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  1. Recently I was surprised to discover that full speed emulation of SM64 on 3DS (well, New 3DS) is now a thing, and pretty impressive it is too. But a true 3DS port is here..and wonderful in all of its vanilla 240p glory. It's perfect on New model as the camera buttons map to the nipple stick. Literally perfect.
  2. I always saw the Mario Vs Donkey Kong games as evolutions of the template laid down by Donkey Kong '94 (on Game Boy). It also introduced special moves that were later incorporated into SM64 and turned into a full blown puzzler reminiscent (to me at least) of the later GBA and DS vs. games. I think a lot of these types of games owe a lot Lemmings, mostly.
  3. Atari Lynx: 160 x 102 Evercade: 480 x 272 Lynx video would have to be in a pretty small window to stay sharp (at 2X integer scale) without being cropped, so I reckon they'll scale it vertically to fit as full screen as possible.
  4. I've used a couple of implementations of Handy before (on 3DSs) and noted that they seemed to have needed the extra CPU grunt of a New 3DS to run well. Never having owned a Lynx myself I couldn't speak on emulated audio accuracy but assumed was.. okay (i.e. not too tricky for emu writers to do a reasonably good job on)?
  5. I can only compare it to memories of playing the original PAL release (which I haven't booted up in many years), so not particularly scientifically, unfortunately. I kept the handling settings at default but with three laps per course (how I used to have the PAL one)..but the only meaningful difference I felt was that it was harder to catch up with opponent cars and and that grazing the sides of the tracks seemed more punishing to car speed. However I couldn't really say if this was more due to the game having been tweaked or me being super-rusty with my skills. Probably the latter.
  6. Have we ever had Lynx software recontextualised with care before though? If they bother to use an appropriate scaling algorithm & filter for the Evercade panel I can imagine some of the games being really impressive. My memories of playing my mates Lynx back in the day are all about being super impressed with the graphics. That hardware scaling was genuinely jaw dropping, even on a screen with such low resolution. The kind of thing only available at an arcade.
  7. Possibly. But despite being insanely sought after, mega valuable and AES games in general seeing no sign of deprecating..it's still a video game. Might as well try.
  8. spanky debrest


    At the risk of being accused a trolling cunt Sign O The Times wouldn't even make a list of my favourite Prince LPs, let alone a top 10.
  9. Really struggling to connect with a few recent-ish rap albums from artists I like but the latest from Kool A.D smashes it: https://koolad.bandcamp.com/album/death-2-amerikkka Track 5 - All Cops Is Bastards - is my jam. Love this guy so much.
  10. I just reread my long winded post in here about how the amazing PS2 port rendered the Saturn version obsolete. What a dickhead. I lost a couple of hours on the Saturn version (well, the JPN "Plus" reissue out of curiousity) the other day trying to unlock the Stratos because it's still bloody brilliant.
  11. This may be a bit presumptious on my part but I think Analogue have got some nerve wanting to lean on Devs who do *actual* preservation work to add value to their new closed source, limited-production-run product. Free devkits comes across as cynical bribery too.
  12. It's interesting to me that they're offering devkits for those interested in programming 3rd party cores for the smaller second FPGA. They'll probably be controlling what is allowed to appear on there pretty tightly..and perhaps be itching to put out some ports of those sweet MiSTer arcade cores.
  13. I've said this before: Dynamite Headdy is the hardest game Treasure ever made. It just ramps up the brutality near (what I assume is) the end so sharply. Pure sadism. I plan on trying to finish the delocalisation soon myself as even that one kicked my arse the last time I tried because as you say, it's a such a marvelous game. On a related note I tried to finish Gradius II on the Saturn last night and most of it went smoothly..until the final level in which I probably used over 20 credits trying to crack. I don't remember it being so outrageously tough, I had to accept defeat. This bit onwards:
  14. I remember being blown away by the sprite scaling in Blue Lightning and the size of the vertical playfield in Gates of Zendocon. It was serious wow at the time.
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