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  1. Developed by VectorCell, released in 2013. It was 3D modelled, but 2D movement. It scrolled. Manual shot aiming was unnecessary. I presume the Microids release was that emulated original game release, rather than a remake of any kind.
  2. I just quick resumed Yakuza 6 - it was 30fps when I left it, now it's 60 upon resume. I know I shouldn't be (I'm now used to a PC running everything 60+), but I'm pretty impressed by how seamless that was.
  3. My favourite game, but I don't think I really want this. The remake really lacked the atmosphere and suspense of the original. I think it would have been far better to have remained 2D, hand drawn and single screen. Will at least be interested to see what approach they take with this. It feels like a game that belongs in the past, though - it was heavily influenced by cinema of the time, and obviously games have come a long way since and the golden action hero days are long gone.
  4. Depends what you mean by real. Mine has nothing on it.
  5. Pokerstars has changed to use the Oculus avatars. They’re quite unnerving. Unfortunately, the update also seems to have doubled the size of the game. It generally wants a full update about twice a week, so that’s a bad move in my book.
  6. I also have a 5700xt. This is from the Oculus Air Link FAQ: Max bit rate values for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs are different - You can set up to a max of 100 mbps on AMD - You can set up to a max of 200 mbps on NVIDIA Not to say that won’t change over time, but they’ll need to offer different encoding if they’re to improve it.
  7. Shame there’s such a disparity in quality between NVidia and AMD cards
  8. Obviously you might not want to read the spoiler above, so I’ll just say that yes, it has some, but possibly not a lot. Didn’t really think too much to the film in the end, really.
  9. It’s also a great game. I prefer it to the first. Got a localisation on other platforms, of course.
  10. I’ve heard there’s some issues with playing Borderlands 2 on the Quest. Sounds like turning off the target reticule solves one of the issues. Not sure what the rest are.
  11. Obviously going to require the link (and a capable PC), but this latest Humble VR bundle doesn't appear to be terrible value - https://www.humblebundle.com/games/spring-into-vr-bundle
  12. This month's offering. Happy with Shenmue!
  13. Curry’s were giving away codes for 4 months of Arcade not long ago (with a purchase). Some are on eBay and I imagine a fairly low best offer might get you one. Just an option if you want a cheap way of signing up.
  14. If there's anyone in Sheffield who's been trying to get a disc version for a while, let me know and you can have the one I just impulse purchased (at cost, obvs).
  15. I also have the GT Omega stand. I replaced the bolts on it, as the version I had used some fairly useless wingnuts. I use the V1 shifter stand thing for the TH8A too. It's perfectly fine. I think it's rebranded as an X-Rocker stand at Argos and has been around £50 before. Means you might be able to pick it up reasonably cheaply.
  16. I couldn't seem to get it working right with my setup. It's probably worth a quick google just to check on the specifics - there should be plenty of hits. I've got a mate who uses a pretty cheap non-brand USB adapter and it works for him.
  17. Creating a 5ghz hotspot with a PC Wifi card/adapter (AC minimum) should do the trick I think. The fact that the PC is wired to the router should really help you out.
  18. Yeah, that’s what I mean really. Cyberpunk for me was a much bigger deal - better price and a game I was very much keen to play.
  19. It's £65, to save the effort of checking for anyone else. That right there is a serious price for a digital game.
  20. I have both. I use GP a lot and barely touch PSNow. They tend not to add a great deal to PSNow that I’m interested in, or it’s stuff already on GP or turns up soon. I don’t have a PS5 so I’m always going to prefer GP as my PC and Series X are more capable. I paid £20 for the year of PSNow, and I don’t think I’ve had much value from it.
  21. One of my favourites as well. I watched Abre Los Ojos last year, but I suspect it's one of those where you probably prefer the one you saw first. My preference remains Vanilla Sky. I don't think I've seen any extensive deleted footage before - I'll head to YouTube to check it out!
  22. It looks a nice way to store games, but it feels like it falls down at the point where you need to pick a game. Unless you put spine labels on everything, you’re going to have to pull out each game to find the one you want, no? If they’re just on a shelf or something you can flip through them. Look great if you rarely want to pick a game, though!
  23. I once traded 2 GameCube games at GameStation for a boxed Dreamcast, 2 pads, VMU and at least 10 games (including Shenmue). I couldn’t believe how the two sides of the trade could be considered equal! I’ll echo the stadia cyberpunk deal, too. I paid with google credit I got from a promotion, so it cost nothing.
  24. Think of the opportunities for ‘remastered’ and ‘ultimate’ editions for us to re-buy!
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