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  1. I still haven’t got too far through, but it’s interesting that the unrewarding puzzles are the main criticism. For me, that was the issue with Limbo and Inside (not that I disliked them), so it makes me wonder what people are seeing differently in those games.
  2. Reds weren’t too bad this week. Smalling and Lautaro. Is that the last of the major leagues? I fear the fun may be over
  3. Nice work. I’m feeling the pain of having a relatively poor team (compared with those who have been playing all season). I really regret going to Div4 as the friendlies for the same league cup are a bloody nightmare now.
  4. I got Fofana red as well. I’m not that fussed about him - he’s not good enough as a CDM, has poor passing, and tends to miss his shots. I had 7 wins after 12 games, but had a terrible run against very good teams. I’m still not sure what you’re supposed to do to prevent people scoring straight from kick off.
  5. Decided to sell up and buy what Ligue 1 I could afford to try the weekend objective. Only managed 9 wins in the end. The majority of the cheaper TOTS players aren’t worth bothering with. Mavididi, Samba, Cabella and Andre are decent enough value. Sissoko is absolutely not.
  6. Was nice to see the camera and production work there not trying to focus on whatever attention the player was receiving on the pitch.
  7. I’ve given up with them now. The amount of Damiani in the podcast became intolerable. He waffles for minutes on end without making a useful contribution. I don’t mind Brad/Huber/Don, but it’s not worth all the other shite. I think they’ve become very predictable.
  8. Sounds like exactly what I was offered. Even the 84+ picks didn’t offer me better than 84’s. I doubt I’ll bother that much with champions. I’m mostly fine just doing objectives
  9. You gave up too soon! I went 1-7 before I started to string together some wins. Mind you, if you're not having fun, the reward isn't worth the grind.
  10. Somehow managed to scrape 11 wins with my starter team. Tense stuff. Of course, my picks were crap!
  11. In game I’m 4-2-2-2 with Veerman as the stay-back. I’ll try to scrape some coin together though. Getting no luck at all from packs at the moment.
  12. To an extent you want to be hoping for the best from packs. Good thing about starting fresh is you hit all kinds of objectives and milestones all the time. You’re still going to need to play the game a fair bit to slowly build up coins, though. This should give you an idea of the best value SBC’s to target - https://www.futbin.com/stc/challenges
  13. The Prime packs got me nothing, of course. This is what I’ve ended up with as a starting point:
  14. What would be a good 250-300k team to come in with at this point? Maybe I’d be best assembling a minor TOTS league side to start with?
  15. Coming to EA Play on the 16th. I’ll open my stockpiled Prime packs and decide whether to actually play the game based on what I get!
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