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  1. I’m sure it’s just me being shit, but I can have 15 1v1’s on the keeper in a game and fail to score any of them. The keepers feel unrealistically difficult to beat to me.
  2. I’m just going to do the 10 hour trial. Fired it up for the first time last night and now have a decent Serie A team. Packed Bruno, who funded most of the team. Let’s see what it’s possible to do in 10 hours! Obligatory screenshot:
  3. I still want to witness the point where Guendouzi ends FIFA 21 as the player with the greatest overall in game score!
  4. I agree that the performance is a little iffy on the SX, but not Omno levels. I treat most of the platformy bits like tiny wings, doing as much as I can with just holding and releasing the knee slide. Feels nice
  5. Makes sense I suppose. There’s not a lot of point in me doing it - I’m not sure who else I’d want other than icons.
  6. It says untradeable, but is that 85x10 actually tradeable? I can’t figure out the market crash otherwise, unless it’s just that the game is dead
  7. On the one hand, Ronaldo lost a ludicrous amount of value immediately after I bought him. On the other, I packed 99 Neymar. Shame it wasn’t a few weeks ago.
  8. 14 squads. Fuck that. Too much time required
  9. Yeah, 5* 5* makes it worth it!
  10. The SBC will be there. Let’s see if all my fodder can cover it! I don’t need anything other than the first team any more. Instantly lost about 300k on my purchase!
  11. Well, for whatever reason there don’t seem to be any new SBC’s. I’ve bought him anyway. If the SBC emerges I can probably still do it. My potentially final team:
  12. 99 Man U Ronaldo expected to drop at 6. I’m pretty certain nobody cares at this point, but I nearly dropped 2 mil on him earlier this week for the final weekend. Mind you, what do I think I’m going to do with 2m right at then end of the game?!
  13. Crikey. I see what you mean. That’s quite a grind for not a lot. I ended up with Cantona. Was hoping to at least be offered Eusebio.
  14. I did the 8 swaps pick and got 5 shite icons to choose from, so it could be worse!
  15. For me, lonely mountains felt just like mountain biking. The freedom to explore and find new pathways isn’t something I feel anything else has captured anywhere near as well. Nothing about RR or Descenders is anything like actually riding a mountain bike, unless you happen to be a top tier pro who can clear insane gaps and handle humongous drops.
  16. Only played an hour or two, but I haven't been put off wanting to pick it up near to release. The riding feels alright. It's better than Descenders (which I didn't like), but Lonely Mountains Downhill is better as a focused MTB game. No idea what half the features of the game are actually doing, but it looks vast enough to be able to just ignore bits and still get plenty out of it.
  17. Not only is it nearly 4 mill, but that many SBCs will be a serious effort. Good luck to anyone wanting to do it!
  18. I'm 4 SBC's in and starting to think that I've bitten off more than I can chew! I can probably raise the necessary coin, but doing this many SBC's is fairly time consuming.
  19. There’s too much to list, which probably means I can get away with it. I’ve got around 300k spare to top up as well. I can finally get rid of Pinamonti, at least, who’s a bronze impersonating as a bloody 95! It’s like trying to manoeuvre a barge.
  20. I wonder how far I could get through that Messi SBC with fodder? Almost certainly not far enough. Probably shouldn’t have been spending coins for fun the past couple of weeks!
  21. I wasn’t expecting owt for it. Just perpetuate the community spirit when you get the opportunity. It’s a fission, with a highly satisfying click. I guess the previous owner snapped the other handle off.
  22. Would you like mine? Only has one handle, but it should be fine to use.
  23. Just a thought, but are those without performance issues connecting the SX to a 4k display? I presumed it was trying to render at 4k, despite it being unnecessary. Not sure if it would just try to do 1080p if it's not connected to a 4k display.
  24. Fair enough. I’ll get rid. Several times it failed to register a jump, too, resulting in insta-death in liquid. Onto the next game!
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