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  1. The second series of Bosch is much better than the first. Still cheesy AF but accept it and enjoy it.
  2. I've actually watched a couple of films recently thanks to this thread. First up was Colo(u)r Out of Space which was brilliant and became far more horrific than I was expecting. Great stuff, and nice to see Richard Stanley come back so strongly. Next I watched Come to Daddy. Not exactly a horror film but after (minor spoiler) Decent performance from Elijah Baggins. I notice the director was also involved with the entertaining Housebound so I'll be keeping an eye out for more of his stuff.
  3. Season 3 done. Brilliant stuff. Uhtred went from Witcher cosplay to Jon Snow, back to Witcher. Classy.
  4. Probably want to get as much out of Canoe as they can before he turns 60.
  5. Just waiting for another patch before I begin tonight's session. Is this game exempt from updating while the PS4 is in rest mode, or have we reverted to the time when nothing updates during sleep?
  6. Why would they do that? Hardly in the spirit of streaming services.
  7. Are the episodes coming out weekly, then?
  8. Witcher 3 Red Dead 2 Dishonored 2
  9. Oh my god, is there no way of skipping cutscenes?
  10. PS5. I've got a 1X and Gamepass and yet most of the games I've played in the last year or so have been PS exclusives.
  11. If the only way to lure guards to your location in the long grass to throw wind chimes at your own feet?
  12. I don't recall saying any of that. By waste of talent I'm referring to the staggering number of dismal films these two have made.
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