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  1. Are they ever going to show us what's inside this thing, or are we going to have to wait until we see one of those assholes who films himself buying one and immediately launches it into the air on the car park?
  2. What was this episode about - racist werewolves? Nazi aliens? White supremacist deadites?
  3. There's only three of those I've played, and three of them I've never heard of. I must have terrible taste in games.
  4. His seemingly willful ignorance on these things is baffling me, too. "What is this so-called PlayStation people keep talking about?"
  5. Just finished From the Oasthouse and it was OK, not going to be judging it too seriously until I've heard it a few times though. Partridge always gets better with repeat viewings/ listenings. Disappointed that the
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