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  1. We crossed in the mail. So in summary - nothing of interest.
  2. I've somehow missed what the ps+ games are for march.
  3. The janitor looks a bit like David Lynch and sounds like cross between Dracula and a belter. Expected this "ultimate edition" to look snazzy but even in graphics mode it looks a bit shoddy, washed out pallette and terrible colour-banding.
  4. Yes. Tomorrow is the 25th. Tomorrow. Not now, tomorrow.
  5. Peter Stormare's camp, insane Satan in the Canoe film was incredible.
  6. Any tips on how to avoid starting the AWE dlc? It sounds shit.
  7. I've never seen it either. I have no interest in doing so.
  8. Seriously, can we have negs back?
  9. They could actually have him be the scouser he's meant to be and it'll count as diverse.
  10. You've been here long enough to know better than that.
  11. The cockney character option in Saints Row 3 has his own, proper English dialogue.
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