already own the games it's cheaper (and it's probably possibly to buy them both for less than $20 combined) and for now it's probably less buggy. With EE you get everything in 1 easy package but all the teething problems of a new release. Most of the active mod authors for the BG series are active on the EE forums and have beta access so while not all mods work now, it does seem likely they will at some point. There are likely to be mods that are no longer supported that may not ever work with EE though. Most of the mod/editor tools work with EE with a bit of messing about. Also regarding messing with .ini files, there's potentially more of it with EE as the original has a utility for setting various options where as EE has nothing. If you don't have anything better intel graphics chip in your PC then you're most likely better getting the original or waiting a bit as EE currently has real game breaking issues with these as far as I'm aware.
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