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  1. I first sat down to play OOT via the GC Zelda Collection, the 'freebie' thrown in with our GameCube & Game Boy Player bundle purchase.. and as much as I tried it didn't hold my attention. Being in competition with Super Monkey Ball probably didn't help much either. Years later, hungry for new 3DS games after the post launch release drought I bought the remaster and put in around 30 hours before accepting that the kind of adventuring and puzzle solving this game was about wasn't going to work. But I did give it a seriously fair crack, getting a fair few dungeons in, enjoying odd
  2. I should give Sturmwind another go, I can't remember the section a few levels in that always destroyed me - it's been that long. I think the shooter library on DC in general is disproportionately loaded with some obscenely tough games - well, the ones I find more engaging anyway. Kinda takes the shine off some of them in my old age and why over the last 20-odd years there are only a small handful that ended up getting rinsed. In other news, House of the Dead 2 and Confidential Mission are still incredible lightgun games. So much fun, and perfectly paced. Quintessential
  3. @bluejmc2005 Afraid not. Someone else might have a magnet / torrent link, maybe check Reddit/r/ROMs? I'm a cherry picker rather than a complete-set-needer but I think we're skirting close to rule breaking so yeah, I'm leaving it at that.
  4. There's a an almost complete redump set on Archive.org, search for "redump.ss.revival" and you should find it.
  5. I'm not aware of a definitive video out compatibility guide but I have come across a few games that don't play nice with RGB on my NTSC DC: Skies Of Arcadia, Hydro Thunder and Gauntlet Legends. I'm not fussed about the latter two but one of these days I need to break out the VGA box for it's additional composite out so I can finally get around to playing that marquee Sega classic I've owned since launch. One of these days. And yeah, Bangai-O isn't VGA compatible from what I understand. RGB or composite is needed. Also I believe the only way to bypass the vi
  6. I didn't get on with Gunlord because the Turrican formula has never worked for me. Sturmwind however - I thought it was pretty impressive and played great. Hard as balls though.
  7. I've neglected the DC a lot lately but the scene is perpetually healthy. Of the games pictured - Xeno Crisis was the last one I picked up but man..they made a tough-but-fair Mega Drive gem into an actual monster. I may have played the original too much because I found the DC version a whole nother level of difficult with tougher & faster everything, ambushes, meaner AI, everything. It makes the MD game feel like Kids Mode..which is wild. Dux and Ghost Blade left me a bit cold if I'm honest, and Xenocider seems like it owes a lot to Charge 'N Blast (if you know it)
  8. Just to follow up - it turns out that 3DS carts don't use FlashROM as a rule (some do but others use a type of EEPROM and / or 'XtraROM' like Switch carts)..and the dying 3DS carts may be doing so due to weakened solder joints between the surface mount ROM chip and the PCB rather than an accelerated loss of data. Cartridges from previous generations using through-hole components can take a lot of PCB flexing before data lines start being severed, and this doesn't seem to be the case with these modern gamecards.
  9. Stumbled upon a concerning retweet from noted preservationist Luigiblood about why 3DS game carts seem to be prematurely dying: Basically, the FlashROMs used in 3DS games aren't expected to last anywhere near as long as the MaskROMs found in DS carts and problems related to this are already rearing their head. For anyone who hasn't dumped their cart collection yet (it's easy to do with CFW'd 3DS) it might not be a bad idea to think about doing so.
  10. EZ Flash IVs are good, cheaper GBA flashcart alternatives to Krikzz's - but they're more power hungry than modern Everdrives so you do kinda get what you pay for.
  11. Cool, I'll look forward to that. I haven't tried the other one yet but it looked liked it had some interesting pallette choices and extra features that definitely put it outside the realm of classic Soko Ban. I was also perhaps prejudiced towards SKBN because I thought Raphnet's first SMS homebrew release, 'DONKEY.SMS', was similarly brilliant. Also I trust you noticed the Light Phaser support he added to his SMS-A-Sketch demo? Absolutely amazing stuff. Edit: I just had a bash on Soko Ban Engine v0.72, and yeah, it's good, a nice complement to SK
  12. I always had a soft spot for Soko Ban, the ancient block pushing puzzle game. I first had it as part of one of those early pirate Game Boy multi-carts, and it stood out even amongst the proper games. Something about how it married pure logic and devious map design, I dunno, it just stayed with me. Since then I've always given Soko Bans and clones / variants / jazzed up sequels a fair shot - most recently with the fan translation of Power Sokoban on SNES - but never really connected with any version since that first monochrome one.. ..Until this beast came al
  13. I'll admit when that article first made the rounds I found it cathartic to read. It was as if someone outside of a hobbyist's sphere of influence finally grew the balls to give Analogue the criticism they so deserved - and that slapping them with the open source non-corporate, community driven MiSTer project as a viable alternative was almost too poetic. Today however I'm ashamed to have got slightly caught up in it and find the strength I had of my distaste for some of their marketing / business practices weird and misplaced. It's almost like I confused them for an actual malevole
  14. My god that looks amazing. I won't be able to look at my blue Saturn guns in the same way.
  15. I understand the jump in video quality between s-video and RGB in N64s to be significantly less pronounced than between composite and s-video. On a rough scale of 1-10 (continuing in the pursuit of science), worst to best, for non-'funtastic' N64s, this is how I understand it: RF: 1 Composite: 4 S-video: 9 RGB: 10 For the colourful-shelled variety I believe you can bump all the scores up by about a point. Apparantly.
  16. Absolutely, ED64s are multi-region (older ones need a switch toggling for PAL / NTSC) so I guess you'll find out how nice your telly plays with a PAL console being forced into an NTSC mode. My old telly from the early 2000s was weird though; it could handle NTSC games properly via a PAL N64 & composite but hated my Saturn in NTSC mode via RGB (50hz only).
  17. There was a discussion about this over on the Krikzz forums and apparently PAL N64s can indeed output a 60hz signal: https://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=5881.0 Back in the day I used to only play JPN carts on my PAL console via a Passport III adaptor and they were definitely full screen and speed. I think I was lucky to have a TV that accepted PAL60 over composite.
  18. @Dudley what have you done. Out Run is the definition of a classic, one of the most important and beloved games of all time. I loved it to death and made sure it was one of the first SMS games I owned. By the time it arrived on the Mega Drive it had lost some of it's lustre though, and I've never really played that version back then or even since. I believe technically the 3DS port is arcade superior, with a few bug and timing fixes that eluded the Saturn version. The loss of the Ferrari Testarossa does hurt the nostalgia factor a bit though. And I'm not sure what's of
  19. I have to say I'm still really loving Lord Monarch. It has to be one of my favourite games ever at this point, without question. It's utterly dominated my game time ever since I got around to trying it out. I still haven't even finished the main story. Most of the fun has been with the two other 'Challenge' modes - the easier of which I can now access the end sequence of and can confirm it's 52 stages long. It's pretty clever how they bake in so much replay value. Basically, you get graded per map on how much of it you control at the end and also how quickly
  20. The Satiatior is obviously the king of Saturn ODEs purely because it's plug 'n play and keeps the drive active.. but I always wanted an mpeg / VCD card to go in that slot, to make the console 'complete'. Back when I was buying Saturn hardware & games they used to go for about £30. Now I think you'd be lucky to find one for quadruple that cost. Fenrir ODEs are £100 and ship from France rather than California, so there's that option too. And for those with healthy drives I think it's worth noting that modchips cost £15 from source and require a single wir
  21. I know it's divisive but you must be thinking of the diabolical Master System port or the nothing special arcade original. Eswat MD however is magnificent IMO, cut from the same cloth as Revenge of Shinobi and a system great.
  22. I've been thinking about this lately, how I'd love to share my favourite games with another human after this period of next to no human contact, but it's not looking too bright if I'm honest. The very small amount of friends / family I have who still enjoy videogames are either Switch shovelware enthusiasts or enchanted by modern VR (or both). I have some local nephews who first learned to use a control pad with the original Bubble Bobble (I was particularly proud of my role with this) but they too are now Switch shovelware enthusiasts. I'm literally the lone weirdo wh
  23. Any quality branded SD card should be fine. The official limit to SD card size is 32GB but in reality it's probably 2TB. Regardless, it needs to be formatted FAT32. Personally I think 64GB should be fine for most people's unless it they plan on some serious game / ROM hoarding. I also avoid using micro SD cards sat in adaptors as it eliminates a point of failure (I've had adaptors go bad) but it's not really a big deal either way judging from other people's experiences. 3DS games are a bit like DS ones in terms of size - the variances are big. Eshop games can be as smal
  24. Many emulation options really don't do some 8-16 bit console games much justice. I'm reminded of a YouTube review of an NES shooter I once watched in which the reviewer slated the game mostly for its input lag, rendering it almost unplayable. I imagine that if it had been played using something other than a Retron 5 (as helpfully disclosed in the video description) it probably wouldn't have played half as badly.
  25. I understand the audio is much improved in Darius Extra too - better use of FM, PSG and PCM..and superior stereo separation too. Very very cool indeed. Truly the version it was meant to be. As far a Columbus Circle's insistence on using unbeveled PCBs - in this case only it might not be the worst idea to carefully use some sandpaper and make the edges less dangerous for the cart slot. I know this might sound like terrible advice - and I don't want to sound alarmist or take any shine off the obviously outstanding new Mega Drive game you've got - but this issue is precis
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