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  1. Pity its fake, I'd watch the shit out of that
  2. The tight Merc packaging is just nuts...
  3. Wow. So glad I listened to the recommendation. I’ve never seen a show tell so much story in such a tightly packed delivery. A true master class in writing and directing. Now I just need a Gary porn company spin-off…
  4. I thought the 4k Dolby Vision Plus version was horrible on my OLED. I missed the film grain and moody lighting of the original. Perhaps its just me though....
  5. Complete train wreck, didn't enjoy pretty much any minute of the far too long runtime but watched till the end which is something I guess. So many bad choices, terrible action scenes (what's the point in all the automatic weapons if nobody can be hit?) and uninteresting dialogue to be any good. I can see it being pretty marmite though and some people would love it
  6. https://streamable.com/mt01uq 7 mins, but pretty well written ”There you go, out of the window with Honda!”
  7. "Rules are rules".... apart from when Masi decides to ignore them right? That was just a title deciding blunder that cost someone the world championship but a gala dinner is clearly much more important to these guys. I really hope they follow through with some draconian punishment so we can laugh when the FIA investigating the FIA finds no rules were broken.
  8. I just hope they kick Masi out and have a complete rethink of the structure of race control after the dreadful season(s) of race directorship he's given us. Not sure I have any appetite to watch another race if he continues in any capacity of responsibility.
  9. The first time he was supposed to be knighted a butler tripped in front of Charles just as he was about to touch the sword on Lewis's shoulder and the butler was knighted instead.
  10. 4k webrip (well its an AI upscale, no HDR) is on the high seas already... hope it does not affect box office that much, want a sequel!
  11. It's not like we'd spent many days and about 8 hours straight that night trying to kill the boss at that point. Good times!
  12. So after a few years absence (only bought/paid for base Destiny 2 then left before the first major expansion) I decided to have a go at a strike for old times sake and long story short I now have the deluxe version and all the expansions/seasons that are still available. Man the gunplay is still so much fun and having it on PC doing 144fps is so crispy. Anyway, I see a few old people from the clan on but I can't for the life of me find a way to ping them a quick message to see if they want to do a dungeon or nightfall... is there a way to communicate with console players from PC? Is there a Destiny group on the RLLMUK Discord?
  13. Go-karts with F1 style bodywork would be amazing. Something like this
  14. The scene with the SAS when they were discussing teams and it cut to Alan saying 'Lads' just cracked me up. This season has been fantastic so far, loving every minute.
  15. Buy it via a VPN on the Russian GOG store for about £20. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/cyberpunk-2077-on-pc-for-ps1998-at-gog-russia-3616687
  16. https://gamerant.com/cyberpunk-2077-wanted-system-corrupt-police/ Guess that was a lie, or cut to meet deadlines/base console running > 5fps.
  17. On base consoles its currently proper broken and should not be purchased imo. On next-gen consoles and PC its working well enough to enjoy the on-rails nature of the story and most of the missions are great and its worth a purchase. Just don't go in with any expectations of a decent sandbox as the complete lack of any investment into the AI has ruined that part. On a decent spec'd PC it looks amazing and hopefully in time the next-gen console versions will also receive the proper update which will bring them more into line with this. I've hardly had any issues with bugs since the opening crash issues I had (think patch 1.02 or 1.03 solved most of the initial ones I saw) but just don't go in expecting a deep game that was promised over the last few years, its just not been delivered. If you have the PC to run it I'd go for that one as modding might be a way to prolong the life of it. I'd also really like to know what the DLC plans are next year and if they will deliver any better AI/subsystems rather than just new missions.
  18. Very hard. The difficulty balance is pretty poor (shock!) was quite hard for the first couple of missions in Night City with shit guns then it got super easy. The only time you can't go super ham is when there are > 4 people trying to shoot you at once and its best to pick one or two off first before rushing in.
  19. This goes for any weapon (well apart from the sniper, but precision rifles are ok). The AI can't cope with bum rushing it. I did two side quests beating people to death with Sir John Phallustiff, a 12 inch dildo that flaps about as you run and makes a nice buzzing sound for about 450dps base.
  20. I found the first few missions like that but then I found a couple of half decent guns and changed my tactics slightly using cover properly with lean peeking and stuff and had a much better time of it. By the time I got to act 2 I was a godlike John Wick picking off most NPCs with one/two burst headshot kills even on very hard. There are some seriously good guns to be found on some of the assault or crime in progress side quests.
  21. Bugs are fixable (and often hilarious. I had a plane land to drop off 8 guards as part of a side mission and out dropped a ball of NPCs stuck together which I made quick work of with my mantis blades) and I expect the game to be in much better shape in a few months. The biggest issue I have with it is the non-existent AI. What happened to all the bullshit claims about 1000 inhabitants with real life schedules that were made as recently as June 2020? Stuff you'd think would be one of the first features to be added in a city RPG like driver AI or police patrols/response are just completely non-existent. I wonder how much might have been cut trying to make something that could work on the base consoles... Some of the story missions are amazing and I've not regretted buying it in the slightest but I do feel cheated by their marketing over the last year.
  22. It looks fucking amazing at 4k on my 3080 but boy is the game shallow. I've had a blast playing it so far but its got absolutely no depth to it whatsoever. The vision was a mile wide but what's the point if its all superficial? Such a shame they released this in the state its in as I'm not sure a few DLCs can save this unless they decide to not add any new story and just fix all the stuff you'd think they have got round to doing over the last 8 years... like any kind of AI for the traffic, pedestrians, police for example! Nothing I do when I go on a rampage has any affect on the game world and the whole no stealing is bizarre. I would have totally supported just having the single neighbourhood of the city in the base game if it meant they could have actually put some depth into it and build outwards from there. Some of the story missions in act 1 were amazing, is there any way to replay a single mission (apart from an old save)? Also, after 20 hours of playing I've just realised you can zoom on in scopes using the d-pad
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