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  1. Well here ya go Curse my ancient, drunken brain but I didn't think series s could do 4k?
  2. Any opinions on how this runs with regards to performance vs quality modes? Thought there would have been a DF video about it by now.
  3. Yeah I've played them all already I just thought they were polishing more than the textures for the new edition. And the second game is clearly the best one.
  4. Shite, I was looking forward to the first game being rather more modernised.
  5. Aren't they meant to have made it the same for all the games?
  6. So yes, the romancing was a complete waste of time but glad to say other aspects of the game are still delighting me. I just love the unpredictability of the missions, often thinking it'll be as advertised and then it turns into something else entirely, something surprising and imaginative*. I think I've only done one main mission in my last few days on it as I've been so busy mopping up side jobs and gigs from the map and I've finally got a couple of decent cars. It's great that CDPR haven't lost their knack of writing these kinds of experiences that were so good in Witcher 3, and
  7. Same here, just got my squadmates to do all the weird stuff.
  8. How the hell can it cost $200m to make what is essentially a feature-length Agatha Christie episode?
  9. It comes to something when the one aspect of the Globes people like the most is Gervais.
  10. Why would there be any performance issues with a last-gen remaster of a previous-gen game running on new-gen hardware?
  11. Is this a goddamn joke? Is this meant to be some cynical satire on modern relationships or something?
  12. PS5 and loving it. When something actually comes out that I want to play on Series X I'll get one, but at the moment it's got absolutely nothing for me.
  13. Well bollocks to Claire, I've just been invited to Oh my.
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