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  1. I've tried it on my TV speakers but only on a PS4 game so far (which it's not designed for) and it made the sound really tinny. Presumably will be better on an actual PS5 app.
  2. You see the thing with characters and stories is where they end is more important than where they began. You didn't bother finishing it yet you still want to judge it. What the hell kind of parent did you expect Kratos to be, anyway?
  3. You're surprised people could continue with one of the best PS4 games? "He's murdered almost everyone he's ever met but he's quite rude to his son."
  4. They should totally have Ghost Trinity. He could keep popping up to call Dexter a cunt and wank in his shower.
  5. I thought Season 3 was pretty shite last time I watched it. So many boring, pointless episodes, stupidity and endless talk of Chicky Fuckin Hayes.
  6. Going to have to agree with you there, I thought it was bollocks.
  7. I'm watching Kate now and barely made it 15 mins before it annoyed me
  8. I'm going to have to watch that last episode a few times, way too much going on for my feeble mind.
  9. I forget what his name is now but do you mean If so yes, he's awesome.
  10. As did the first game, which this looks exactly like.
  11. I just hate... the general public.
  12. They'll get to play Stoke twice so that'll be six easy points for them.
  13. You did well, sir! For the record I wish you'd got it 100% bang on.
  14. It really doesn't look any better than the first game, but it's no worse and it's more Kratos so I'm well happy.
  15. Gameplay looked decent but yeah the story looked like tropey shite (random gets sucked into an unfamiliar world because they are the one), and the character models were a joke.
  16. I know, right? I thought it was a very interesting display.
  17. Looks amazing. A shame that GT games bore the arse off me.
  18. Baldur was the only character to actually sound Scandinavian-y. Stupid bastards.
  19. My poor, sweet, summer children. Have you noticed nothing over the years? These things are almost always a big heaping pile of meh. Avoid disappointment - set expectations to low.
  20. A real missed opportunity - I can't think of anything more disturbing than an entire film set in Birmingham.
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