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  1. I've been playing this loads over the weekend, and I love it. The mission design is definitely better than the previous game, and the visual improvements are lovely. It just feels so right when you're locked in a fast dogfight. I never want to play a realistic flight sim ever again. lol. Well done NAMCO.
  2. Haha. Brilliant. It's quite amusing to see MS re-inventing the wheel, especially as XBMC is now such a superb, mature, stable project. Difficult to see any sort of advantage this official package has over the existing scene mediaplayer software apart from the non voiding of xbox warranty.
  3. Passive advertising (like the previously mentioned vending machines in a gameworld) is fine. It creates a much more believable environment if the title uses real brands in-game. What I would loathe to see though, is direct advertising of the type you seen on TV. Imagine non-interactive adverts being shown between levels which you have to sit through, streamed from the net. That would be terrible. Hope they don't expect us to stand for that kind of blatant rubbish.
  4. Argh!! You lucky SOB!! Mine is still shipping at the moment, but it looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on this. AC04 was bloody amazing.
  5. One of my personal favorite films, which I own on DVD (Korean region 3 Special Edition). I've watched it many times. It's one of those films that is really nothing like you expect it to be (from watching trailers etc), but if you liked Mamoru Oshii's "Ghost in the Shell" films, then you'll probably enjoy it. There is the typical hidden meanings and pondering existential questioning found in his anime works. Avalon differs in it's use of live action and heavy post-processing effects which create a fairly unique visual style that appears retro and cutting-edge at the same time. It's very sl
  6. I don't believe the thread starter at all. Typical hoax post. I'll be amazed if it turns out to be true.
  7. Aero


    Versus is good daft fun. Why anyone would hate it is beyond me. What's to hate? It's just a silly over-the-top gore-fest that's very tongue in cheek. Far too harmless to be "hated" by anyone.
  8. Ah sorry... What I should of said is that the full install of Foobar already includes the mod plug-in. My bad. So you recommend getting Bjorn Lynne's new CD? I bought "Colony" and enjoyed it immensely, but haven't heard anything off his latest, will have to check it out. There is a really good electronic remix of Bjorn's Colony track called "Messages" by "Little Bitchard" / Kewlers here: http://www.kewlers.scene.org/bitchard/tune...hard_remix).mp3 Totally puts a new slant on the track.
  9. I find Foobar 2000 a better music player than winamp in pretty much every way, and it plays mods straight away without the need for plugins. It's designed by the guy who did Winamp2 after he left nullsoft. If you're interested, you can get it from: http://www.foobar2000.org
  10. Aero


    I'll download it too, even though I think Eminem is total wank. The more people downloading it, the more pissed off Shady gets, the funnier it is.
  11. I got the Japanese version of this ages ago, and despite the fairly rough graphics in places, it is a great little game.
  12. I used to love Shadowrun. The bleak atmosphere was killer, and I thought the music was great too. Nearest I ever found to that type of ambience in a game was Deus Ex. Haven't got time to read your link at the moment, but will do when I get 5.
  13. It's a luuurvly film, watched it the other day. Is it good enough to warrant a DVD purchase though? Hmm.... Think I'll wait for Special Edition.
  14. Wonderful Days "Limited Original Edition" - Korean It's a marmite film for sure, with many people adoring and hating in equal measure. I basically got this version of the film because I love it so much and the extra scenes (especially in the bar with the dancer) flesh it out a little more. It's a 3 disc set with completely redesigned menus and some great DVD-ROM only content on disc 3 showing detailed pics of all the miniatures and other production stuff. The film still has one of the greatest DTS tracks I've ever heard, especially the motorcycle scenes and the ECOBAN fight at the end. If
  15. Aero

    Sasha Involver

    So very true..... or at least it was. I've always tried to introduce and champion this album to pretty much everyone I meet, with varying degrees of success, but just recently it seems to be gaining much more popularity. The style and quality of his production has changed immensely when you compare to older sets, which is probably why AirDrawnDagger didn't get the reviews expected of it at release. The arrival of Involver must have finally convinced the masses that "Sasha v2.00" is here to stay, forcing them to listen to it properly and even go back to AirDrawnDagger and try again. When I
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