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  1. If you use Madsheep's 'SD Card Maker' tool it'll take care of naming folders for GDEMU automatically, making it straightforward to configure your setup (the author isn't hosting it anymore): https://www.mediafire.com/file/jj4bi6mty51lmx1/GDEMU_SD.rar/file
  2. They're all here: https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=5 Each game has its own dedicated topic, with the most up-to-date build usually being found in the first post. Recently Dolphin Blue got fully fixed, and several light gun games have been converted too (which I haven't tested yet). A couple of games also now allow access to the service menu via a button combo, so difficulty settings and whatnot can be adjusted easily. A fast SD card - preferably one that's been defragmented - is recommended to avoid lockups with a couple of th
  3. The problem with Metal Black being a secret sequel to Gun Frontier is that - as you say - the 'link' is explicitly spelled out..even though the games have absolutely nothing remotely in common with eachother aside from being Taito shooters. It's not like a Radiant-Silvergun-Ikaruga scenario where it's reasonable to track a lineage both in production and elements found in game; 'Project Gun Frontier 2' always seemed a red herring to me, something designed to distract from its Darius roots, for some reason. Borders Down being a secret sequel to Metal Black is perhaps arguable too, fo
  4. The dev behind Arkagis has been working on something which uses similar tech. A recent update is pretty impressive: On a related note there's an in-depth write up on the making of the astonishing video for Red Eyes, the 'single' off of Remute's Mega Drive album 'Technoptimistic' (originally released on a cart but also available as a ROM in a partition on a separate CD release) which is well worth a read (link below video). It's a thing of aural and visual beauty. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17pX_PS5uXSWoaS71JurC-DSKIV8ZAzlaP4o1jXbJ9CA
  5. Japanese Kenseiden definitely has a differently coloured main sprite. I could never get into Mystic Defender like I did Spellcaster. Such an empty experience without the 'adventure' sections.
  6. I can relate to this. My SNES is a stock PAL unit which I looked to installing a 50/60hz switch into, as reasonable nick, fairly priced NTSC consoles seem to be tough to find and about 70% of my carts are PAL (some of which are definitely PAL optimised). I ended up buying a mod board which seems to have everything a PAL console might need, but it's low on my list of console projects to tackle. https://www.consolesunleashed.com/product/super-nintendo-multi-region-supercic-uigr-region-patch-mod-kit/ I also came to realisation that I'm not all that
  7. I think it's worth bearing in mind that Sega's in-house SMS productions - especially ones from before the MD era - were generally made in sweatshop conditions. Tiny teams working on multiple projects at a time, often given mere months to complete from conception to final builds. My favourite SMS games by far date from the early 1986-1988 period, and it blows my mind how amazing they turned out, all things considered. And on a vaguely related note, I fully completed Wonder Boy the other day. Every doll found en route, final world 10 accessed, everything. I had to genera
  8. I bought Xeno Crisis for the Dreamcast too but actually much prefer the Mega Drive version to control. It's also *much* more difficult on the DC which isn't really something this game needed.
  9. I haven't played the MD version of FX Unit Yuki but I heard it was less than great. Apparently the Dreamcast version isn't much better. But off the top of my head the Mega Drive has been host to some excellent modern homebrew which would have gone down a storm back in the day, such as: - Tanzer - Xeno Crisis - Tanglewood - Arkagis Revolution Other homebrew titles I'd say are mandatory to have: - Cave Story (latest version 0.7.0) - Omega Blast And some titles in production which show promise: - Perlin and Pinpin
  10. Lord Monarch is a secret entry in the Dragon Slayer series (despite being a real time strategy game rather than a turn based RPG). Its also absolutely brilliant (I've been playing the Mega Drive fan translation for months and can't put it down). Vic Tokai basically iterated on Kid Kool on the NES several times across different consoles (Kid Kool - Psycho Fox (SMS)- Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure & DEcap Attack (MD). I'd say the Mega Drive games were secret Psycho Fox sequels. Volfied could be argued as being a secret Qix sequel, something it obscures by the shoo
  11. You're not alone! I enjoy the overhead stages more than the horizontal ones but Thunderforce II is great. Arguably the best, most polished launch game too. It's high on my list to complete. I don't doubt it's eminently learnable - I made a lot of progress myself just within one session - it just pissed me off in a way I don't remember any other shooter ever doing before. Another MD shooter I've been playing on and off is Eliminate Down. I was getting chewed up by Stage 3 for weeks before working out a reliable strategy to get through..but it never
  12. It's taken a lifetime to me to realise this but I think I hate Thunderforce III. If you memorised this game as a kid and enjoy it today, I doth my cap. I'm not trying to troll you. I'm aware it's a well loved, highly regarded game. But I truly cannot think of a more hatefully designed shooter, a game where the entire ethos is basically "Ha Ha GOTCHA motherfucker!! over and over again. Whole levels amount to collections of vicious set pieces and traps springing up ad nauseum. Power up carrying enemies scuttling quickly into holes. Invisible power ups. section
  13. Yeah this is the general consensus from what I've seen. Ok playing game, incredibly presented, loaded with insane amounts of content to unlock and with crazy stuff such as being able to use the CPU from a Mega CD to control a 2nd player. And totally and utterly not playable on anything other than random model 1 and model 2 revisions (seems you lucked out).
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