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  1. Made a start on this this morning, Act 1 just began before I stopped for breakfast. This is where the game opens up, right? I'm vaguely aware of the events of the prologue but there was so much information being thrown at me I found myself zoning out at times. Still, it's fine so far. Looks good, runs nicely. Main complaint so far is the text size in the menus. Having to lean forward to read the screen is not appreciated.
  2. This is great, it rests somewhere between John Wick and the Den-zel Equaliser films. Really enjoyed it.
  3. Well I've installed the damn thing. Took 45 mins. Christ.
  4. I mean this is the same conversation me and @JoeK had two posts up. We did it more efficiently.
  5. Is that a thing now? Noice. The racket that made almost put me off playing Miles Morales.
  6. Cheers. Guess I'd better stick the disc in before I to work, maybe by the time I get home it'll have finished downloading all the patches.
  7. I keep kidding myself that I'm going to wait for the next-gen patch to come out for this before I give it a go. I said the same thing about Last of Us 2 and my attempt to wait for Naughty Dog to get off their arses and patch it was a failure. Think I'm getting close to caving in and giving this a go, too. Am I?
  8. Not helping his best mate spend a million. What an asshole.
  9. Noice! Damn shame there's no legit way of seeing season 2 here. The high seas are calling...
  10. I'm sure it's supposed to, but it doesn't. System update downloaded after I switched it on.
  11. What's the point in rest mode when it only downloads updates after the console has been switched back on?
  12. Binged this the other week. Brilliant stuff! Had me grinning throughout.
  13. He's a complete jabroni, I think he was sent there to destroy Sony. I genuinely believe that this will be the last playstation we ever get.
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