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  1. I think Horner’s reaction has caused it to become so, he went in so hard on Hamilton, repeatedl, that it became difficult to remain objective about it, you either agree with him and Max was lucky to walk away from an attempt on his life by a crazed out of control Lewis, or you don’t and feel that Lewis is being hard done by. Personally I think that drivers being disrespectfully aggressive needed to be addressed a couple of years ago and it’s going to get worse especially as it’s not an in-team battle for the title so you can’t sit them down with each other and force them to play nice(ish).
  2. Up this morning and fuck does this hurt. I struggle to get on board with the modern “drawing the foul” mentality that has taken over football which Kane and Sterling are constantly at but they do seem like a good group and have spoken up for some great causes and Southgate is so obviously a good decent person that I was fully behind them. I was SO hoping this would be our time, it’s has to happen sometime surely? This hurts as much as Euro 96. For Italia 90 I was young and innocent, didn’t carry any baggage into the defeat so it was fine, but in 96 I was a teenager and football was everything, I played for my school and local team and idolised the England team so when it came crashing down so suddenly from so high I remember waking up the next day and feeling shit then too. Then we all know the ups and downs England have had since then, but winning this, that was going to make it all worthwhile, all the sweeter for having to work for it. Maybe one day, hopefully I’m still around to see it.
  3. Sana’a not had an ounce of composure all night, if this gets to penalties he better not be any where near the list of takers.
  4. Yeah it’s not a great look to bring Benzema back, France’s success will be tinged by his contributions.
  5. How many different celebrations does he need?
  6. It is starting to feel like Redbull’s to lose now. Mercedes can just about make a race of it at the moment but don’t look like they have an answer if Redbull take another step forward, which history tells us they probably will. All that said Mercedes have probably made the right choice in focusing so heavily on next year, they know the importance of getting the foundations of a new era of car right from the beginning based on the last seven years. It’s easy to forget how dominant Redbull were before the hybrids and only now do they look like being a contender for the title rather than the odd win at a track that suits their car.
  7. Not sure what is up with Kane but there’s no way we can carry on with him as our main focal point up front.
  8. Why didn’t Merc pit Bottas for fasterst lap?
  9. Bottas needs to remember that he was given (again) the first stop despite not being the lead car before he starts moaning about not being allowed to race Lewis.
  10. Good job as always Valterri
  11. Give it time, we’ve potentially got more than half the race running in procession at the front.
  12. Saw that coming a mile off, this Merc team have had it too easy too long and now they’re in a real fight they look sloppy.
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