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  1. Its a wierd place the club is in now. Hopefully frank stays strong and can take the club forward. Im actually really hopeful for arthur. He was villified by some elements, yet doughty always referred to him as his best signing. Maybe this will bring out the best in him and unify the fans behind him. Though i think he'll walk
  2. Do not give a shit about the cunting premier league money grabbing clubs right now You deserved so much better from our fans
  3. Hello. Does anyone know if its possible to get mugen running on an old modded xbox? I have one that I would like to put on there, but am not technically minded so have no idea A)if its possible, or B)How to do it if it is Thanks!
  4. They are filming this round here (nottingham) at the moment! As nottinghams leading batmanologist - this makes me happy. The fact that I used to play football at wayne manor is wicked. My mrs used to be the head chef of the kitchen there too. So now, i will tell everyone she used to be the head chef at wayne manor... They were showing sneaky video footage on the local news tonight of a scene with bale and hathaway leaving wayne manor (wollaton hall), with rain machines (unnessecary with this gash whether) and a gotham city taxi. They also had a snap of the a graveyard built on site for the thomas and martha wayne, and bruce new lambourghini which looked really nice. According to them bale,hathaway, freeman, caine and nolan and the crew are all in the city and some have been spotted drinking in local pubs.
  5. So shearer now isnt cardiff boss? Whos it going to be....joe kinnear
  6. Englands 2010 world cup coloured red for the win! Its really heavy and thick. I love that picture. I just imagine that mug hes holding, is full of red bull from that can on the ground. And hes properly wired, holding a brolly, on the england touchline, trying to hold it in. The man has character. As times passed,im really pleased with the appointment of mcclaren. still pissed about davies sacking, our club is a joke. But mcclaren could do great things.
  7. Mcclarens actually a good appointment, his club record is really good. Hes arguably, along with sven the most high profile/successful manager in the championship now. The o'niell rumours were comical. Doughty will never let forest go, as mark arthur would be out of a job within hours. We've never been a midtable championship club. We finished 3rd and 6th in the last 2 years, and the first season back we narrowly avoided relegation. Maybe a nice quiet mid table finish will be nice. Marthur said yesterday: Earnshaw has been in talks with birmingham though, which have hit the skids as mcliesh resigned half way through them I think he'll go as sadly, he seems more concerned with his finances than sticking around. Its quite ironic, as on twitter yesterday he was raving about dirk nowitski from the dallas mavericks. A guy who stuck with his team when he couldve left after thier play off defeat in 06, and worked harder to win the championship. Hopefully he'll stay, and also bennett will be given a new contract. I saw him in asda the other day Tyson, im glad hes gone, though it makes me sick to see him in a derby shirt talking bollocks. The man is a clown.
  8. Amen brother. Right now, im in that emotional "fuck you forest, im done" state. Which will probably pass in a few weeks. However, i think i have finally lost all faith in nigel doughtys abilities to run a football club. This comes just as it was revealed that forests wage bill is 106% of its turnover. So all these years of cost cutting, and league 1, all on the basis of making the club self sustained....have failed. The dude has just screwed the club again, with his mistakes. Maclarens a very good manager, who has achived alot in some of the top leagues in the world. However, the crucial difference is- forest arent in one of the top leagues of the world. They dont have the money available to them that boro did. We are mired in the 2nd division, and need a manager experienced in dragging clubs out of it. Thats what davies brought to the table. I hate supporting this club. Fuck off forest, just fuck off.
  9. Hes probably already here, as no matter what club hes been at he still lives in nottingham as does his mrs. Id love us to sign him up. Was a genuine delight to watch when he was last hear, and will hopefully have a point to prove. Plus, it will improve 100% on last summers transfer business of....nobody.
  10. Im quite astonished by the amount of players cardiff have released today. As much as I dislike bothroyd, i thought cardiff wouldve at least offered him a new deal, and i thought burke was quite good? Whats going off? Actually cant see it next season. Looking at the teams coming down and up, and then last seasons miserable summer and the pathetic attempt to "build on the solid squad" by adding a solitary player on loan....coupled with doughtys talk about the current crop of academy players...i think we are in for a shit mid table season with alot of young players.
  11. When? There was no penalty incident, in our box. The morgan challenge he took the ball. We should have had a pen when your defenders were pulling the shit out of mcgoldricks shirt - which he then booked gunter for a second later. Even the sky commentators were baffled there. As for him having no reaction time, the ball isnt hit at him- its hit in front of him. He turns to move himself in front of it. Thats his reaction. If he couldnt get out of the way then fine, but he moves into the way, and his arms arent even covering his face- he moves them in front of the ball. I dont think hes thinking "hey, im going to deliberately block this with my hands", but he reacts to the situation by turning and moving his arms to where the ball is. Its just a reaction, but its another stonewall penalty, that we were denied. But its been and gone now, and we'd got used to those decisions going against us over the tie
  12. Yeah, he was very positive after the game and rallied everyone for next year. Which is in stark contrast to last year
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