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  1. Close to the Sun (PC) - Think I picked this up for nowt recently courtesy of the Epic Games Store. I guess it's best described as Everybody's Gone to the Rapture meets Bioshock. From the former, it inherits the 'walking simulator' format, glowing particle people and an excruciatingly slow movement speed. From the latter, it takes the steampunk aesthetic, receiving instructions over the radio, and the fact that it takes place in an off-shore 'haven' for the world's greatest minds (mainly focusing on Tesla) where it all falls apart. The walking/discovery sections are punctuated by instant-death escape sequences. It's fairly well put together, but feels predictable and a bit mundane. I spent the entire game with my finger on the run button, which still doesn't move you quick enough. The chase sequences feel largely broken, with multiple seemingly unfair deaths before finally getting through it having done nothing differently to when you failed. It's all over fairly quickly (maybe 3 hours or so) and it doesn't feel like there's much to return to. Overall, pretty underwhelming. 5/10
  2. I played Whispers of a Machine and The Unavowed recently, and enjoyed both.
  3. I just filter by the game name when on the bundle page (there's Search by Title at the top of the list if you're on your bundle download page), having found the games I want in the spreadsheet.
  4. Use https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cbOqO6rq0YYWPKmci8Pgv4YGWcl4NQUX9EAj221Ze30/edit?usp=sharing and filter out the stuff you don't want in google sheets if you want a workaround. I don't think the info in there is entirely accurate, but it's reasonably close.
  5. Is there an easy way to tell what’s been newly added since you purchased the bundle? Edit: original spreadsheet has a filter for it
  6. Working through the multiplayer games with a mate. I can recommend checking out DYO - it’s a 2 player local co-op puzzle game with a nice split screen puzzle mechanic. Get Parsec installed and give it a go!
  7. klargon

    Playstation Now

    Selling them again. £25 this time.
  8. klargon

    Playstation Now

    Yeah, just the usual eBay message. Wasn’t offered the 12 individual codes or anything.
  9. klargon

    Playstation Now

    Got my 12 month codes straight away. Cheers for the heads up. Weirdly, the seller asked me not to leave feedback. The reason they gave didn’t really make sense.
  10. You can get hold of party packs 5 and 6 for around a fiver each on the epic games store at the moment by using the £10 voucher (you can get the first voucher by claiming GTA V, then you’ll get another with each purchase/use)
  11. Same sort of thing. Just Microsoft’s version. I found on the Xbox with mixer I was getting sub one second lag where twitch was giving me about 5.
  12. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    I dunno. It’s clearly flawed, and I’m not really disagreeing with your analysis, but I find it quite a lot more engaging than I did Tacoma - perhaps because of the generic gamey bits.
  13. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    It wishes it could get anywhere near the 60fps promise, though! At times it’s in single digits. I’m still enjoying it, but it’s got more than it’s fair share of graphical and performance issues.
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