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  1. Neither myself nor my wife have any interest in football but thanks to the free 6 months of Apple TV we watched the first two episodes of this and loved it. Just wish season 2 was finished so we could binge it properly.
  2. Is this going to be the first cross platform new-gen exclusive?
  3. I thought I could do that but my TV doesn't do Apple TV app. God damn it.
  4. My man, if I could time travel I'd aspire to greater perks than six months of Apple TV.
  5. Hang on, how do you get this free Apple TV thing?
  6. I always get mine from PlayAsia. Not that we want to encourage this kind of thing, of course.
  7. OK I got one. Korean film from early to mid 2000s about a cop who used to be an Olympic boxer so was a crap detective but loved punching people. He was after a murderer who was a bit like a Korean version of Patrick Bateman. It was really good fun, wouldn't mind seeing it again. I thought it was called Public Enemy but can't find any entry on IMDB for it. Name it!
  8. Well last year they were meant to be doing Siberia but then Covid, they were then meant to have rescheduled that to this summer but then Covid.
  9. I lasted half an hour, it was giving me fucking headache.
  10. As long as it's the same version of the game it'll be fine.
  11. Wtf is with this game? Just got to a point where Shep went into her quarters and could then summon a procession of people up to the room who all wanted to have sex. Weird, man.
  12. Cyberpunk 2077 - just waiting for the new-gen update and hope they implement a new game + mode in it. Witcher 3 - currently about half way through the game on NG+ on XboneX but will wait - yet again - for the XSX upgrades at the end of the year. Possibly some other games not by CDPR.
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