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  1. I just don't see people who bought into the evercade - a system about the appreciation and collecting of retro games on physical media - wanting to run pirated retail cartridge dumps. If evercade cart dumps are indeed a thing (I don't know if they are but suspect they're not) that's pretty fucked. EDit - being curious I had a look at some of the threads on GBAtemp about the flashcart. Bit of a rabbit hole. Turns out Blaze have no problem with homebrew projects which involve reverse engineering cartridges / adding ROMs to them etc provided there's no profit / distribution involved (the EverSD as a commercial product obviously doesn't qualify, hence it being blocked on official FW). EverSD does seem to be reliant on retroarch cores. It's been out for over a year and now has a companion USB hub (sold separately) that allows for multiplayer to work where applicable. I couldn't find any reference there to cartridge images / ROM dumps derived from retail carts - only the illegality of sharing modified official firmware on the website. If there was a piracy scene facilitated by the EverSD.. there'd probably be a warning or two about not promoting it. There seems to be genuine respect for Blaze and what the console stands for over there. No, really. They collect the carts but want more from the console. One guy - a Blaze affiliate no less - showed off his custom NES cart running with ROMs he'd dumped from his NES Classic - no EverSD was involved in the making of that cartridge. As someone who enjoys customising and theming, building a homemade compilation cart that'd never exist as a real product (entirely possible using a sacrificial cart and few cheap components it seems) is a project I'd could see throwing myself into. Of course I totally get that a flashcart for an active console - from a small company doing a great job to boot - is major bad vibes but this isn't that from what I've seen.
  2. Note that the Shining games are turn based story led strategy games and SITD is a dungeon crawler. Beyond Oasis is kind of a Zelda-lite made by the Streets of Rage devs. They all have passionate fans but I've struggled to get into them. Lord Monarch gets left off lists like like probably because an English translation for it is still quite a new thing, but it's a real-time castle-based strategy game that has no peer. Literally the most sustained engaging fun I've ever had on the system. An easy 10/10.
  3. I wouldn't say it's necessarily screwing over the evercade to have a way to side load retroarch onto it. It's just a bit weird and something I'd imagine the core userbase have no interest in doing.
  4. ^^^ that's an amazing find (even if I can't personally stand Working Designs localisations). Noticing this now, I wonder whether the System Disk needs to be an original GD-ROM to allow your beta to boot on retail hardware. I've noticed GDI dumps of various System Disks are out there, and grabbed System Disk 2 some time back out of curiosity (it's a 6MB image with the padding removed).
  5. You can never say this boy is an amateur
  6. This is probably a bit niche even for this thread but Kazuhiko Nagai (veteran Sega composer / hardware engineer) found and uploaded this fascinating tape to his YouTube, and it's been on daily rotation for a while. Anyone who's ever enjoyed the music of Rambo III or Mystic Defender needs to hear this. It's like a section of a Columbia Records Miles Davis boxset or something - pure gold that was never meant for public release that changes everything once it's absorbed. It's in three parts (total length of about 31 mins):
  7. I keep a switched MD hooked up for the handful of PAL games that are broken at 60hz (Power Strike II at 50hz is essential, for example) but obviously it's mostly an NTSC unit (legit NTSC thanks to swapping the timing crystal out). I just found the lines I bolded pretty amusing and love the novelty of a PAL game being made objectively superior to it's NTSC brother.
  8. "Do you own a PAL Mega-Drive, that's only capable of running games in 50 Hz instead of glorious 60 Hz? Are you tired of your Sonic 1 running almost 17% slower? Are you dreaming of playing it in full speed, like NTSC users? Well, this hack got you covered, as it overhauls the game and its physics engine to effectively run at the same speed regardless of your region! It's about time 50 Hz mode gets the upper hand! Play in PAL-exclusive 320x240 resolution! Make NTSC users jealous as they only get smaller 320x224 screen. 50 Hz now feels the same as 60 Hz! This was achieved by dynamically extrapolating all the movement, velocities, accelerations, in-game timers, animations etc. in 50 Hz mode. More processing power, less lag. Due to lower screen refresh rates, the game gets even more processing time for each frame, meaning the lag is reduced. One ROM to rule them all. As mentioned above, screen refresh rate extrapolation is dynamic, nothing is hardcoded. So this ROM will play the same in 60 Hz mode (except you won't get PAL-exclusive benefits mentioned above)" https://shc.zone/entries/expo2021/589
  9. I don't have mine hooked up to check - but if I did it'd be going into a CRT rather than an LCD (which I imagine would handle the ultra-high flicker differently to an LCD) and I'd also be using the stock boot disk (which adds its own image processing / blur). I guess if I ran a GBA F-Zero game on my GBP via homebrew GBI software (outputting sharp bright video) to a regular LCD some temporary burn-in would show up. All I know is that the unique flickering in those GBA game's map graphics does a number on 3DS panels (both TN and IPS types), and that 'F-Zero burn-in' (so to speak) was only noticed once the community had removed the image filters Nintendo had baked into their 3DS GBA game wrapper.
  10. Those GBA F-Zero games' mini maps do indeed display with a high flicker effect. It's not just you. They're probably the reason why Nintendo applied a blur filter (in addition to a darkness filter) across the handful of GBA games they released to early 3DS adopters - as with the blur removed the maps display behaviour results in temporary (but very apparant) burn in on on the LCD panels.
  11. ^^^ Yeah, Voultar has this particular niche-within-a-niche covered and he does it by basically writing a patched ROM to new flash memory module and installing a custom PCB over the original maskrom. If he was inclined to sell his wares on, say, eBay for us over the pond (as I've noticed some US makers do) then it probably wouldn't be too tricky to organise a UK modder to build the ultimate Chrono Trigger cart. But yeah, bit of a ballache and probably not realistic.
  12. The 350 game count is a touch conservative though. Add in improvement hacks, translations, region-patched titles, Aleck64 arcade conversions, prototypes, homebrew, tools, GB/GBC/NES romsets and whatever else you might find interesting and all of a sudden that 4-8GB card needs to be a 16GB one at least. edit - how could I have forgotten: Nintendo 64DD cartridge conversions too. Some of these are absolutely fascinating. F-Zero X: Expansion Kit AKA F-Zero X Complete is the definitive game in the series for me.
  13. Nintendo know full well that the target demographic (the average Switch user) won't notice or care about flaws that don't necessarily break the game. Doing the bare minimum as cheaply as possible is commercially sound in the short term but it's still shovelling mediocrity down users throats. OOT isn't exactly F-Zero X or Bangaioh or Goemon's Great Adventure though. But you're right. I'm only speaking for myself. *I* can't abide added input lag because it obliterates enjoyment of video games that I tend to prefer. Anyway, I'm not here to undermine anyone's enjoyment of these easy-to-access N64 games. Go forth have fun.
  14. Absolutely 100% agree with this. From my POV Nintendo have been so hell bent on short term shareholder appeasement in recent times that they've kinda lost the plot. The N64 catches a lot of flack for having a small library of games that generally haven't aged too well, poor 3rd party support etc etc etc but 6-8 added frames of lag will decimate enjoyment of its best works. It's a shitty implementation being sold at a premium. Clowns.
  15. When I heard the news I was reminded of Trump being the understandable response to Obama
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