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  1. I find it even harder!
  2. The year one Pass is now £16 on PS4. Good knows why I bought it - I’m still terrible at the game!
  3. Bit of a game changer for me. When he’s being serious, he’s probably the best of the allies. Although, when he’s trying to be funny, he’s shite. I still watch his content more than the others, though, and think he’s difficult to replace as the podcast moderator.
  4. It was accessible just through Facebook. It required an account though. They could have made it clearer. Stream quality was nothing to write home about, but it was adequate. Crawled through to the quarters!
  5. Can anyone direct me to where I need to go to watch the Reading v Blades match? Apparently it's on Facebook Watch, but there doesn't seem to be a way to find it on the website. I don't use Facebook so I'm lost!
  6. I bloody bought Whispers of a Machine yesterday! Am I wrong in thinking that I already have bomber crew in my library from prime? Edit - Yep, was given away in Jan last year
  7. Shantae is great. One of the jolliest games I’ve played. A little bit too much backtracking, but definitely worth a go.
  8. I’ve got it, but can’t play it due to one of my moves packing in! Can be had for about £9 physical at the moment.
  9. I presume part of the reason for picking up Berge is to give us more of a presence in the box for corners. We’re useless with them at the moment. Part of me is disappointed we’ve moved away from buying the best British/Irish players from the lower leagues, but I guess it had to happen at some point.
  10. I was also at the Lane. Feels like a point dropped. Decent battling performance, but that doesn’t necessarily get you points. Another decent performance from Fleck. Let’s hope we can get back to winning ways at palace.
  11. Says the only game I’ve played is Bioshock Infinite. That’s the only game I’ve played on the PS3, but I’ve played plenty on the PS4!
  12. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yep, it’s all over the place for me. Fails to download more often than it succeeds.
  13. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    Doesn’t say anything on the CD keys site about single use or new customers only. I’d expect to be able to go back to them with any issues.
  14. One of the greatest local multiplayer games of all time in battle mode for me. Needs the cheats to randomise the weapons, mind.
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