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  1. Hopkins got award nominated for a small bit a narration in one episode?
  2. I'm not disputing that, I'm just answering why they've cast him.
  3. Everything Brooks did after Spaceballs was shite. This cannot end well. It's good to be retired.
  4. Finally seen the trailer, looks brilliant and, at last, seems like it might have decent action. Bats looks like a total badass in this.
  5. It's never advisable to take probotector with any kind of seriousness.
  6. I don't understand - they're rebooting Batman separately from the DCEU?
  7. Aha! I'm get round to VHS 94 at some point, I enjoyed most of 2 and Viral.
  8. He's good in Patriot but nowhere near the heights of Boddicker in anything else, worst bit being a Star Trek alien literally called Anoraks.
  9. God damn it, I was looking forward to watching the Robocop and Aliens episodes, but they sound like annoying twaddle.
  10. I take it these things are going to be very limited in numbers? I'd be well up for this, had a relatively decent amiga emulator on OG Xbox but there was just too much goddamn guru meditation.
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