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  1. You'll have to be incredibly lucky to get one by relying upon happening to chance upon stock. They have been selling out in minutes since launch and restocking looks like once a month at the moment. This is how I did it - firstly you are going to need some assistance, I found a good community discord which has been posted here a few times and lots of members have been successful using it. Follow the instructions on the rules channel. There is a separate channel to follow called #subscribe-for-alerts which will ping you when websites change stock status. https:
  2. It took about a week for mine from Smyths to arrive, no hassle at all. I've still not bought any new games, I've just been playing PS+ stuff and old PS4 games. I did buy the double pack of cold war last year, so that's ps5 native at least. It's busted though, stuttery as hell.
  3. That's at least two real people who got one using that server. You've got to be prepared to go immediately though, Smyths sold out in about 2 minutes when I got mine. If you haven't got an account set up, you'll probably be too slow.
  4. Me too, mine came yesterday but I didn't get time to play on it until this evening. Astro is super cute, the controller feels like something genuinely new and I'm really enjoying the artefacts. It feels like playing Mario 64 for the first time again, fabulous.
  5. Yep, click the rules tick for accepting the rules, that'll open up the server. If you click the light thingy next to that, it will add you to the stock alert channel as well. This is referring to the icons at the bottom of the rules post, by the way. I have no idea if this is normal for discord, never used it before.
  6. https://discord.gg/tjCzD63ajA is the server I am on, I think I set this link to never expire hopefully. There are some rules to read etc. and you'll need to do the response thing to get alerts from the bot channel, but it's generally friendly and the guy running it seems to be sound.
  7. I got one from Smyths this morning.. the discord channel I posted has a stock bot which alerted me. Stock seemed to last about a minute.
  8. I hope so, and I'm pretty sure the whole import and shipping malarkey right now isn't helping. Probably can't lay it all entirely at Sony's door.
  9. The highest Currys queue length I've heard of is 170,000. Theres no way everyone is getting a console before summer.
  10. We're treating it as a game for the whole family, you've got to find some fun. My wife got to the front at Currys but only got a blank site, and then when she rejoined had 75k in front. I never got closer than 53k.
  11. Istm that if you're not on the right site within the first ten seconds you will struggle. I'm on a discord channel which has been pretty accurate and seems fairly well run. I got a PS5 bundle for 490ish to the checkout at game the other day and my CC was fraud checked at payment. I spent 45 minutes waiting on the phone, but the stock was gone so I gave up. Didn't get to the front of the Currys queue before they ran out. I only started looking because the my son has been hogging the PS4 and the controller has started playing up. I begrudge £50 for a controller I'm probab
  12. The lotus 79 segment was pretty good, I haven't seen any top gear since it exploded - has it been this interesting all season?
  13. Me and the missus just went to our first gp, and it was this one - amazing! What a great weekend
  14. The UK blu ray is intact. I was a bit surprised actually, I watched it with my 13 year old son as I figured it was just a bit of cartoon violence. It was quite a bit more violent than I expected and the anal sex joke made me a bit uncomfortable. He laughed though, so at least I know he's not completely naive!
  15. Yeah, us too. I haven't got either yet, and I vowed after my live account was hacked never to give MS another penny which wasn't from buying credit elsewhere, but right now I simply feel safer with an Xbox that if something does happen, MS will at least try to sort it out. My kids' friends have mostly got PS4 this time round though, so there is some residual pressure there.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up guys, 2 factor enabled. No password change emails yet but you can't be too careful, I had mine stolen in the fifa hack as well.
  17. Those are great videos, and the guy's presentation is really good as well. Definitely worth a watch, I saw them all last week as he released them. Just about the right length to have one with a cuppa and a biscuit!
  18. My son wanted a PC for Xmas, and he loves messing about, so I've bought him all the bits to build one. Looking forward to sitting with him on the afternoon building a PC and installing windows. My only slight worry is that I got him one on the unlocked pentiums so he can play with over clocking and now all these games start not launching with only 2 cores. Can't wait to see his face as he starts unwrapping bits
  19. I seem to remember the Escom PCs were gimped in some way or other which wasn't apparent until you started doing upgrades, can't remember the details though. I had a DB50XG as well, it was fab. I even bought a midi keyboard so I could get some use out of it. I probably still have it at my dad's place - he was using that PC until about 5 years ago.
  20. Encarta was amazing, in the days before always-on internet.
  21. I bought my first PC when I was at uni and running the dos-based circuit emulation tools on my Amiga emulator was taking hours to run a simulation. It was a P75 bought on the high street, Escom I think? with Windows 95. Dos tools ran really fast, I also experimented with Slackware linux. I was really into 3d at the time, towards the end of my course I worked on some Onyx systems with proper OpenGL, so as soon as the Net Yaroze came out I had a choice to make between a voodoo card and the Net Yaroze for home experiments. The Voodoo and a CPU upgrade was my choice, and I was quite surprised to
  22. You can always get a game in Attrition on PC. Other modes maybe not instant. Most are OK though and at least you can look at the player numbers before you go sit in a lobby waiting now.
  23. I do want to play BF4, it looks great and no doubt it is an absorbing and intelligent shooter. I've enjoyed playing through the campaign. Not having anyone local who plays it online to talk to, I can't work out why I should choose one server over another and once into a match I can't work out what's going on. No mics and no friends makes things rather obscure. I tried bf3 but none of the servers would let me in. I got kicked for being in the UK, kicked for being low level but mostly kicked without reason. There is a big learning curve with those games (even before you get into strategy or loa
  24. I just picked this up on PC now that it is available for 22 quid. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, although it generally complains that the online service is not available many times before it finally connects and I've been kicked out once or twice. Other than that, seems OK. Mostly I feel like my deaths are my fault. I've had battlefield 4 since release but I just can't be bothered with it. CoD is simple pick-up-and-play twitch gaming.
  25. Inspired by this thread on gaf http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=936010 I just went and added up the reported 'worldwide' player numbers on the PC version, as reported by the game itself. The total across all game modes is 2081 with only 2 having no players, but only Attrition and Frontier Defence have > 175 players. Worldwide.
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