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  1. It's basically the same game as the first. I played the beta for a while. I would have rather they'd moved away from the original a little more. Slightly more zoomed out, maybe, to make use of bigger courts and mix things up a bit.
  2. I've never bothered with the League Player milestones before, but now is as good a time as any if you want to give them a go. With an entirely prem, largely first-owned team you can make progress against Sarr, Manquillo and the TOTY Warmup objective. It's still a grind, but slightly less so when it's potentially 3 birds with 1 stone. They allow you to have 74-rated players in the team, so make sure you load your bench with them so you can have a decent starting team.
  3. Going to give Icardi a go, so have adjusted the team to get him in, which means losing Benz and Vini for now. Picked up OTW Messi for a price I could just about stomach, so the team is looking strong.
  4. Yep. Although, I think this week has a strong overall TOTW. I got nothing better than an 83 from mine, though, so it's not like the quality of the TOTW really matters. Absolute shite from player picks, too.
  5. Got mid Hagi from the 8 swaps icon pack. I guess that’s about average. Meh. Decided to make the slightly ludicrous decision to upgrade my IF Messi to his OTW. Figured he’ll probably be in my team all season, so why not. Of course, I’m pretty much guaranteed to pack his TOTY, so it’ll just be a temporary acquisition!
  6. I assume it’s due to the increased number of tiers. I’ve had a couple of people quit (usually pretending to be about to score an own goal first), but no free wins in qualifying or weekend league for about a month. Used to get 3 or 4 when qualifying on a Friday then a few on the weekend.
  7. I found Friday very hard last week. I don’t think it really matters any more. There are no free wins, which is what used to make Friday easier. Now you just have to hope for shit opponents.
  8. Are you 11 years old? Don’t do this - it’s in no way ok.
  9. That's a lot of short-term SBC's needing 82 or 83 squads with reasonable chem to do. I guess we'll be seeing a spike in their value. Shame the new Sarr has lower stats than predicted. He's got to be good to get for the links, but those league objectives sound the opposite of fun - I've not been motivated enough to do any of them before.
  10. I did the 84+ player pick. 2 x 84's and Parejo. Definitely not worth it! Clearly my pack luck is just waiting for TOTY.
  11. No doubt about that. I lost a game where I had 36 shots! The problem is, it feels like there's a lot of time investment needed to get better at things like skills to make room in the box. If it felt like I was close, I'd be more tempted to work on it, but it feels like I'm absolutely miles away from the level where you know exactly what to do in the box. Even the stuff where you just essentially wiggle the left stick is beyond me. Just opened a rare players pack where every single player was a dupe of an untradeable. Sometimes I just long for packs with non-rares!
  12. The game just decides what it wants to do, regardless. I tend to have similar XG stats, although at least you've won there. I get stats like that when I lose! I also wish I could figure out how to stop my defenders messing up every counter-attack through ball that they would surely be favourites for. There are just certain things that occur repeatedly in the game. I find the key is to just shrug it off as 'just a game' and move on to the next match. By the way, silver beasts is up, so at least you can get a few more packs now for your Icon Swaps grind!
  13. Although I would say my Prem team is the weakest, I found it easier than doing the Ligue 1 one. I think that just says more about the randomness of opponent quality, though. One guy didn't quit and I beat him 3-0. No idea what the point of that was. Some people immediately quit if they don't like the look of your team, too. I'm just doing the easiest teams on squad battles with my silver, first owned Championship team. The harder opponents get the POR1 or Italian team. I'll just skip most opponents over 83 rated with high chem. Can't be arsed to risk losing.
  14. Basically the same as all the other FIFA’s then! Bought my first icon. Prime Rush. I think he’s the only icon with any minutes for Sheffield United. Even then, it was an incredibly short, ineffective stint when he was past his best. He seemed reasonable when I used him in a draft, though, so I’ll see how he gets on.
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