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  1. I really didn't like MGS4, although the bit when you go back to Shadow Moses was magnificent.
  2. Same here, all the other nonces were fair cop but Rolf? I always thought he'd been stitched up it seemed so wrong.
  3. After having rinsed the original on 360 (1000 pointed it, noice) I'm surprised how much I'd forgotten about it, unless there are some major changes that go beyond graphics shines and other tweaks. The section on The Valor for instance - don't recall any of that at all. The random respawning enemy thing doesn't really work imo as there weren't infinite people on the ship so why would there be infinite zombies... Plus getting attacked while a video call is taking place is just absurd - Isaac carrying on the conversation while he's having his head rearranged by some ferocious nasty.
  4. Yeah they just got lucky directing four of the best Marvel films.
  5. Is everyone yarring this?
  6. Love the music choices at the end of each episode, every track being something I know and like. Weird.
  7. That guy needs a pretzel.
  8. What is this, another reboot or a sequel to the 2013 one?
  9. Can you download this if you got the base game on PS+?
  10. All I've noticed has changed in the base game is that for some reason my arrows have changed order on the weapon wheel so instead of using high tear arrows on bits I needed I ended up with high impact and destroyed the goddamn things.
  11. I've never heard of "Vampire Survivors". They should sack their marketing people.
  12. And this is just the ravings of a lunatic.
  13. How do you know what the payoff was if you didn't finish it?
  14. It's not helped by the way you have to have that
  15. In other news it's getting rave reviews everywhere else, highest rated Wick film yet. Might make it my annual cinema trip.
  16. Good point but I wonder how Marlene knew Joel was taking Ellie to Salt Lake City? She can't possibly have known that they found a voice recorder with the new location on it, yet there she was with a fully-prepped medical team ready to go at a moments notice. EDIT - wasn't a voice recorder in the show but same principal.
  17. Had exactly the same thoughts, awful voice acting and the gun sounded shite. Come on, guys, it's one of the best, most distinctive-sounding guns ever.
  18. You don't know that. Maybe if I took it out to dinner first, treated it real nice it might.
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